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									You have just entered room "Perndwler9." mousepinsdotcom: hey kids !!! Perndwler: here she is........ new name mousepinsdotcom: Still working on my assignment MichaelBrer: I am done with mine mousepinsdotcom: when I am away from home I have to use this one MichaelBrer: I need to email it to you mousepinsdotcom: I don't remember my password for the other user name MichaelBrer: Its way to long to cut and paste Perndwler: I'm gonna send mine in pieces see if it works mousepinsdotcom: ok then send it to AND Perndwler: nope gotta mail it too mousepinsdotcom: ok getting this addy here right now mousepinsdotcom: Perndwler: 2nd email doesn't work MichaelBrer: is that mousepinsdotcom: 2 L's uh oh my fault sorry Perndwler: got it MichaelBrer: sent mine too Perndwler: so what homework did you give yourself?? MichaelBrer: Kathryn - I made a list of all attractions at WDW including MK, MGM, EPCOT, & AK MichaelBrer: I also made a list of the attractions at Disneyland, DCA, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea Perndwler: ohhhhhhh Kathhhhhhhhrynnnnnnnnnnn............. mousepinsdotcom: fixin something to eat before the meetin Perndwler: oh, thought we lost you mousepinsdotcom: I still got an hour before the meeting mousepinsdotcom: I still need my hour LOL Perndwler: k, see ya later! =) Perndwler has left the room. mousepinsdotcom: you didn't hafta go silly MichaelBrer: Kath I am gonna get something to eat before our chat MichaelBrer has left the room. Perndwler has entered the room. MichaelBrer has entered the room. Perndwler: kath, no one else is on Perndwler: Oh boy!! the Santa Clause is on!!! mousepinsdotcom: we need to look for maleficentndiablo MichaelBrer: I know I saw that mousepinsdotcom: RedHatRik MichaelBrer: maybe they think it was 830 mousepinsdotcom: who do we have here who helps develop the actual web page? mousepinsdotcom: we'll wait and see MichaelBrer: I mean thought -- DUH mousepinsdotcom: I'm here at the computer either way

Perndwler: they are all onmy buddylist and no one is signed on mousepinsdotcom: yeah we have santa clause on in one room and Star Wars on in the other mousepinsdotcom: maleficent_n_diablo will be new Perndwler: Star wars????????? what station????????? mousepinsdotcom: 3 here WOFL I think mousepinsdotcom: Jar Jar binks is hysterical Perndwler: oh I don't have pay stations =( Perndwler: I had to see the movie twice before I understood everything he said! mousepinsdotcom: yeah FOX mousepinsdotcom: Message is too long or too complex mousepinsdotcom: so here are my "A"'s without your twos input mousepinsdotcom: Message is too long or too complex mousepinsdotcom: Message is too long or too complex mousepinsdotcom: hmmm wont let me put it in here mousepinsdotcom: ??????? Perndwler: what are your "A"'s? mousepinsdotcom: Message is too long or too complex mousepinsdotcom: sh** it won't let me paste anything here mousepinsdotcom: too much to type all over mousepinsdotcom: Absent Minded Professor mousepinsdotcom: Adventures in Music : MelodyCanary Sisters a trio of singing birds in Professor Owl's music classPenelope PinfeatherProfessor Owl an owl music teacher, mousepinsdotcom: ADVENTURES OF ICAHBOD & MR. TOAD 10-05-1949IchabodJ. Thaddeus ToadRatMoleMcBadgerWinkie the tavern keeper mousepinsdotcom: AladdinAbuAladdinCarpetJafarIagoGenieJasmineSultan mousepinsdotcom: Alice in Wonderland AliceCarpenterCaterpillarCheshire CatDinahDodo BirdDoor KnobsKing of HeartsMad HatterMushroomsOysterPlaying cardsQueen of HeartsTweedle DeeTweedle DumWalrusWhite Rabbit Perndwler: LMAO, Kath, we get it, we get it!!! mousepinsdotcom: Alphabet Pins mousepinsdotcom: ok Perndwler: hahaha mousepinsdotcom: so have I missed anything so far? mousepinsdotcom: in my "A"'s? MichaelBrer: Hey kath MichaelBrer: my list came back to me MichaelBrer: the email address was wrong mousepinsdotcom: ah poop mousepinsdotcom: wonder why? mousepinsdotcom: let me go ask Lauree Perndwler: kath, did you get mine? mousepinsdotcom: ??? no idea whe is out putting up Christmas lights on the house and hasn't been back in yet Perndwler: brb, need more iced tea Perndwler: back

