December Christmas Gymkhana Edition

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Pony Club Grounds: Josie Bysouth Reserve Hillside Road Cockatoo Melways: 188 H8 Correspondence to: CDPC PO Box 544 Emerald 3782 Newsletter editor: Jenny Halkier

December Christmas Gymkhana Edition

Ho Ho Ho! „tis the Season to be Merry…
Hope everyone‟s gearing up for Fancy Dress and working their imagination overtime to come up with something extra special! Riders please remember that it is important for you to do the hard work of cleaning your tack and polishing it „til it shines. We also encourage the older riders to wash their horses/ponies themselves and of course, for those groups where plaiting is optional, please make sure that it is done by the riders. There have been numerous questions regarding the correct uniform for the gymkhana-following is what is acceptable:  Beige or cream jodhpurs/breeches. Not black. Choice of either:  White shirt, Pony Club tie, burgundy jumper with cream sash, OR  Burgundy polo with Cockatoo Pony Club logo AND PCAV logo. Older style uniform without the PCAV logo is not considered official uniform. Riders who take part in the Best Presented Class without official uniform will still be eligible to place but naturally this will be taken into consideration by the judge. If the weather is warm, those riders in jumpers must wait until the DC advises that is acceptable for jumpers to be removed before it is also classed as official uniform. (This is nationwide protocol…) Please read the Gymkhana Program carefully so you know what will be happening when and ALSO note that the day will be starting at 9.00am, so make sure you get to Pony Club early enough to organise yourself and your pony. Remember:  that bag of carrots for the hardest working member of your family!  to wear a big smile !!!

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President Narelle Breakwell 5968 8290 District Commissioner Lisa Stovold 5968 8906 Vice President Sue van Sprang 5967 7094 Secretary Darrelyn Boucher 5968 5574 Treasurer Penny Holt 5942 9293 Uniform Darrelyn Boucher Order on rally days or 5968 5574
Canteen Manager Denise Currie

Next Rally
GYMKHANA-Sunday 7thDecember 9.00am at the Pony Club Grounds.



The views expressed in this Newsletter represent those of individuals, and are not necessarily those of the Club, the Committee or the Members

President‟s Report
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General Committee Lisa Alderson Kelly Bell Sue Emary Lee Kane Rebecca Middleton Chris Porter Lisa Stovold Rhonda Thomas

Hi Everyone, CDPC PO Box 20 are Christmas almost. I would Well here we Cockatoo take this opportunity on behalf just like to 3781 of all the Committee to wish everyone a Merry Christmas as well as a Safe and Happy New Year. What a great day the Time Trial turned out to be! Well done to everyone who pitched in to help. What a difference it makes to have so many helpers. We have been able to add another $2,000 to the arena repairs fund. I would like to thank Bryan Alderson for his fantastic work in the time keepers float-Bryan not only spent hours designing a program for us to use on the day, but sat and drove it for us too. A huge thank you to Denise for coordinating the canteen not only on the day, but doing all the purchasing leading up to the event. To Lisa Stovold and Sue van Sprang for riding and setting all the trails until well after dark, great job. Thanks a million to everyone involved it was a fantastic effort and made the event so successful. Hope everyone is well underway in their preparations for Gymkhana, don‟t forget it is a 9am start. I can‟t wait to see all these fancy dress costumes especially all you older riders, I would love to see you all make an effort and really give us a show.

Don‟t forget the working bee THIS Saturday 29th November 9.30am start, we need as many mowers, whipper snipers and rakes as possible. It will be a “show up and pick a spot to tidy up” affair. The grounds will be slashed in the coming days so we just have to tidy up where the tractor can‟t get to, around seats, cross country jumps, arena edges, under trees, the car park and stalls. For those interested in Pony Club Games, the PCAV are running the National Mounted Games Skills Clinic on 24th January 2009 at Werribee. It is suitable for riders 10yrs and over, it‟s a really fun day, where you learn heaps of new skills and meet lots of new people. Anyone who is interested or has any questions about it see me at next rally or drop me an email. Looking forward to everyone pitching in for the club for January Jump Trials. I ask that everyone put their name down for a job on the roster that will be going around at the gymkhana. Once again Merry Christmas to everyonestay safe and happy riding over the break. Narelle

Junior Committee:
President Kelly Stovold
Vice President Erin Boucher Secretary Bridgette van Sprang Treasurer Katie Halkier

DC‟s Report
Best Presented is the first class for everyone and it is this class that having the proper full uniform of our Pony Club tops with (PCAV and COCKATOO PC) on or white shirt, tie and woollen jumper will matter in the placings. Don‟t forget your armbands too. The rest of the classes are judged on your riding, handling etc. But please try and do your best with uniform to show our judges on the day how we would look if we were out competing for our Club. We also need you all looking similar for our 2008 Christmas Club photo on the steps before lunch. I really, really hope you all have a wonderful day at our Gymkhana and support each other fully. Parents need to help with this. It‟s a big day and I hope you all have smiles all day long. If anyone would like to steward a ring in the morning can they please let me know. For anyone who can‟t be there I hope you all have a safe Christmas and Happy New Year. Catching up at the Jump Trials Comp in January will be great! Anyone not graded for horse trials and would like to give our competition a go please contact me. Lisa

Hi Everyone, Thanks for everyone‟s help at last rally. The day felt like it ran smoothly and all the riders looked happy in their groups through the day. Welcome to Lucy and Stephanie who started as new Members at the rally, we hope you have tons of fun with all of us.

