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ANZAC Day Parade
Parents and friends are invited to attend our ANZAC Day Parade on Thursday April 24 at 8.45 am.

22 April 2008 Newsletter in Brief…
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Whole School Parade
We will hold a whole school parade this Wednesday to announce Age Champions and the winning House following our Field Event Day today. All parents are very welcome. Parade will commence at 8.45am.

District Cross Country
Tomorrow our District Cross Country Team will compete against other schools in our district. We wish them all the best.

Peer Mediation
For the last few weeks our year 6 students have worked on developing their Conflict Resolution Skills, feedback from both students and teachers about these sessions have been very positive. On Monday a group of 30 plus children undertook Peer Mediation Training, in the coming weeks these students will take up duty in our junior playgrounds. Peer Mediators play an important role in helping our younger children develop positive relationships with their peers and play safely. Peer Mediators will be introduced to both our senior and junior parades in the near future.

ANZAC Day Parade Whole School Parade District Cross Country Peer Mediation Fancy Dress Ball Book Club Due Numeracy (Parent Info Sheet) Multicultural Day Hi 5 Tuckshop News Parade Awards Sports Day News Music Notes Children’s Art Exchange

What’s on…
23 April
All School Parade, Sports Awards

Come and join us for our Fancy Dress Ball When: Thursday May 8 Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm Place: Springwood High School Hall Who: Prep - Year 3 children (and other interested students)

24 April
Anzac Ceremony at 8:45am

25 April
Anzac Day (Public Holiday)

30 April
Year 5/6S & 6T Smart Tip Excursion

5 May
Labour Day (Public Holiday)


6 May
Multicultural Day

7 & 8 May
Mother’s Day Stall

8 May Lesley Vogan Principal
Fancy Dress Night (6 - 8pm)

12 May

13 - 15 May
Year 3, 5 & 7 Testing

14 May
P & C Meeting

16 May
Year 3 Science Centre excursion

20 May
Maths Team Challenge

ANZAC Remembrance Ceremony
Our ANZAC remembrance ceremony will be held this Thursday morning at 8:45 am in the parade area. All are welcome to attend. There will be an opportunity during the ceremony for children to lay flowers if they wish.

Numeracy, like Literacy, is a key pillar of learning and an essential component of our school curriculum. To be numerate is to have confidence to choose and use mathematics skills learnt at school and apply them to everyday life situations. Included in this newsletter is a handout on how you can assist your child/ren’s numeracy development at home.

Children who attend the performances will spend most of the day rotating through 25 minute performances from each of the groups. This program is being offered to students at a subsidised cost of $8 per student as we would like as many students as possible to attend. The Student Council is subsidising $1/child and the School is also subsidising $1/child. Permission notes will be sent home this week.

Hi 5
We encourage all children at Springwood Road to develop skills to deal with issues first before seeking assistance from an adult. The High 5 is the main Behaviour Management tool we teach students as young as PREP to use. The steps are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ignore them Ask Nicely to Stop Walk / turn away Ask FIRMLY to stop Tell the Teacher

Multicultural Day
On Tuesday, 6th May there will be a Multicultural day held at school. Children will be exposed to a variety of nations sharing their culture through the arts. These include: African Santus - Sing, Dance & story telling from Nigeria Nunukul Yuggera - Aboriginal Dance Troupe The Rhythm Hunters - Japanese Focussed Taiko drumming Measina - Music & Dance from NZ & The Pacific Islands Zambiacongo - Brazilian Physical Theatre Chinese Lion Dance - Energetic Lion Dance Troupe

Alisha LeBrese

YEAR 4 - 7 Sports Carnival Track Day
All went well last Thursday for our track events day. Thankfully, the weather was kind to us. Today, the field events have been held. Tomorrow the Year 4 7 classes will attend the whole school parade so that Age Championship medals and certificates may be presented.

Winter uniforms have arrived and are available for purchase.
PARADE AWARDS P - 3 April 16
Cooper Celine Ezra Erin Liam Georgia Noah Shannen Curtis Dominic Teagan Natasha Terina Emily Alex Dylan Haylee Kaleb Ryan Jaclyn

Music Notes
Choir and Year 6 & 7 Percussion Students will be performing at our ANZAC parade on Thursday 24 April. All students involved will be required at the Music room at 8am. Choir members will wear full school uniform. Year 6 & 7 Percussion Students will wear full performance uniform (White Music polo shirt, black pants, black socks and black shoes). Junior Band rehearsals have started on a Tuesday at 12:45 in the Music room. Friday 2 May Instrumental Badge Presentation This is a very important day in our Music Calendar. Senior Band, Junior Band and Senior String ensemble will be performing as well as receiving their instrumental badge. All students involved will need to wear full Performance Uniform. (White Music polo Shirt, black pants and black shoes)

