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Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 28 July 2009 at Longwell Green Community Centre at 7pm


Members Cllr J Calway Cllr D Cleverdon Cllr B Deeley Cllr G Downing Cllr C Haddy Cllr R Hardie

Cllr J Lovell Cllr M Newton Cllr T Olpin Cllr G Rogers Cllr E Williams Cllr A Thomas Cllr Downing in the Chair

Officers Mrs V Hicks Mr S Skidmore Members of the Public Alison Richards – Streetcare SGC PC Phil Martin


Apologies Received from Cllrs Boulton, Barrett and Douglas. Declaration of Members Interests Cllr Deeley BICSA Cllr Haddy Longwell Green Community Centre Cllr Hardie Cadbury Heath Hall/ Clocktower Association Cllr Olpin BICSA/Cadbury Heath Hall/SGC Licensing Committee Cllr Lovell Longwell Green Community Centre/TPG Almshouses Cllr Newton Longwell Green Community Centre/TPG Almshouses Cllr Rogers Longwell Green Community Centre Minutes The Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting of 16 June 2009 were agreed and signed by the Chairman. Chairman’s communications a] A card of thanks had been received from Lord Lieutenant of Gloucester for the Council’s good wishes upon his recent award. b] A letter of thanks had been received from Cadbury Heath Football Club for the recent grant award made by the Council. Adjournment for Public Participation Alison Richards of Streetcare and PC Phil Martin attended the meeting to advise upon the process for the introduction of a gating arrangement in the Cedar Close vicinity and the need for such measures. Cllr Williams advised that she had set up a Neighbourhood Watch Group in Orchard Ward and this would help evidence the need for gating measures. The matter of funding the gating measures has yet to be addressed. The Clerk was asked to advise residents of the options.





Matters arising a] Committee membership: It was agreed that Cllr Williams replace Cllr Calway on the Environment Committee and Cllr Haddy on the Community Investment Committee with immediate effect. b] Safer & Stronger Groups funding: Noted. Correspondence for action a] Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: Noted. b] Gypsy & Traveller Development Plan: Noted. c] Juice Community Dinner: Noted. d] Cadbury Heath Youth Centre: It was resolved to defer this matter to the next meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee. e] Community Action AGM and membership application: Noted. f] South Gloucs CAB: It was resolved to defer this matter to the next meeting of the Finance


and General Purposes Committee. 68/09 Correspondence for information a] Bitton Parish Council newsletter: Noted. b] Grimsbury Farm Remembrance Park: Noted. c] Downend & Bromley Heath PC newsletter: Noted. d] Mangotsfield Rural PC newsletter: Noted. e] South Gloucs DAG newsletter: Noted. f] Severn Estuary Forum newsletter: Noted. g] Senior Citizens Forum newsletter: Noted. Committee Reports a] Environment Committee Minutes of the meeting of 18 June 2009 were presented by Cllr Newton and were adopted by the Council. The Clerk was asked to continue to explore options to provide more allotments. b] Planning & Highways Committee Minutes of the meeting of 2 July 2009 were presented by Cllr Haddy and were adopted by the Council. It was resolved to support the gating plans for the Cedar Close area. c] Finance & General Purposes Committee Minutes of the meeting of 2 July 2009 were presented by Cllr Haddy and were adopted by the Council. It was resolved to retain the Council’s investment with Alliance & Leicester at the current rate of 1.54% for a twelve month period. Other reports a] Safer & Stronger Group reports (Hanham & Longwell Green - 30/06/09): Concern continues to be expressed regarding the inadequate advertising for these events. The Clerk was asked to raise this matter with the co-ordinator. b] Parish in Bloom: The 2009 winners were noted and the judges thanked for their efforts in undertaking this task. It was agreed that greater publicity would be tried next year in order to seek nominations for the various categories. c] GITCH of 9 July 2009: Noted. d] Footpath Walks 2009: It was agreed to defer the matter of the future of these walks to the Environment Committee. e] Queens Award: Cllrs Downing and Deeley had attended the re-launch of this scheme and reported on the benefits to local groups. It was therefore resolved to nominate the following organisations: Friends of Barrs Court Moat Friends of Cock Road Ridge The Clocktower Association The Kingswood Heritage Museum Avon Valley Railway. f] Anti-social behaviour at the rear of Longwell Green Community Centre: Cllr Rogers reported on incidents of glue sniffing and drug taking on site. It was agreed to refer this matter to the Police. g] Co-option of new councillor: Cllr Lovell (and others) expressed dissatisfaction that Cllr Williams had not been introduced to the Council before her co-option at the June2009 meeting. The Chairman acknowledged this mistake. h] Shellards Road – traffic order: Cllr Olpin reported that the planned work would take place during August. i] Inconsiderate parking – Longbeach Road: Cllrs Hardie and Rogers reported a Bristol City Council van being repeatedly parked inconsiderately adjacent to the traffic island. It was agreed to report this matter. j] Oldland Music Festival: The CDW reported on the success of the Festival. It was agreed to write a letter of thanks to the Jarrett’s for the use of the site. k] Vichy Trip - CHYP: The CDW is taking a group of young people form the Cadbury Heath Youth Project on a camp to Vichy in France next week. He was wished well. Finance The following accounts were placed before Council (including payments made since the last meeting)




British Telecom (CDW ‘phone) British Telecom (Parish ‘phone) Alfred Harris (bookbinding) SLCC (Local Council reference guide) Came & Company (parish insurance) Local Council Review (subscription) Eurostar (CHYP – Vichy trip) BICSA (CDW office rent) South Gloucs Council (dog bin contract) Community Action (membership) R J Webber (CDW computer upgrade) Cash Float (CHYP – Vichy trip) Melanie Skidmore (CHYP – Vichy trip) Mrs Hicks HMRC Avon Pension Fund Mr Skidmore HMRC Direct Payment Mrs Hicks Salary (July) Hicks (July) Hicks (July) Salary (July) Skidmore (July) Skidmore (July) Expenses (July)

87.19 58.19 48.00 55.60 1,899.28 68.00 948.00 650.00 222.87 30.00 95.00 600.00 200.00 1,659.63 659.44 399.85 1,776.60 781.52 39.70 178.76

Payment of the above accounts was approved and cheques prepared by the Clerk were referred to Cllrs Downing and Rogers for signature. It was agreed that recess payments be made at the Planning & Highways Committee meeting of 20 August. CHAIRMAN DATE

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