Happy Birthday this month to:

Well done to Gear Check winners. Think BigStephanie Wynne, Makybe Diva-Lucy Worthy, Pharlap-Carrie Ann Luck and Might and Power- equal Chloe Bell/Lara MiddletonPorter. Gear Check at the Gymkhana happens during your Best Presented Class. Mikaela Orr is our lucky rider of the 5km Time Trial ride who was drawn out of all the names who entered, at our Committee meeting. Mikaela will be receiving a brow band in Pony Club colours (kindly made by Kelly Stovold) and a bucket of carrots for her pony. Well done to all who rode and helped at the Time Trial, even with the weather predicted to be ugly it turned out to be a perfect day for riding and we will have made quite a good profit. Well the Christmas Gymkhana is not far away now. Don‟t forget to bring your programs with you on the day so you can keep track of what is happening and don‟t forget THE DAY STARTS AT 9.00. Hey guys! Hope everyone‟s looking forward to gymkhana, I am. I‟m still working on my fancy dress but I‟ll have something by then hopefully. Well done to everyone who placed at the Time Trial. Welcome to our new riders Lucy and Stephanie, hope you both had a good first day.

Keely Morris


Bonnie MiddletonPorter 22nd Katie Halkier 26th (21)!

Junior Committee Report

Please try to sell the tickets given to you last rally, if you were away and you think you could sell some please ask in the clubrooms at gymkhana. Well done to Chloe Bell who has already sold two books! That‟s all from me everyone. Hope to see you all at the gymkhana. Kelly

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Working Bee This Weekend
To ensure our Pony Club grounds look absolutely fabulous for our Gymkhana, our next Working Bee will be on this Saturday 29th November. We really want all hands on deck with mowers, brush cutters, rakes and wheelbarrows to make sure the grass areas are safe and clean for our spotless riders and ponies. If gymkhana day happens to be wet, there is nothing worse than walking your horse through long or freshly cut and unraked grass and ruining the look of washed fetlocks and polished riding boots. We will be looking to check that the equipment is all in good working order – the Handimount obstacles, show jumps, sun umbrellas, bunting and a wash down of all the chairs. There will be other jobs around the place and a good turn up will ensure an early finish. Please arrive by 9.30am, pick a spot and start tidying it up. Hopefully we can finish by lunchtime where you will be treated with a sausage sizzle lunch and refreshments. If you have any questions, please contact Sue Emary on 5968 1131.

Two of our Committee Members enjoying the sunshine.

STILL UNSURE HOW YOU CAN HELP OUT? Volunteers are required for up to 2-hour shifts in the following areas: Gear Check Cross Country Judges (Both the above will be given instruction prior to starting) Canteen helpers-this is a major contributor to the profits made on the day. NEXT MEETING IS ON WEDNESDAY 3rd DEC. 7.30pm AT THE COCKATOO PRIMARY SCHOOL. PLEASE COME ALONG

Fundraising News November Time Trial
Thank you to everybody who helped out at the Time Trial to make it a success once again. The weather threatened to make it a damp occasion but the sun won through and the day turned out to be perfect! Our profit for this popular event is around the $2000 mark so our top arena renovation is getting closer and closer. We need a really good turn out of volunteers to help at the Jump Trials at Wandin Park on 18th January to fulfil the Fundraising target of $20,000 so don‟t forget to put your name down to help when asked at the Gymnkhana!

Junior Committee Balloon Flight Raffle Uniform Day
Raffle books were distributed at November Rally. (please remember this rally is drawn at the Jump Trials on 18th January –not July as printed). This is a fantastic prize so really the tickets will sell themselves. Get them out there and return book stubs and money as each book is sold.

“Equimax” Wormers Fundraiser
These are still available so as your horses require worming, remember to pick some up from the clubrooms for $15 each. Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 3rd December at the Cockatoo Primary School at 7.30pm. This is just prior to the gymkhana where we will be asking people to commit for jobs on the day, so if you are still undecided about what you can do to help out, come along to the meeting where all will be revealed!

