ROYD NURSERY INFANT SCHOOL CARR ROAD DEEPCAR SHEFFIELD S36 2PR Telephone 0114-288-2594 Fax 0114-288-8632 E-mail: HEAD TEACHER Mrs M Lee

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: EDUCATION Mr J Crossley-Holland Children & Young People Directorate Derwent House 150 Arundel Gate SHEFFIELD S1 2JY Telephone 0114-272-6341

CHAIR OF GOVERNORS Mr M Denton 62 Wood Royd Road Deepcar SHEFFIELD

FOREWORD Councillor Harry Harpham Cabinet Member for Children’s Services Town Hall Sheffield S1 2HH Dear Parent, I am very pleased to be asked to contribute to the prospectus of Royd Nursery Infant School. Every child deserves and needs a high quality, broad-based education in order to succeed in life. To this end the Children’s Service will work with all schools in the City to seek to ensure that your child has the best possible resources, provided by well-trained and motivated staff in sound buildings. In addition, as the work of the Children’s Service is developed, extra support to children and their families will become available either at your school or very close by. You will be kept informed of developments in your locality. The Council continues to work to develop its relationship with schools in order to improve standards. £1m has been invested recently to raise standards and levels of attainment in Primary schools. A revised strategy for Secondary schools has been to Cabinet and this focused on achieving excellence across all our Secondary schools. There are still schools in the City that require more capital investment, despite the fact that huge sums of money have been spent in recent years on rebuilding and refurbishing a number of schools. Indeed, £250m has been secured since 1997 and there is more to come. There are plans in the pipeline for another 12 Secondary schools and several Primary schools and Children’s Centres to be rebuilt. Nevertheless we recognise further investment is still needed in our school buildings and we will continue to work hard to get that investment. We are committed to listening to parents’ views on the schools their children attend and I hope that schools will continue to develop close relationships with the communities they serve, in partnership with other services such as Health and Family Support, to maximise every child’s opportunity to flourish. I am sure that all the Members of Sheffield City Council join me in wishing you and your child well. You have my assurance that we will work as hard as possible to ensure that your child can enjoy learning and achieve his or her potential in a healthy and safe school. Councillor Harry Harpham Cabinet Member for Children’s Services

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Rob Johnson Education Office Tel: 273-5788

In June the Governors present a report to Parents summarising the steps taken by them in discharging their duties throughout the year. A meeting is then held for Parents to discuss this report.

Head Teacher Deputy Head Teaching Staff Mrs M Lee Mrs L Channing Miss L Beardsall Mrs L Channing Mrs M Garrett Miss E Park Miss S Rodgers Mrs S Sly Mrs J Swales Mrs C Pape Mrs J Bankes Miss R Hosford Mrs R Jaques Mrs J Francis Mrs M Jolley Mrs M Matthews Mrs T Scott Mrs E Whittles Mrs C Mear Mrs L Lawton Mr J Laver Mrs J Higginbottom Mrs C Driver Mrs J Francis Mrs S Long Mrs R Smith Mrs K Stevens Mrs L Bembrick Mrs L Fieldsend

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Dear Parents Royd Nursery Infant School is a welcoming school where the children are happy to start on the road of life long learning that is often led by their own suggestions. It is a school that works closely with parents and where possible local groups. The school embraces creativity by using problem solving and thinking skills. The Aims for our children and how we, as a school, will ensure they are met are listed below. For children to achieve their maximum potential in all subjects by  The school providing a high standard of education for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  There will be effective monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning to promote self – improvement.  Whilst our emphasis will be on high attainment in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and ICT we will provide a challenging broad and balanced curriculum.  The school making the best use of resources, human, financial, material and accommodation developing an environment reflecting the views of the children.  Staff continuing their professional development and accepting responsibility. For children to take responsibility for aspects of their own learning, using and applying their developing skills by  The school developing the children’s self confidence and self esteem.  The teachers ensuring that children know and understand their individual targets for improvement. For children to understand the purpose of their learning and set themselves high standards by  The teachers ensuring that clear learning objectives are shared with the children.  That high quality, challenging teaching matches the differing needs of our children.  The school using appropriate teaching strategies. For children to take pride in their work and strive towards excellence through  The school celebrating success and effort of all children.  The school establishing a ‘can do’ culture.  The school accepting the child as a competent learner. For children to experience the awe and wonder of the world around them by  The school celebrating spiritual and cultural diversity. For children to respect others and collaborate in work and play through  The school fostering the inclusion of all children in all areas of school life. For children to behave appropriately and with consideration of others through  The school promoting respect and tolerance for others.  The school providing a caring, enjoyable and safe environment. Supporting the development of the school will be clear leadership and effective management that will involve all stakeholders.

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