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									Minutes of NAG Executive Committee Meeting Friday, October 24 2008 at the Art House, Wakefield 1. Present Sarah Armitage; Jane Butler (Administrator); Ruth Dale; Paul Dalton (PMD); Paul Dibble (PSD); Stuart Halliday; Eileen Hiller (minutes); Alyson Hogarth; Heather Sherman. Maggie Sumner (chair) 2. Apologies Claire Dowbekin; Mark Merrill; Elizabeth Neville; David Pearson 3. Allocation of Portfolios The executive committee positions were volunteered as follows: Chair - Paul Dalton Vice-Chair – Alyson Hogarth Secretary - Sarah Armitage Treasurer - Mark Merrill Web and Marketing - Paul Dibble Conference team - Claire Dowbekin (Organiser 2009), Heather Sherman (Associate Organiser 2009, Organiser 2010) Academic library events team - Ruth Dale, Eileen Hiller Public library events team - Alyson Hogarth (also Vice-Chair), Elizabeth Neville, David Pearson, Maggie Sumner Co-opted forTaking Stock - Stuart Halliday It was agreed that PMD and SA would take over their respective roles as chair and secretary on 1st January 2009. MS and EH will continue in office until that date, but MM will take over as Treasurer with immediate effect. 4. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday September 8th Accepted as a correct record. 5. Matters arising Action points where not on the agenda: 5.1 Acoustics at seminars The committee decided not to purchase a PA system due to the expense; the problems of maintenance and the logistics in transporting it from the office to seminars 6. Treasurer’s report The current bank balance is £27644. Current debtors amount to £19451, mostly outstanding invoices from conference and subscriptions Older debt has been reduced to £2475. A number of organisations not wanting to renew had been written off. It was suggested an automatic renewal policy could be introduced with a possible discount for paying early. Revision of the membership letter would be needed to include terms and conditions. MS proposed this issue should be put on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting. Action: SA .7. Admin Report 7.1 Sale of publications These are now much reduced due to the Directory being on the website, but some requests have been received for the Tender Guide. Some discussion took place re the validity of this document produced in 2005. It was agreed it would be preferable to produce a general document outlining principles to be followed rather than providing a full specification document. It was suggested this document could be downloaded via the website, along with other NAG publications. However, there are implications for development of the website to allow for charging, to be discussed ate a future meeting. Action: PMD


