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					Pack 301
A Member of Lake Minnetonka District Northern Star Council

Parent Committee Meeting

Opening: The regular meeting was called to order at 6:30p. on Monday, September 9, 2008 at Crown of Glory Lutheran Church.
Attendees: Theresa Lenzen, Mike Vannurden, Noel Slack, Denita Walley, Jill Hanson, Myrna Zuber, Brian Donovan. I. II. Approval of Minutes: Treasury Report: No minutes to approve

Current Balance: $6,650; expenses included Dunk tank, Root beer and other River City Days’ expenses.


Open Business: a. Awards Recognition - Noel Slack i. Parents and Leaders are to contact Noel for purchase and qualification of merit ii.

badges and awards. Summertime awards including Taste of Chaska, River City Days, Recruiter, Memorial Day parade and Steamboat Day parade will be awarded at next regularly scheduled Pack meeting on 9/15/08. Handbooks, neckerchiefs will be distributed to new scouts.

b. Open Positions - Theresa Lenzen i. Public Relations / Pack Communications promote participation and recognition of Scouting within the community. ii. Pack Outing Chair - Assist Cub Master to plan and arrange outdoor activities. iii. Treasurer & Wreath Committee formation needed in September. iv. Pack Secretary – attend monthly parent meeting, take notes/minutes, type and distribute to Committee Chair. v. Cub Master - MC/run Pack meetings and other scouting events. IV. New Business: a. Roundtable – Michael Vannurden i. Round Table is held for all leaders and volunteers the first Thursday of every month 7-9p at Wayzata Community Church. Access for information. ii. Handouts from September’s Round Table will be on the web: iii. University of Scouting, October 25th for New Leaders, Pack Volunteers and Scout training. iv. New Leader Essentials – calling all new leaders and volunteers, training will be held October 4th. See for details. b. Fall Campout – Parent Committee i. Camp out begins Friday, September 19 at 4p at Carver Park Group Camp Zumbra 1 & 2 in Victoria. Camping items list, directions, sign up will be at Monday, 9/15 Pack meeting. ii. Volunteer Sign up sheet will be at Pack Meeting. Volunteers are needed to help run games, cook, over-see Cubs activities. c. September Pack Meeting: i. Is held Monday, 9/15 at 7p at Chaska Middle School West (CMSW).

ii. iii.

Flag ceremonies and Greeters will be lead by the Pack Leaders. Agenda includes introduction of new scouts, summertime awards, general announcements, recruiting volunteers.

d. Wreath Sales:


Brian Donovan will distribute wreath sale packets to the Pack. 50% of the earnings go directly to Pack 301 to pay for all Pack activities. Wreath sales determines the future necessity to charge (or not) for future events. Wreath orders are due October 14th!

f. October Pack Meeting:

i. IMPORTANT: The October Pack Meeting is the Rock Isle Farm Hayride held on Sunday, October 12 at 3p. 3-4 is Pack ceremonies 4-6p begins the Hayride and concludes with campfire and hotdogs. ii. Our next “regularly” scheduled Pack Meeting will be Monday, November 17 @ 7p. (Flag ceremony – Cobras; Greeters – Eagles; Planners – Cobras)
V. Closed Business: a. River City Days recap: Made approx. $800. Root beer float stand did well financially. The Dunk Tank is popular with the crowd, however, discussion and vote will be made at next parent committee meeting as to whether we do it again next year. Concerns and issues relating to staffing the dunk tank (signing people up to be dunked) at ½ hour intervals, staffing the MC/Money taker for the duration of the commitment, and safety concerns of the dirty water. Due to the Cub Scout Pack’s lack of staffing this event, it was agreed that a $200 of the earnings will go to the Boy Scout Troop 174 who manned the Dunk Tank for a large portion of the weekend. i. Thank You – Thank you to all the parents and Cub Scouts who were available to work the weekend and sell root beer floats. Your contributions are hugely appreciated and contribute to the funding of our Pack! b. Join Scouting Night: Approx. 17-20 new scout families joined; break-out rooms worked well, we will do this again next year. Display tables continue to be a huge draw. Signage this year was immensely helpful for new comers. i. Thank You, Thank you, thank you to all parents who volunteered their time in creating the signage for the various areas, for those of you who created and coordinated the games and crafts, set up the derby track and helped to man all aspects of our Join Scouting Night! Your contributions make our Pack a SUCCESS! VI. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:40p.m. The next meeting will be at 6:30-7:30p at Crown of Glory Lutheran Church. Approved by:

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Joyce Peper

Future Events and Dates September 19 October 2 October 12 October 14 October 25 Fall Camp out – Carver Park Zumbra Group Camp Sites 1 & 2 District Roundtable at Wayzata Community Church 7-9p October Pack Meeting – Rock Isle Hay and Sleigh Hay Ride 3p Parent Committee Meeting, Crown of Glory Lutheran Church 6:30p (Wreath Order forms are due) POW WOW / University of Scouting

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