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How to post your music everywhere.
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All tracks tagged linux
To add a podcast to iTunes, first you need to know the podcast, or RSS, feed URL. The RSS feed URL for All tracks tagged linux is Copy that URL, by right-clicking on it and selecting "Copy Link" from the menu. Then follow this link to submit your podcast to iTunes. Paste the Music For Dozens RSS feed URL into the blank and click continue. (Music is handreviewed by Apple staff, so it may take a few days for your podcast to show up on iTunes.)

It is easy to post your music in the comments on Myspace! You just need to copy a few simple lines of code, and paste them into the comments sections on your friend's pages. You can make the music start right away by changing autoload to autoplay.

Click here to see an example of the player. The same code will work on most web pages, but there are some other options, so read on if you're interested.

Blogger lets you use javascript in your template, so you don't have to paste as much code.

Flickr is a lot more restrictive than most sites so the best you can do there is a link that opens the player in a new window. Here is the code for posting a Music For Dozens playlist to Flickr comments or profiles.

Images To post Music for Dozens's image, with a link to your music page, use the following code.

Podcast (RSS) Feed Podcast Feeds are available for every playlist on Music For Dozens, so you can subscribe to any list you want in iTunes, or another feed reader. Here is the podcast (RSS 2.0) feed URL for All tracks tagged linux.

Here are some links to subscribe to All tracks tagged linux on your computer right now.

Help and Comments
If you've found another way to post Music For Dozens playlists around the web, or are having trouble figuring these out, please let us know.

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