Perndwler: was talking to CRO today, CP is sold out for breakfast on 12/4 mousepinsdotcom: CRO? CP? Perndwler: central reservations......... crystal palace mousepinsdotcom: she said she would be in soon to retreive the mail for us Perndwler: k mousepinsdotcom: oh so is Chef Mickeysd mousepinsdotcom: friday the 30 and the 7th Perndwler: for the 7th? Perndwler: =( mousepinsdotcom: yeah, but I have connection mousepinsdotcom: no problem fo rus Perndwler: you sure we're gonna get in??? mousepinsdotcom: they said yes, we'll see Perndwler: k mousepinsdotcom: they always leave some room Perndwler: I've never had dinner there Perndwler: only breakfast mousepinsdotcom: it is GREAT Perndwler: cool mousepinsdotcom: Lori eats the all you can eat shrimp mousepinsdotcom: that's almost here whole meal Perndwler: lol, i'm gonna go look at the menu on Deb's site Perndwler: Kath, did you ever get that book in the store at the contemporary? Perndwler: gonna go work on my pins......... someone IM me when you need me mousepinsdotcom: no not yet mousepinsdotcom: Michael we did not get your email can you check the addy? MichaelBrer: the one at cfl was returned MichaelBrer: send me the addy again MichaelBrer: please :) mousepinsdotcom: mousepinsdotcom: there are two L's in the beginning MichaelBrer: It came back again kath MichaelBrer: and I cut and pasted it in DomVillains has entered the room. mousepinsdotcom: hmm can't imagine why Michael MichaelBrer: Hi dom mousepinsdotcom: hi Dom DomVillains: Good evening all mousepinsdotcom: Perns came here just fine MichaelBrer: I sent it from my hotmail account this time kath see if you have it now Perndwler: Hi, Im back DomVillains: Hi Robin Perndwler: Hiya Dom Perndwler: was gettin my pins ready for my trip next week <<happy dance>> DomVillains: Wish I was.:-(

mousepinsdotcom: M, try . Are you sending it as an email or an attachment? mousepinsdotcom: we wish you were too Dom MichaelBrer: as an email mousepinsdotcom: We are all having dinner at Chef Mickey's Friday the 7th mousepinsdotcom: we'll have a moment for you DomVillains: Thanks! Perndwler: LOL mousepinsdotcom: ok Dom everybody got an assignment today except for you. DomVillains: OK mousepinsdotcom: each person pulled together all the info for each of the following categories for ALL the parks mousepinsdotcom: Cast Member Pins HUGE category mousepinsdotcom: Resorts mousepinsdotcom: Attractions mousepinsdotcom: and ... mousepinsdotcom: holiday / dated events DomVillains: Exactly what info are you looking for? mousepinsdotcom: We are beginning to create the code for the pin numbering system mousepinsdotcom: for instance for CM pins mousepinsdotcom: Message is too long or too complex DomVillains: Earth to chat room DomVillains: OK wanted to make sure I was still connected. Perndwler: hehehe mousepinsdotcom: Message is too long or too complex mousepinsdotcom: it won't let me send it again Dom mousepinsdotcom: any way mousepinsdotcom: Cast Member mousepinsdotcom: Atlas mousepinsdotcom: Participating Sponsers mousepinsdotcom: Cross U Pins mousepinsdotcom: Language mousepinsdotcom: Trash Cans mousepinsdotcom: Name Tags mousepinsdotcom: Years of Service mousepinsdotcom: Environmentality mousepinsdotcom: Environmentality mousepinsdotcom: Cast Recognition mousepinsdotcom: under that heading are groups like mousepinsdotcom: Partner in Excellence mousepinsdotcom: Voluntears mousepinsdotcom: Fast Pass mousepinsdotcom: For Department Designation: mousepinsdotcom: Under that are classifications like mousepinsdotcom: Guest Relations mousepinsdotcom: Tour Guide

