Binkley Preschool Holiday Wreath Fundraiser

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					Binkley Preschool Holiday Wreath Fundraiser
The holiday season is just around the corner! As part of our fundraising campaign this year, Binkley Preschool is selling holiday wreaths, garland, and bows; proceeds will benefit the preschool. Our supplier, Cranberry Tree Farms, offers a selection of sizes and types of greenery. All greenery is treated to ensure freshness until after the holidays. They are custom made with Fraser Fir, or a combination of Fraser Fir and White Pine. The garland is a continuous 30 foot length of white pine tips. Red velvet bows are also available for sale but they will not be attached to the wreath to prevent crushing of the bows. Delivery of the wreaths, roping and bows will be Wednesday, December 2nd. Please pick-up your order after dropping off your child at 9:00 am. Church members and T/TH parents may pick up their orders between 9:00-12:00 that day. We do not have storage space, so orders must be picked up on that day. If you have any questions, please call Kelly Carruthers at 942-4620. Orders must be paid in advance by check made payable to Binkley Preschool. Please return your order form and check no later than Tuesday, November 24th. Please attach your check to your order form and return to the glass case outside the 2’s classroom

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Binkley Preschool Holiday Wreath ORDER FORM

Name:________________________________Phone:_________________ Teacher/Class:________________________________________________ FRASER FIR WREATHS Small (14”) Medium (20”) Large (24”) MIXED WREATHS Small (14”) Medium (20”) Large (24”) RED VELVET BOWS 30 FT ROPING/GARLAND QUANTITY PRICE _________ X $14 = _________ _________ X $18 = _________ _________ X $22 = _________

_________ X _________ X _________ X __________ X __________ X

$14 = _________ $18 = _________ $22 = _________ $6 = __________ $20= _________ TOTAL $_________