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									BACP Attendance Report Mind Annual Conference and Exhibition 15 – 16 March 2006, Harrogate, North Yorkshire This years conference theme explored the notion of ‘making service user involvement real’ with an emphasis on ‘what is service user involvement?’ Lectures, workshops and debates throughout the event focused on service user involvement throughout the NHS system from working with your GP to influencing strategy across a trust or council, and service provision outside the statutory sector. Sessions included shared experiences from individuals, charities, academia, trusts and councils. During the 2 days there were parallel sessions on:      older people and mental health: attitudes to services Mind’s focus, a discussion on Mind’s direction in the coming year To what extent is service user involvement a sham? Survivor-defined outcomes in measuring performance of mental health services How tangoing saved my life, inspirational stories

These were organised into session types which were clearly defined as:    Debates and discussions Lectures Workshops

Speakers of particular note include:         Dr McKenzie, Senior Lecturer in Transcultural Psychiatry at the University College Medical School Kay Sheldon, Mind Trustee Dr Petre Jones GP, The Project Surgery, Plaistow, London Professor Susan Benbow, Chair of the Faculty of old age psychiatry, Royal college of Psychiatry Lyndsey Dyer, Director, Service Users and Carers, Mersey Care NHS Trust Marion Janner, Director Bright David Crepaz-Keay, Senior Policy Advisor on Patient and Public Involvement, Mental Health Foundation Toby Williamson, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Manager – Department for Constitutional Affairs

Beverley Brennan Events Manager May 2006


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