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HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE Minutes of Meeting held on Wednesday 15 March 06 At 2.30 pm in the Training Room, Brevik House PRESENT: Lisa Sutherland [LS] [Chair] Heather Watts [HW] Bob Boston [BB] Gordon Downing [GD] Kellie Naulls [KN] Graham Southern [GS] Elizabeth Eastham [EE]

IN ATTENDANCE: Arlene Hogg [AH] [Minutes Secretary] APOLOGIES: Liz Southern Anne Marie Edge Leona Johnson Michelle Manzie Norma Laurenson Liz Watt Steve Jack [LiS] [AME] [LJ] [MM] [NL] [LW] [SJ]

LS stated that the meeting would go ahead although it was not quorate at this time – all agreed.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 2 December 2005 were agreed as a true record.


MATTERS ARISING (a) Adverse Weather Conditions Policy – LS reported that policy had now been operational and had proved to be a success. Fire Committee Update – BB did not issue minutes. No urgent matters needed discussing, other than that


Fire Lectures had gone ahead and had proved a success, minutes would be produced at next meeting. Action: Agenda April 06 (c) First Aid Policy – KN reported that following discussion and investigation it was decided that there was not a necessity for this document within the Board COSHH – LS reported that this was a situation which was ‘still in audit’, but that feedback had been good in some areas. LS would bring back to this meeting when there was further feedback. GS arrived at this time therefore making the meeting now quorate. Theatre - BB at this point reported on Theatre, which he had visited and found in an appalling condition, with items which had not been reported to Estates. He noted that there would now be a monthly meeting with Theatre and Estates to try to resolve some of the issues. Car Parking - BB reported that Highways Commission were yet to approve yellow line outside Montfield, though it had always been known that this would take some time. He had no further up-date on Child health Signage though would bring to next meeting. Action: Agenda Child Health Signage for April 06 (g) V & A Training – EE reported that she would be attending training in order that she would be qualified to ‘train the trainer’. She went on to further note that she had had a meeting regarding the issues around patient transfers by taxis and had completed risk assessments around the problem.




4. MOVING AND HANDLING COMMITTEE EE reported that there had been up-dates to M & H Policy in order that it be kept up with current guidelines. She also requested guidance around where the policy should go next. LS stated that although the Policy would need impact assessed this did not stop it going to CGCG for approval. EE also noted that on the policy it stated that the Board should have three Rospa trained employees and the concern from EE was that there is only one. EE had spoken with Rita Clark who would be happy to undertake the course. She had also looked into costings and LS advised she contact SJ by e mail and also Andy Glen in order that this matter be taken forward. EE also went on to discuss Bariatric Guidelines which were being compiled. She had discovered while undertaking investigations that there was a lack of equipment for patients over 20 stone and she felt it should be brought to the attention of the committee. A discussion ensued and it was felt that the best way forward was to cost this equipment , and contact John Telford to ascertain the best way forward in purchasing said equipment. EE then asked if there was any way of securing manual handling training for SHO’s and was advised to pass this issue to Andy Glen. Lastly she asked of the situation regarding the shelf for Ward 1 fluids. BB to investigate this and bring back to next meeting Action: BB investigation on Ward 1 shelf. Agenda April 06

5. HEALTH AND SAFETY VISITS LS reported that the new H & S Visit Schedule had been made up for this year though it was showing a distinct shortage of staff side reps. She also went on to report that:  She had noted in the CG report regarding people turning up to undertake a visit and being turned away  Staff side volunteers would be appreciated

 She had written a positive piece for The Quality Times regarding H & S visits  We needed to put some dates into the schedule asap Action: Agenda April 06 for up-date [6] LH joined the meeting at this time to approach the committee regarding some matters within The Staff Governance Self Assessment Return. Though some matters were indeed on-going LH was happy that Health and Safety standards were being up-kept, and that every effort was being made to improve standards.