7.2 NAG Office The NAG office in Wakefield is now fully staffed at a reduced cost, but the rent has increased from £250 to £300. There is no car parking at the current office and the meeting room is small. JB agreed she would investigate more economical premises, perhaps located further from the town centre. 7.3 Storage of documents JB has begun to sort the NAG archival documents currently kept in her home with the aim of discarding any unnecessary material. She suggested it might be possible to store essential material at the new premises. Removal of the essential archival material from her home could coincide with the office move. Peter Longden had raised the issue of a payment to JB for storage and it was agreed this should be from July 2007 to date with a further payment once the office move had been finalised. MM and JB to agree an appropriate recompense. Action: MM/JB 7.4 Staff time The current period is quiet in the office so more of JB’s time needs to be utilised, possibly on updating the website and also on supporting the Acquisitions Training Programme. It was agreed to consider a reduction of JB’s time once the Acquisitions Training Programme had been developed. Action: PMD JB suggested NAG might fund an ECDL course fir Christine Hall, which the committee agreed. 8. Education and Research 8.1 Conference 2008 Feed back had mostly been favourable, the major problem with the conference facilities at UEA being the distant location of the accommodation from the Conference activities. It was suggested in future provision should be made for delegates on the preceding evening, such as a buffet dinner which the Committee would attend. Action: CD 8.2 Conference 2009 – 10 -11 September at Chester MS suggested the title might be ‘Material Change@ and urged the committee to be thinking of potential speakers. Various suggestions have been made for an after dinner speaker. Also, Bertrams have volunteered to organise and fund an after dinner speaker. MS agreed to convey that this is much appreciated, but the committee are currently following up leads and MS will contact at a later date to discuss. This might include the possibility of Bertrams sponsoring the buffet reception on the preceding evening to the conference, as an alternative. Action: MS 8.3 Conference 2010 Strathclyde University has been suggested as a venue as the facilities and communications are good. MS agreed to pass on information for JB to progress. Action: MS/JB 8.4 Seminars 2008/9 th  Management Information and Stock Management. Already arranged for the 28 th October in Bristol, it will be repeated in Perth on the 5 March 2009 and in York on th the 19 March 2009, MS suggested a repeat in London at a venue she has discovered close to Euston station. JB to check availability. Action: MS/JB  E-Book Acquisition Processes. This seminar has been suggested by HS/RD and will be aimed at academic libraries. Venues are to be sought in London and York for April/May 2009. MS/RD have agreed on a programme and will contact speakers Action: HS/RD/JB EDI and LMS Simon Edwards from BIC is investigating EDI capabilities of LMS, with a view to producing best practice guidelines for libraries and library supplier. It was thought this might provide the subject for a useful cross sector seminar, perhaps to be held in spring 2009.in London. PMD agreed to discuss with Simon Edwards. Action: PMD Wales Cyml have agreed to fund and find venues for two supplier specification seminars in 2009/10. The first of these is to be held in March 2009. MS will provide consultancy for these at a suggested cost of £2000, which was agreed by the committee. Action: MS
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8.5 BIC E4libraries Working Group PMD is the NAG representative on this group which has been commissioned by the MLA to examine elements of the public library supply chain. The next stage is to agree on and complete an accreditation scheme. Simon Edwards has devised a protocol which is to be debated. NAG’s role will be in disseminating the information e.g. via the proposed seminar above. Action: PMD BIC and CILIP are also publishing a ‘Practical guide on implementing RFID’ to be launched at the CILIP conference in November. NAG could promote via the website which would then provide an opportunity to encourage RFID vendors to become members. A new data standard is also to be published in 2009. The timing of this could be opportune for next year’s NAG conference, when Mick Fortune could be approached re a conference paper. Action: PMD

9. Marketing 9.1 Membership It was agreed all the committee would work on this. It was noted that the increased membership fee has not impacted on the level of membership. 9.2 Website PD agreed to review the website with JB, including a review of all web tasks for which training is needed. Action: PMD/JB MS has been producing quarterly updates for the website since January 2007. JB agreed this could be undertaken in the office and MS agreed to provide instructions. Action: MS/JB PSD suggested recruitment advertising could be included on the website at competitive rates. This was thought to be an excellent idea and should be included in any restructuring of the website. Action: PSD The setting up of RSS feeds from the news site to members’ emails is the only outstanding development. ABB have been asked to provide costs. Action JB/PD 9.3 Taking Stock SH reported that the winter issue includes the conference papers, but a feature article is needed and the committee were asked for ideas on who might write this. The deadline is midNovember. JB suggested it might be better to source a printer in Wakefield as she could liaise more easily with them re production and distribution. Action: JB 9 4 Advertising Sales PSD was asked to progress Nielsen’s proposal of reciprocal web advertising free of charge. . Action: PSD MS agreed to devise a programme of events for the year which could be sent to potential sponsors. Action: MS 10. Acquisitions Training 10.1 Public Libraries Tim Cotterall had originally agreed that Askews premises could be used as a venue, which now needs to be confirmed. PMD agreed to approach Askews. Action: PMD It was also suggested Bertrams might be approached for a venue. The training is to be held as follows: 2 days at an introductory level 2 days at intermediate level 2 days at a senior level The content on each day at each level will be different and it is proposed that a reduction will be possible for booking both days 10.2 Academic Libraries The outlines provided by HS were discussed and revisions suggested. It was agreed to hold two days of training. One in November aimed at those new to Acquisitions and one in June aimed at a more senior, strategic level. It might be feasible for a library from the NEYAL Books Steering Group to host this event. 11. A.O.B. None
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Dates of Next Meetings: Tuesday January 20 and Wednesday April 1 – In Wakefield


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