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1. Pre- Awareness and Mobilisation Workshop with 35 key Church leaders in KampalaOn October 10, 2007 the Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda/ MCC (U) and the Uganda Joint Council (an umbrella group of mainland ecumenical churches composed of the Church of Uganda, Catholic and Orthodox Churches in Uganda) co-sponsored a one day workshop on the Stand up, Stand out campaign. The purpose of the workshop was to mobilise the constituency of these umbrella groups, and have them contribute to the activities of the campaign from Sunday October 14-17, 2007. Out of the 35 that attended, MCC (U) mobilized 22 of the leaders representing 7 inter church networks and MCC regional chapters in Uganda. 2. Sunday October 14, 2007 meetings on the campaign: The following MCC (U) member churches were mobilised and actively participated in the campaign on Sunday October14th.
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Africa Inland Church and Elim Church in Busia Town Council- 1,950 Charismatic Epispocal Church in Kampala -120; Glorious Church in Kapchorwa- 365 members in attendance

3. Campaigns Activities on October 17, 2007:

Victory Christian Centre Prayer Vigil with 6,600 in attendance on October, 2007- A joint committee of MCC (U) and Uganda Joint Council actively mobilised and participated in the prayer rally for 3 hours. Posters, campaign letters, flyers and T -shirts, campaign materials were distributed. MCC (U) was able to distribute most of its' materials received from Nairobi to the congregation. The Senior Pastor spent well over 30 minutes speaking about the campaign. 2 hour interview on Impact Radio- A Christian radio with national wide reachThe MCC National Coordinator with another task force member together with the Uganda Joint Council Campaign Coordinator were part of a panel that spoke about the campaign. The purpose of the campaign was explained to the listeners. The immediate effect was great as many callers responded to the program. We believe thousands of listeners were reached. Interesting questions and differing views concerning the actual realization of the MDGs came in, with the panel carefully responding to some of them. The radio is owned by Victory Christian Church. Caring Heart and Christian Centre Church/School in Wakiso- A member of the MCC (U) held campaigns attended by Town Council mayor, 760 School



going children and 180 parents/community members and teachers. 4 hours were spent with different campaign activities (that included songs, dram, exhibitions, speeches and interviews). MCC (U) Coordinator and members of the taskforce attended.

Workshop with Church leaders- A 3 hour workshop was held at Namirembe Guest House, Kampala that was attended by 25 key church leaders representing the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) and EFU-AEA/MCC (U). It was sponsored by the National NGO Forum in Uganda through UJCC for church leaders.

Other activities carried out by MCC (U) members and church networks on October 17 included:

Apac District- Under the Lango Inter-church coordination alliance (LICA)- 320 church leaders and members held a 3 hour prayer rally that included activities on the speak up speak out campaign. 17 member churches of the alliance attended. They represented the Lango sub-region composed of the 5 districts in Northern Uganda (Apac, Oyam, Lira, Dokolo, and Amolatar). The districts are among those that have been experiencing the LRA led armed conflicts in for the last 18 years in Uganda (and lately some flooding). They are among the poorest, and their people live in abject poverty. Many who participated in the campaign were eager to do so because of the extreme levels of poverty. MCC (U) has carried out 2 regional sensitization workshop on the MDGs. Their members have actively participated in the campaigns. Pallisa Skills Training and Kings Kids Primary School- MCC (U) members. Participated in the campaign with 300 in attendance; Kachorwa ICC- MCC (U) group mobilized the following 2 schools that carried out campaign activities on October 17, 2007: Busia ICC/MCC (U) member mobilized 2,200 people to carry out a walk on the MDG and Speak up Speak out campaign. It was led by Africa Inland Church a member of EFU-AEA and covered the areas of Mimumba, Bulwenge and Bucica in Busia District. a) Cheminy Christian Primary School in Kapchorwa- 600 school going children, teachers and non -teaching staff in attendance; b) Faith Homes School- 400 school going children, teachers and non- teaching staff in attendance .




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Paradize Faith Centre in Entebbe- 120 Noah's Ark Children Centres in Gulu and Mukono- participated but numbers not known yet; Kumi Church and School in Kumi, Teso- numbers not yet known.

Radio and TV interviews were also organized to speak out on the campaign.

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