WORKING TIME DIRECTIVE LH also noted that LPF had not taken the above forward as they were awaiting word from H & S Committee. There seemed to be some ownership issues of this matter and it was suggested by LS that she e mail LH, who would take this matter to LPF to clarify Action: LS to e mail LH to investigate and bring back to next meeting. Agenda April 06


[b] SLIPS AND TRIPS EE reported that so far:  Staff awareness had been raised regarding this matter  HW was doing a ‘word-search’ to promote awareness  A generic risk assessment was being done  No ‘hot spots’ had been identified  May 2005 was last reported incident There would be a further meeting in 6 months and EE would produce the up-date to the committee


BB to speak to casualty in relation to gas cylinders being returned in taxis and report back to next meeting with findings. Action: Agenda April 06

10. HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUES LERWICK HEALTH CENTRE LS noted that there was an issue with the uncomfortable heat and lack of water in the practice area of Lerwick Health Centre. BB noted that the heating would be changed to district heating within the next 6 months and that this would resolve that issue. He also noted that LS should investigate costings with regards to a water cooler and this should include:  That it be mains connected  Where funding would come from  £200 yearly maintenance budget It was suggested that this may come from the endowments fund.

11. NEBOSH Course LS informed the committee that there was one place held for the above course, with Train Shetland on behalf of the Board. BB suggested that it may be a good idea for GK to attend this course and that he would speak with him and get back to LS asap.

12. Noise @ Work – Health Surveillance - Audiometry KN brought this matter to the committee following new UK regulations being introduced. She noted that there needed to be a trained [certificated] person in place to undertake noise level training and asked for nominations on who this should be. she also noted that there should perhaps be a section in the H & S Control Book regarding this matter. A discussion ensued and the following was decided:  OH should undertake training  KN should investigate costs and pass to LS  Matter of Control Book should be addressed through H & S Training Plan 13. SAFER SHARP DEVICES – EVALUATION PAPER In the absence of SJ, nothing further to report on this item. Action: Agenda April 06

14. AOB [a]BULLYING – GD asked for advice around issues of bullying within the workplace. Suggestions for reported incidents were:  Advise to report to OH  Direct to ‘dignity at work policy’  Advise around ‘confidential contacts’ A discussion ensued where it was also suggested that bullying issues should be addressed:  In mandatory refresher day  In exit interviews

Further discussion raise concern around this issue and LS suggested she speak with LH regarding the matter. Action: LS to speak to LH. Agenda April 06 [b] Accidents at Work Procedure HW requested any ‘formal’ procedure for the above. After discussion it was decided that all members should consult the information that they had and bring back to next meeting Action: All members to investigate and bring back to next meeting. Agenda April 06 [c] Medical Physics – Space Issue GS brought the above matter to the committee. His concerns were around ‘live working’, under current space issues. LS suggested that ‘live working’, should not be happening under present space inadequacy. GS went on to say that he had reported this but had had no response and now felt this was a matter for the committee to take forward. LS agreed to forward concerns from the committee. BB also agreed that this was a matter of growing concern and agreed to speak to SIC around storage matters. Action: LS and BB to bring back findings to next meeting Agenda April 06

[d] Security Policy BB produced this document for review. Comments to be addressed at next meeting Action: Agenda April 06 [e] Disability Discrimination Act and Falls From heights LS noted as a reminder when setting up policies that ‘depression’

was now a registered ‘Mental Illness’, under DDA and so should be allowed for accordingly. She also asked went on to note that there was ‘hype’ at the moment surrounding ‘falls from heights and asked if we had a step-ladder procedure in place. BB agreed he would review this and bring findings to next meeting. Action: Agenda April 06 [BB] [f] Induction Day LS requested that the above could possibly be covered by H & S committee members in light of her departure from her present post. BB and EE volunteered to cover at least some of the induction sessions Lisa thanked all who had attended and advised that the next meeting would be 26 April 2006.

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