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					PLC 26.11.2001 LISBURN BOROUGH COUNCIL Minutes of the Meeting of the Police Liaison Committee held in the Island Civic Centre The Island, Lisburn on Monday, 26th November 2001 at 7:00 pm PRESENT: Councillor Wm Gardiner-Watson (Chairman) His Worship the Mayor Councillor W J Dillon Alderman I Davis Councillors D W Archer, T D Archer, J Baird, Wm B Bell, S A Close, D J Craig, R Crawford, W H Lewis, P Porter, J Tinsley and W M Ward IN ATTENDANCE: Director of Corporate Services Assistant Director Corporate Services – Miss E Shields Committee Secretary Police Service for Northern Ireland Chief Superintendent S Clements Lisburn District Command Unit Constable B Frazer Traffic Branch (Urban Region) Department for Regional Development – Roads Service Mr G Salmon, Senior Engineer – Traffic Section 1. Minutes It was proposed by Councillor P Porter, seconded by Councillor J Tinsley and agreed that the minutes of the Meeting held on 25 June, 2001, as adopted by the Council at its Meeting held on 26 June, 2001, and the minutes of the Meeting held on 20 September, 2001, as adopted by the Council at its Meeting held on 25 September, 2001, be adopted and signed.


Apologies It was agreed to accept apologies for non-attendance at the Meeting on behalf of the Deputy Mayor, Councillor E J Campbell, and Councillor J H Lockhart.


Report of the Assistant Director Corporate Services It was agreed that item 5 of the Assistant Director‟s report be considered at this point in the meeting in order to facilitate the Director of Corporate Services, who was in attendance to discuss this matter.

PLC 26.11.2001 3.1 Traffic Congestion Problems – Lisnagarvey Drive, Lisburn

Members having been furnished with a copy of a report of a meeting held on 23 November, 2001 between various interested agencies to discuss the above matter, it was proposed by Councillor D J Craig, seconded by Councillor W H Lewis and agreed that this report by adopted (copy attached under Appendix 1). Following lengthy discussion in relation to the above matter, it was agreed that a letter be furnished to all residents in Lisnagarvey Drive advising that the Council supported the Wallace High School proposal as a resolution to traffic congestion problems, such a proposal also being supported by the Police and Roads Service, and would seek an early implementation of the proposal, if and when the residents agreed it as a way forward. At this point, the Chairman, Councillor Wm Gardiner-Watson, thanked the Director for his attendance and he left the Meeting. It was further agreed that, should residents not agree to this proposal, the Council would cease to become involved in any future discussions on this matter. 3.2 Lisburn District Commander‟s Report on Crime and Statistics

Members having been furnished with a copy of the above report, Chief Superintendent S Clements elaborated on several issues included in this report and answered questions raised by Members relating to the content therein. During discussion of the report: (i) it was agreed that a letter be forwarded to the architect involved in the construction of the new police station in Moira as this had, as requested, been built in keeping with the rest of the village; it was agreed that a letter be forwarded to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive conveying the Committee‟s congratulations in respect of the speed with which it had dealt with problems arising following recent burglaries at several locations throughout the Borough; Chief Superintendent Clements agreed to raise at the next Awareness Programme, the importance of advertising the „Adults at Risk‟ project; Chief Superintendent Clements took note of Members‟ comments in relation to skateboarding in the vicinity of the War Memorial in Bow Street. The need to consider the provision of a dedicated area in the Borough for such activity was suggested and the Chairman, Councillor Wm Gardiner-Watson, pointed out that this was a matter for the Council‟s Leisure Services Committee. Leniency of Sentencing by Courts


(iii) (iv)


Members noted from correspondence circulated that the Lord Chief Justice had again refused to meet a Council delegation to discuss the above matter, even following a request from Mr J Donaldson, MP. Councillor S A Close suggested that this matter be raised as part of the Criminal Justice Review currently being undertaken. 3.4 Commencement of Police (Northern Ireland) Act Provisions

Members noted that the vast majority of the uncommenced provisions in the Police Act had come into operation on 4 November, 2001, the most significant of these being the


PLC 26.11.2001 3.4 Commencement of Police (Northern Ireland) Act Provisions (Contd)

change in the name of the service, ie. “Police Service of Northern Ireland” and the powers of the Policing Board, which replaced the Police Authority for Northern Ireland. 3.5 Establishment of District Policing Partnership

It was agreed that arrangements be made for representative of the Northern Ireland Policing Board to attend a future meeting of the Committee in order to discuss the establishment of District Policing Partnerships. 3.6 Traffic Congestion Problems – Lisnagarvey Drive

It was noted that this matter had been dealt with under item 3.1. 3.7 Items to be Reported on by the Department for Regional Development Roads Service 3.7.1 Traffic Survey at Lagan Valley Hospital

Mr G Salmon advised Members it was anticipated that the traffic survey at Lagan Valley Hospital would be carried out within the next few weeks and the results thereof would be reported to the next meeting of the Committee. 3.7.2 Provision of Lane Markings at Motorway Roundabout

Mr Salmon took note of Members‟ comments in relation to the difficulties experienced by motorists exiting Marks and Spencer‟s at the Hillsborough roundabout. In relation to the provision of lane markings at the motorway roundabout at Moira, Mr Salmon advised that several proposals had been drawn up and were currently being assessed. In response to comments regarding the recent narrowing of the Lurgan off-slip at Moira roundabout, Mr Salmon confirmed that work would be undertaken to address resultant problems. 3.8 Community Safety Awareness Seminar 5 December, 2001 – White Gables Hotel, Hillsborough

Members having been advised of details of the above seminar, the estimated cost of a Member attending which was £26.85, it was agreed that the Chairman, Councillor Wm Gardiner-Watson, be nominated to attend. Members‟ Questions 4.1 Burglary Councillor Wm B Bell


Chief Superintendent Clements agreed to convey to the officers concerned, the appreciation of Councillor Wm B Bell in respect of the way in which they had dealt with a recent burglary at the premises of a member of Councillor Bell‟s family.


PLC 26.11.2001 4.2 Tour of Lisburn Police Station Councillor J Baird

Chief Superintendent Clements took note of a request by Councillor J Baird that a tour of Lisburn Police Station be organised to take place after the Christmas holidays. 4.3 Provision of Off-Licence at Co-op Supermarket, Belsize Road, Lisburn Councillor W H Lewis

Councillor W H Lewis reported that he had received a petition containing approximately 200 signatures objecting to the proposed provision of an off-licence at the Co-op Supermarket on the Belsize Road, Lisburn and Chief Superintendent Clements answered queries raised by Councillor Lewis in relation to this matter.

There being no further business, the Meeting was terminated at 8.29 pm.



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