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					May Day This week's Pathe clip focuses on May Day celebrations which take place this year on Sunday 1st May. The clips below can be shown as part of an Assembly to celebrate May Day or linking in with Literacy or RE as detailed below. 759.15 – ‘Ye Merrie Monthe of Maye’ – the May Day celebrations in Oxford’s Madeleine Bridge in 1931 881.24 – May Day festival at Isleworth – festival showing the crowning of the May Queen in 1936 673.08 – Merrie Month of Maye – another clip showing May celebrations in 1932 These clips could be used during an RE lesson which looks at the traditions and customs of our country and allow the pupils to compare what they see on the clips and how they know May Day to be celebrated where they live today. During a literacy session, the pupils could look at reproducing one of the news clips using the Digital Movie Cameras. The pupils would plan the narration and film the events and using the software they could add the filter to make the film clip go grey making it look like it was filmed in black and white. The pupils can eliminate the background noise and add their own narration of the events to complete their film clip. They could also film the events with a modern day slant on it. Remember – to access the high quality clips you need to download within the OCN. (To access these clips go to the British Pathe Website ( then click on the advanced button next to the search box. In the 'Film ID' box on the top right hand side type the number then click 'Go' at the bottom of the screen. This week's clip will appear at the bottom of the screen. For details on how to download this clip there is a word document with step by step instructions available in the ICT conference. It can also be found on the ICT website:

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