mousepinsdotcom: Cast Member Costuming mousepinsdotcom: Guest Control mousepinsdotcom: Guest Satisfaction/Cast Excellence DomVillains: Now all this is going to be defined by the number? mousepinsdotcom: actually all of this will be used to create the number mousepinsdotcom: and the froups mousepinsdotcom: groups LOL DomVillains: Gonna be one LOOOONGGGG number!!!!!!!! mousepinsdotcom: Will have to find two more voluntears to help with that mousepinsdotcom: NO no NO mousepinsdotcom: it becomes a binary process mousepinsdotcom: :) MichaelBrer: kath did you recieve my email this time? DomVillains: Even with binary you have to have one number for each classification. mousepinsdotcom: still no email Michael mousepinsdotcom: :( MichaelBrer: well I sent to as well -- so you will get it there mousepinsdotcom: Dom I didn't have anything to write with Can you get Dave's phone number while I tell them who he is? mousepinsdotcom: Over the last several weeks I have met a man and his wife who now post on DIS DomVillains: OK brb mousepinsdotcom: their real names are Dave and Lisa mousepinsdotcom: Dave is a graphics artist DomVillains: Do you want me to e-mail it to you? mousepinsdotcom: I let him chat with Dom for a while last night as some of Dave's concerns are the compression rate and clarity mousepinsdotcom: of the pins mousepinsdotcom: and the relative size of each mousepinsdotcom: no go ahead and post it here as I am not at home tonight mousepinsdotcom: I will just have to remember to copy these notes as my secretary is not here tonight :D DomVillains: OK e-mail DomVillains: phone # 863-984-1281 mousepinsdotcom: Dom as you are pretty much the head of our Graphics department I would like to make a suggestion to you DomVillains: OK mousepinsdotcom: How would you feel if Dave helped work on the cleaning up of scans either with you or delegate it to him? DomVillains: We can both do it. There is PLENTY of work to go around! mousepinsdotcom: so we can free up some of you time for the other things we are going to be wanting to do mousepinsdotcom: Good glad you feel that way mousepinsdotcom: Next, If Micheal is win\lling to take on the challenge how would you feel about Michael taking on the lead for the trade idea? Let him be the lead on that and he can get whatever help he deems necessary?

mousepinsdotcom: Ed/Raul just walked in !!! Perndwler: ::::::::waving::::::::::::: hiya Ed!!!! DomVillains: Works for me. I felt it was his idea and he should run with it. I just wanted to get that idea out of my head! :-) mousepinsdotcom: It is a great idea. I would love to have this concept in place as soon as possible DomVillains: Need a good programmer. MichaelBrer: I am happy to work on it mousepinsdotcom: I was just about to ask you Michael DomVillains: Any help you need mike LMK MichaelBrer: but the programming is gonna be tough mousepinsdotcom: So you are accepting this assignment? MichaelBrer: sure mousepinsdotcom: Any time frame? MichaelBrer: I could probably invest a good amount of time in it next weekend MichaelBrer: I can work on it a bit at night this weel MichaelBrer: week mousepinsdotcom: cool, That will be great mousepinsdotcom: ok now I need someone to help with the front pages look. Mr Graphics head -- Who do we have for that? mousepinsdotcom: I CANNOT seem to get help with the behind the scenes mousepinsdotcom: I'm gonna hafta go recruit new people DomVillains: The main page I can do that and write the HTML if the boss OKs it. mousepinsdotcom: the ones that made a committment are not being as reliable as the led me to believe they would be mousepinsdotcom: me? DomVillains: And or Gary mousepinsdotcom: hahahah mousepinsdotcom: ok mousepinsdotcom: he likes your new HTML MichaelBrer: well I can develop the shell for the trading book, bit the data and its naming system is going to have to come from the dtatabase and programmers mousepinsdotcom: right mousepinsdotcom: now, if I understood Dave he knows and can help with java for the drag and drop concept DomVillains: I am working on the Log In page also. He'll just have to add in the cgi stuff. DomVillains: I would be happy if the book just populated it self when you click on it. mousepinsdotcom: Dom for now let's hold off DomVillains: I can't do that so...... mousepinsdotcom: Gary is in a pi**y mood right now mousepinsdotcom: oh? mousepinsdotcom: why is that? mousepinsdotcom: it's in you rhead? mousepinsdotcom: is that why?

