BSA TROOP 667 by forrests


									BSA TROOP 667 7-3-07 Meeting
Activity Description Review Agenda Length 5-10 min Time 6:55 Leader Grant & Ryan

I. Pre-opening

II. Opening

Class B – No Uniform Inspection


Spending Money for Summer Camp DUE 7-10 Remind scouts Tim Taylor is coming 7-10
Local Anytime Permission slips past due Review Calendar of events Per Back of Page Comment on Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Trip from one of the scouts. Discuss fall activities: Biking, Hiking, Kayaking etc… Possible hike to Lake Front at next meeting

IV. Patrol Meetings


V. Troop Task


VI. Free Time

Organized game by Patrol Leaders PL’s

VII. Cleanup Scoutmaster’s Minute


VIII. Closing

5 min



Calendar of events and important dates:
7-3-07 July 3rd – regular meeting 7pm. 10th – regular meeting 7pm. Tim Taylor here to review merit badge progress and speeches Spending Money for Summer Camp DUE 7-10. th 15 - Court of Honor for Reid Stuck 2:00 pm. 17th – regular meeting 7pm. Review summer camp schedule and gear to bring. 20th – Pack to go to Summer Camp, Drop off all of your camp gear at Noah’s house 2403 9th Street before 6 p.m. The trailer will be loaded at 6 p.m. Come help if you can, ALL GEAR WILL GO INTO TRAILER !!!! 21st – Leave for Summer Camp at Camp Cedars in Nebraska 4 a.m. from the Community Center 22-28th – Camp Cedars Summer Camp Return home late evening on the 28th. 24th – NO MEETING Troop will be in Nebraska at Camp. 31st – NO MEETING Summer Break Possible additional outing August 2nd - Possible swimming pool party 7th - NO MEETING Summer Break 14th – Regular meeting 7 p.m. Also possible, Miniature Golf, Camping and 10 Mile Hike September Swimming at ZBTHS, Jamboree, Recruiting at North Prairie Open House, Wreath Sales Start 5th – 7th Fall Camporee at Van Patten Woods on hwy 173 14th – Pancake breakfast at the VFW Wreath Sales Due Sleep in Cabin, 10 Mile Hike, Wreath Deliveries Winthrop Harbor Tree Lighting Community Service, Cabin Camping, Space Camp if anyone is interested???????? Huntsville, AL


November December

January 2008 Planning Meeting for 2008 events THINK AHEAD ON WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO. February Election of Officers THINK AHEAD on what position you would like to run for.

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