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PERSONAL NURSING PHILOSOPHY Nicole Gruber Waynesburg College RN-BSN Program NUR 226 January 24, 2006

Nicole Gruber Personal Nursing Philosophy 2

If someone told me ten years ago I was to become a nurse, I would have never believed them. I was grossed out by blood and other body fluids, and I was afraid of needle. Before graduating from high school, I took a job as a dietary aide in a local hospital. I got to deliver patient trays and help set them up, but slowly and surely I wanted more. I wanted to help feed the patients who needed assistance, and I felt the desire to do so grow in my heart each day. Thus, my nursing career began, and here I am five years later. In the past, I when imagined a nurses role in my head, I thought of a cute little nurse outfit and a stethoscope. Now, being a nurse myself, I know the truth. Nursing is not something glamorous and stunning, but is made out to be by the way nurses are portrayed in the media. I think that the general idea of caring and compassion has been passed down from the original early practices of nursing. There have been many technological advances, but caring is still the main idea of nursing. Characteristics in today’s nurses are many, but I think one powerful characteristic is strong work ethic. This can be harmful though, due to the fact of nurses experiencing burnout. America is filled with citizens that neglect their body by overworking themselves in daily life. Nurses exist today, and always will perhaps, for the simple fact that as long as there are people on earth, so shall there be nurses. Nursing is a calling, that takes someone special to do, and I do not comprehend how that could ever be replaced.

Nicole Gruber Personal Nursing Philosophy 3

Two beliefs or values that are fundamental to the practice of professional nursing, are beneficence and nonmaleficence these are basic building blocks that help support the foundation of being a good nurse, because nurses ultimately want the best for their patients. For nurses of the future, I feel that education with a basic science background, along with basic nursing courses is adequate. Everything else to be a nurse is associated with the feelings and emotions about caring for others, which are already contained within their heart, or they learn while doing their job. Being a nurse to me, is much more than a job, but a passion as well. It is the unselfish, caring part of me that comes with the title.