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evenT wrap-ups

TriaThlon for breasT cancer

go girl

Pink Walk
The hamilTon ciTy pink walk 2007, ThaT raises awareness

Pink Walk
and ThaT’s jusT whaT They did on The Tauranga breasT cancer supporT service’s fun walk, during breasT cancer awareness monTh in ocTober lasT year. Words: nanCy lloyD
Three thousand women, and a few men dressed as women, braved a damp evening for the 5km walk. This was the fifth time the event has been held and it just keeps getting bigger and better. The breast Cancer support service (bCss) Tauranga Trust spokesperson, Julie blake, said the asb sponsored event raised $15,500 to support local breast cancer sufferers. she attributes the success of the event to the fact that the $5 entry fee is reasonable and that many women enter as part of a team of workmates, neighbours or friends. Much fun was had designing and making the team costumes. Prizes were given for both team and individual costumes. at the beginning of the event hundreds of balloons are released into the air in memory of those who lost their battle with breast cancer. The walk began and ended in The strand in central Tauranga, and many participants enjoyed a drink, or had a meal, after the event. The bCss Tauranga Trust was formed in 1991 to offer support, education and information to women and men diagnosed with breast cancer in the bay of Plenty area. The backbone of the service is the 23 visitors - cancer survivors themselves - who are trained to ‘international Reach for Recovery’ standards. They offer support via home or hospital visits, or simply by telephone contact. in addition, a comprehensive information pack is given to every newly diagnosed person when they first make contact with the service. additional services provided by the Tauranga based Trust include group support meetings, a library, compression sleeves that are available to borrow, monthly lunches and lymphoedema meetings, meditation group, support for partners and a free counselling service. breast Cancer support services Tauranga Trust can be contacted on 075713346.

racing & fund-raising
Take 300 or so specTaTors, 80 plus Terriers and add a dead possum for good measure, and you’ve goT The makings of a superb fundraiser. ThaT’s jusT whaT a very dedicaTed group of gisborne women did on melbourne cup day.
Words: Diana Dobson Words: Jenni sCaRleT

and funds for The waikaTo breasT cancer TrusT, was held around hamilTon lake/lake roTorua on Thursday, 18 ocTober. Words: Jenni sCaRleT
The morning of the 18th of october arrived and it looked like a stormy day. The walk was going to be held rain, hail or shine and it didn’t look as though we were going to be in for any shine! The organising Committee members had been planning the event since March to ensure the smooth running of the day. As the final setting-up was completed and the crowd gathered the sky became darker and the heavens started opening up! Pippa Mahood (Deputy Mayor) officially started the walk with the cutting of a pink ribbon tied between two pink bra lines. as the ribbon was cut, pink helium balloons were released by members of the local Women’s Cancer support services. This year $9000 was raised for the trust, thanks to the generosity of so many of our sponsors and supporters. Despite the wet and cold, the Hamilton Pink Walk 2007 was a huge success and the turnout was excellent. The attendance of around 1,000 participants on such a wintry evening was heart-warming and there was a positive spirit amongst those gathered. The rain and cold meant that many of the pink fancy dress outfits were covered by rain coats or umbrellas. Pink flannelette pyjamas and dressing gowns ensured that at least some walkers were kept warm! Pink balloons, face paint, wigs, bras and an array of fancy dress costumes were all part of the ‘dress up in pink’ theme which contributed to an atmosphere of celebration. The walk also had important messages - breast cancer awareness encompasses breast screening/ early detection, support of women after diagnosis and research for prevention and better treatments. The Waikato Treasure Chests dragon boating team of breast cancer survivors were also out braving the weather, and paddled around the lake in unison with the main body of walkers. Dragon boating has numerous benefits for women diagnosed with breast cancer including the camaraderie developed amongst the teams. For a second year running there was amazing support for this community event and it looks likely that Hamilton will be one of the places around the world where an annual Pink Walk will continue to be held to mark breast cancer awareness in the month of october.

Fun and frivolity may have been the theme of the day, but the underlying driving force behind it was far more serious. They were raising funds for local women affected by breast cancer - and they did a pretty good job, amassing $15,000 for the Tairawhiti region. it’s the second year the Melbourne Cup Terrier Racing has been held, with financial support more than doubling. The organiser, Carol Mitchison, herself a breast cancer survivor, says she is rapt with the outcome. “if we can continue to double our total each year we’ll be doing pretty well.” The terriers - nearly all of the smaller variety - came in all shapes and speeds. it quickly became apparent that Jack Russells and ‘foxies’ were far more adept at racing down a 70-metre track chasing road kill than their longer-haired australian cousins. The australian terriers were barely interested in the possum, preferring instead to turn into a large rolling bundle of fur - with the odd bit flying south. The hurdle races were hotly contested, with some little hounds sailing two feet clear of the rails. a trio of burly ngatapa Rugby Club players, appropriately dressed in racing silks, turned the pulley system which dragged the dead possum by hand. Lining the track were outfits to rival

those at Flemmington any day carefully constructed hats featuring flowers, feathers and dogs. Some punters had gone for the seriously fashionable look, while others took the opportunity to dress as they would have for Halloween trick-or-treating. spirited bidding at a following auction was as dogged as the racing. Money raised will be used to put together a pack for women when they are first diagnosed with breast cancer. Carol is working closely with oncologists, nurses, physiotherapists, surgeons and the Cancer society to ensure it contains everything it needs to. “We want women to know what is available for them and how to access all the resources,” she says. she plans to incorporate a broad range of information - including complementary types of therapy and treatments and contacts for people who have already been through the breast cancer journey. “We’re hoping it will also make things easier for the medical staff too

on sunday, 17 February, an all ‘girl’ triathlon was held in Thames. The Day was organised by Keith Jamieson and Keryn Gage-brown (from amcal Pollen street Pharmacy). The event was held in association with Thames Health and Fitness and stirling sports Thames and Whangamata. around 80 women of all ages participated in this annual event. The ‘Go Girl Triathlon’ aims to encourage women of varying abilities to have a ‘go’ at something they might not normally try. With a 71-year-old triathlete and a participant competing in her wheelchair/ bicycle this aim was certainly achieved. The Waikato breast Cancer Trust was the recipient of $1,500 raised at this event in support of breast cancer research in the Waikato. Thank you Thames! Regular exercise is known to reduce breast cancer risk. at this time of the year there are many triathlons or duathlons held around the country so take up the challenge and be active!

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