4 - 7 April 18
Will Chace Jarred Jessica Teneal Jack Jarrod Crystal Jessica Stephanie Veronica Rayden

Our Cities in Ten Years: A Shibukawa & Logan Children’s Art Exchange
Community Centres Week Celebrations “We Care” Works by Springwood Road State School students listed below have been selected for the Shibukawa & Logan Children’s Art Exchange exhibition. These works were on display in Shibukawa, Japan, from 22 February to 2 March 2008 and will be on display at Logan Art Gallery 22 April to 24 May 2008. The following students will receive a gift at the Opening Night on Wednesday 30 April at Logan Art Gallery. Stephanie, Jaevena, Tramayne, Ryan, Rayden, Erica, Jaimee, Ben, Monet, Jessica, Kassie, Taylor, Kiani, Kurt, Jessica, Taylor, Dylan, Matthew, Lauren, Ben, Maggie, Cayla, Teagan, Taylor, Megan, Jayde, Liam.

You are invited to be pampered for free!
Logan East Community Centre, Corner Cinderella Drive & Vanessa Boulevard, Springwood

Thursday 8 May 9am - 12pm
Bookings essential. Further information phone 3808 4529 What’s on offer? Foot Spa, Shoulder Massages, Hand Massages, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Tea / Coffee, Information on the centre activities or just come in for a chat.


CARNIVAL Monday 5 May 10am - 3pm
Barklya Place, Marsden
Come and celebrate our 5th birthday Live entertainment, fun & food Mother’s Day Colouring Competition Flyers available from the school office Enquiries phone 3200 2700

My child …………………………………...…... in class …...…. gave me the Newsletter to read. Signed: …………..………………………..……

Parent Information Sheet
What is numeracy? To be numerate involves: • having a working knowledge of mathematical ideas and being able to apply these ideas to a variety of situations in our daily lives • being able to see how mathematics can help in a situation and then confidently choosing and using the appropriate mathematical knowledge and skills. What can you do? Explore numeracy opportunities that may arise at home or during family activities. Some examples of these activities are on the reverse side of this sheet. Help your child to enjoy the mathematics they are learning at school by talking positively and showing an interest in what they are doing. Have fun helping with the homework practice to build mathematical confidence, risk taking and a positive attitude. Encourage persistence and perseverance and praise efforts. Use mathematical language and ways of working at home that are the same as what are being used at school. Find out how your child uses calculators and computers and model how these are used in real life situations. Discuss the different ways a task can be done. This will help develop flexible thinking strategies.

Some good questions to ask
How could we do this another way? How do you know that the answer is correct? What might happen if we changed this to …. ?

Do you need an exact answer here or will an estimate do?

What kinds of maths will help us here?

Would it be best to do this in your head, with a pencil and paper or use a calculator?

When else might you have seen a problem like this before? Where would be a good place to start when trying to solve this problem?

Some activities you can do with your child to develop their numerate thinking:• Play board games and card games to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies. • Help children to work out how much things cost and if necessary develop a savings plan.

• Help children to work out how much • Estimate, measure and compare lengths change they will receive. and heights, how heavy or light things are and how much containers hold. • Use everyday tools like tape measures or kitchen scales and discuss the units of measure. • Encourage children to make up number stories about what they have, see and do.

• Encourage children to use mathematical language, eg how much, how big/small, how many. • Think of different ways to solve a problem. • Play number games using magazines, • Ask “Does that make sense?”, “Is the books, newspapers, number plates. answer reasonable?” or “What other ways could we do this?” • Organise, categorise and count collections of things like toys, books, clothing, shoes. • Discuss the use of numbers, patterns and shapes in your day to day life eg numbers found on Library books, spatial patterns or • Encourage children to share equally. Talk shapes in playgrounds, the home, about the same number and how many architecture, etc. each person has, how many groups there are. • Talk about occasions when you are using mathematics in daily jobs and activities in • Let your child have opportunities to talk a real life situation e.g. cooking, map about numbers. reading, building and playing sport. • Explore situations using money eg shopping, budgets, credit cards • Observe and use timetables, calendars and clocks found in lots of different places for a variety of different purposes e.g. planning television watching times or study periods, holiday planning, catching public transport • Look at the mathematics found in newspapers and discuss how and why it is used.

Most importantly … have fun!

5R has been investigating symmetry in mathematics.

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