Jump Trials Update

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Fees Instalment Due
To all families who are paying member‟s fees by instalments please note that the final payment of $60 is due at this rally. Please ensure that this is paid early on Gymkhana day at the sign in desk as riders who are not financial cannot ride in the gymkhana. Non payment could prove disappointing and embarrassing so please remember to bring it along or contact Penny Holt on 5942 9293 if you wish to pay earlier. Penny Holt Treasurer

Canteen News
Gear Check Awards for last rally went to Stephanie Wynne in Think Big, Carrie Anne Luck in Phar Lap, Lucy Worthy in Makybe Diva and Lara Middleton-Porter and Chloe Bell in Might & Power.
One of our newest members, Lucy, whose smile reminds us what Pony Club is all about!

Denise will have a list of Lunch Voucher recipients, so you can redeem them at the gymkhana or save them for the February rally.

CHRISTMAS MENU Denise’s Special:
Hot Roast Beef Roll with gravy and homemade coleslaw

Icy cold drinks
Normal Canteen menu will not be available this month. If you do not fancy hot roast beef rolls, please ensure you bring some lunch with you to the gymkhana.
Handimount is always a popular session in the afternoon. Thanks to Erin for helping us out here.

Volunteers required to help serve at lunchtime. Please see Denise on the day.

Jumping Practice
Jumping Practice will run on Saturday 6th December with Jarrod running Top Score practice in time for the gymkhana the next day. However, please note that there will be no Jumping Practice in January.

Pony Club Expo at Pony Club Grounds
We are looking to organise a “horsey” Expo in March 2009 combined with a “Practice Dressage Day”. Bring your horse along and ride a dressage test and receive feedback from a dressage judge to help you in future competition. Equine health practitioners will be giving demonstrations and providing services on the day. There will be stalls and products for sale and other fun things. STAY TUNED FOR FUTHER UPDATES!!!

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Katie and her crutches found the long grass hard going!

Phone: 5968 3130 Mobile: 0408 358 350 E-mail: Website:

On site pet care and owner assistance service Specialising in horses and farm animals
Belinda Wynne 0400 656 799 PO Box 242 Gembrook 3783

I can help with all animals – horses, alpacas, poultry, pigs, reptiles, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs…. In an emergency or whilst you’re away. Holiday care -Collect your mail, put out the rubbish bins …feeding, rugging, stabling, grooming, worming etc. Medication including IM injections, wound care, cleaning, bandaging. I have experience with stallions, foals and ponies prone to founder.

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Out and About
For all those who braved the inclement early morning weather out at Kurth Kiln on Saturday 8th to ride the scenic trails of the forest, well done! In the Junior 10km ride, 7 of our club members placed in the top 10- Lauren Breakwell 1st; Jess Hilder 3rd;Grace Lawes 6th; Ashley Lawes 7th; Jayden Schueddedkopf 8th; Steph Schueddekopf 9th and Jess Alderson 10th. Carrie Anne Luck was 4th in the Junior 20km. The Introductory Ride proved to be popular and very successful with 10 of our younger riders taking part: Chloe Bell Bonnie Middleton-Porter Dayle Hills Lara Middleton-Porter Keely Morris Michaela Orr Jesse Laughlin-Jones Sophie McEoin Emily Laughlin-Jones Bridget Birtchnell The lucky winner of the browband and carrots was Michaela. Congratulations!

Check out the PCAV website at

for links to the clubs holding events for entry forms Korumburra Primary School Interschool Showjumping Championships Grades C,D,E and 5 C/T Friday 5th December Entries Close: 28th Nov. Wonthaggi PC 3-day Camp Suitable All Grades Instruction in dressage, show jumping and X/C Tue 6th-Thurs 8th January
Entries Close: 28th December

Car Parking at Pony Club
Some members choose to park on the grass area below Stacey‟s arena at rally. Please refer to the map below for most effective parking areas so other cars/floats can get in and out. The red rectangles represent cars and floats and show the optimum parking areas for rally days. As well as being convenient, this parking structure is necessary from a Displan (Emergency & Disaster) perspective in case of bushfire etc.

Loch Nyora PC 3-day Snr & Jnr Camp Suitable All Grades Instruction in dressage, show jumping and X/C Tue 13th-Thurs 15th January Entries Close: 22nd December Bunyip PC Annual 3-day Camp Suitable All Grades Instruction in dressage, show jumping and X/C Tue 20th-Thurs 22nd January Entries Close: 9th January Cockatoo & District PC Jump Trials Grades 1 to 5 and Open Sunday 18th January Entries Close: 5th January

April Rally at Bunyip Pony Club Grounds
We have been lucky enough to secure the Bunyip Pony Club grounds for our April Rally so that we can use the Cross Country course for lessons with our guest instructor. In order for everybody to get a chance to use the course, the rally will be starting at 9am. More information will be in future newsletters, but if anyone will be requiring transport down to the grounds, please let Narelle know so we can organise float pooling.

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