Mt Ararat High School Project Graduation 2010 Wreath Sale by forrests


									Mt. Ararat High School Project Graduation 2010 Wreath Sale

Seasons Greetings to the Students and Parents of the Class of 2010! Once again the Mt. Ararat High School Senior Class is selling wreaths in support of Project Graduation. Project Graduation is an activity that the Senior Class, as a group, shares in immediately after the graduation ceremony this spring. It offers a safe, chemicalfree environment where the Senior Class gathers for one final time to celebrate, share, and enjoy their high school accomplishments. This year our class is going on a whitewater rafting trip. It should be very exhilarating. This year, the Class of 2010 has contracted with a new company, Cosmic Stone, a locallyowned tool and gardening supply store located on Rte 201, to supply the wreaths. The wreaths are guaranteed to be fresh and of exceptional quality. They have a longer brush and are nice and full. Comparable wreaths sell online at establishments like L.L. Bean for twice the price, so we also think they are an exceptional value. We are asking all students and parents to help with the wreath sale in whatever way they can. Most everyone purchases a wreath for the holiday season. Students may ask their relatives and immediate neighbors to purchase wreaths. Parents can help by asking friends or through office sales when possible. Project Graduation makes $4 per wreath, so the more we sell, the more affordable the trip becomes for everyone. Our goal is to have the trip be free for everyone, but we need to take advantage of these fund-raising opportunities to do so. All sales should be pre-paid. ALL ORDERS MUST BE TURNED IN BY NOVEMBER 12, 2009. Delivery of the wreaths is scheduled for the weekend before Thanksgiving. Students can turn in their order forms (which may be downloaded from the Class of 2010 page of the MTA website) and payments to Kim Totten (Tyler’s mom) or Bill Fitzsimmons (Erin’s Dad) each morning starting Nov 2 in front of the door to the Commons. If you have any questions, please contact me, Bill Fitzsimmons, at 207-725-8821 or by e-mail at Thanks for helping.

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