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My dear friends and colleagues from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia:

In spite of not being able to be with you at the end of the internship, I wanted to thank
each one of you for this experience.

I especially wasn’t to thank you for the tremendous effort that you have put in throughout
these seven days, for your commitment and making our job easier. Our purpose was to
share with you our experience with the successes but also the challenges that we faced;
with our strengths, but also our weaknesses. I really hope that we have accomplished our
goal and that upon return to your home you would take with you a piece of Chile that will
be useful for your efforts in addressing that needs of the poorest of the poor, with
excellence and renewed commitment.

We now face new challenges: the design and implementation of specific and pertinent
experiences will now depend on you and us; hoping that these endeavors may contribute
to generating changes with the most vulnerable and poor families. They require the most
innovative mechanisms that may guarantee their rights and that above all, may allow
them to recover the trust in themselves, with your support to rebuild the bonds with the
rest of society.

I want to take advantage of this opportunity say thanks for the input received from the
community teams of Antofagasta, Independencia, Pudahuel, Conchali, Molina and
Linares. Without them, this could never have been accomplished. I ask you also to thank
and acknowledge the respective local authorities, which joined in this activity with great
enthusiasm. I would also like to thank FOSIS regional teams from Antofagasta, Maule
and the Metropolitan region who were responsible for taking you to the territories and
who also helped you to see how FOSIS works.

I especially want to acknowledge the tutors, Sergio, Susana and Jorge- I thank you
friends for believing that this transference is possible; based on our experience, and
dependent upon you intellectual generosity and emotions. Your availability and the
commitment with which you undertook your work is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to the international cooperation team: Adriana and Gabriela, for your
disposition, for ensuring that everything moved smoothly, for being an excellent support
of FOSIS’ thematic areas.

To my colleagues at the national level, who were also available to share their lessons
learned and who were key in demonstrating how FOSIS contributes and builds, on a daily
basis a Social Protection System, for the most needy Chileans.

To the Executive Director of FOSIS, Pablo Coloma, who joined this endeavor and made
it his, through his support and facilitation.
To the OAS and the UWI, my friends, your contributions, rigor and commitment will
allow this program to move from an opportunity to a well-established work methodology,
which can be sustained and communicated.

For me, it has been as honor to work with each one of you. Through this experience,, I
renew my energy, my own personal commitment and the belief that making social policy
involves people and the belief that change is possible. But that achieving them requires
the best from us.

Friends from the Caribbean, I wish you all a safe return home. I hope that the “little
incident” in Antofagasta is now part of the past and soon forgotten. And that in your
memories you take with you the faces if the Puente Families that you met, from whom
you are also taking their stories. This, along with the reports you heard from the
technical and professional teams will help you build more just and giving societies in
Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. We will keep supporting you from here,
contributing and strengthening the community we have built together with the
irreplaceable input of each one of you present here today.

Thank you very much and please receive my strongest and warmest hug,

Francisca Rivero.

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