DomVillains: I would have no idea how to get it to read a person's trader list and then go grab the correct picture. MichaelBrer: me either mousepinsdotcom: oh I was talking about working on the login page LOL DomVillains: I can only do hard line code. Nothing relative. DomVillains: OK DomVillains: oops DomVillains: I tried reading his code for it but I don't understand it. DomVillains: I could cut and paste. :-D mousepinsdotcom: don't worry about it Dom DomVillains: I'm not mousepinsdotcom: I'm surrounded by people with talent, but no time. Thank goodness for you guys here mousepinsdotcom: You have both DomVillains: I thought you said Ed was on Line? mousepinsdotcom: no he is actually here at M & L's mousepinsdotcom: he and Donna just arrived DomVillains: Gotcha DomVillains: so we have a live AND virtual meeting going on. mousepinsdotcom: ok so anyone have anything new to contribute since Tuesday night? mousepinsdotcom: :-D mousepinsdotcom: yeah we do mousepinsdotcom: no new ideas? DomVillains: Still trying to get the old ones up and running. MichaelBrer: I have another example of the trader book that I have worked on mousepinsdotcom: old ones? what? MichaelBrer: and would like to see what you guys think DomVillains: One thing I did notice is that the registration page says it is secure but it does not come up that way. Is that something that is still being worked on? mousepinsdotcom: COOL ! MichaelBrer: just click on this link: DomVillains: Let's see it Mike MichaelBrer: MichaelBrer: make sure your sound is on DomVillains: Very nice Michael! MichaelBrer: The second page is a good example of what DOM mentioned last time MichaelBrer: how the backgrounds are different MichaelBrer: white vs black DomVillains: That is something that is VERY difficult to control. Perndwler: way cool michael!! mousepinsdotcom: Michael will we eventually be able to click on the image and have it go back to the page? mousepinsdotcom: It looks Great MichaelBrer: yes DomVillains: It would link to the MP listing.

MichaelBrer: you should be able to click on a pin in the book and go directly to the the MP listing mousepinsdotcom: this is very cool mousepinsdotcom: so you already have a good head start mousepinsdotcom: Dom can you put up your link again? DomVillains: with .jpgs there are somewhere over 16 Million colors available. one # different is imperceptable to the human eye. DomVillains: Yes brb DomVillains: Here it is: mousepinsdotcom: let's let everyone have a chance to see this and then we'll decide which way to go with them is that ok with you guys? DomVillains: Either way works for me. mousepinsdotcom: we have ed, donna, lauree, malcolm, heather, crystal and brooke here so I will be able to get 6 or 7b opinions, but I want to ask them each individually DomVillains: I just wanted to keep some consistency in the design of the site. MichaelBrer: oh fine with me either way MichaelBrer: how they are presented may be different DomVillains: Might be nice the other way as it lets you know with out a doubt that you are in a different part of the site. Less confusion. MichaelBrer: but how we make it happen is the same MichaelBrer: and we need to get someone to help with the code to put the pins the book mousepinsdotcom: so can people essentially have their choice of which style they use? or do we even want to offer that? MichaelBrer: which ever book it is :) DomVillains: You could but that would mean more programming. mousepinsdotcom: suggestion from this side is only one style MichaelBrer: I agree mousepinsdotcom: ok kill that idea DomVillains: me too mousepinsdotcom: . Each person send me a private email which one you like best and I will let Michael know MichaelBrer: what I meant was the programming side if it is the same MichaelBrer: whether its presented in the binder or the bag mousepinsdotcom: That way everyone is free to support their idea if they choose to MichaelBrer: right dom? DomVillains: Are we asking for the picks to be scanned/photgraphed on the same color? DomVillains: I would think the display routine, where to put them on the page, would have to be different as mine has the rings in the middle. MichaelBrer: I think we could make some of the guidelines for submitting a picture that it be on a black or white background -- whichever is decided MichaelBrer: sure but the process to make that happen would be the same with the exception of placement DomVillains: White is easier for amateur photographers. DomVillains: Actualy grey or tan is the best. DomVillains: neutral.

DomVillains: I've written a whole page on it. DomVillains: Should work on converting that to html. mousepinsdotcom: so they don't just say what the other one says mousepinsdotcom: please do Dom DomVillains: Will do. mousepinsdotcom: Well i got to spend some time with Eeyore's Pal Robyn this weekend mousepinsdotcom: BIG SIGH DomVillains: LOL Perndwler: hahaha DomVillains: Gather it was interesting? mousepinsdotcom: well may I say that if she wants to stay with PinPics they probably get along GREAT together Perndwler: LMAO mousepinsdotcom: But she says she wants to be firends with both of us DomVillains: Well so far Susan seems to be taking it well. mousepinsdotcom: have you guys been solicited from a pin bag company saying that you have recieved the solicitation because you are a memeber of PinPics? Perndwler: Taking what well?? DomVillains: Next week may be the key. DomVillains: MousePins Perndwler: SHE KNOWS????? DomVillains: No I have not. mousepinsdotcom: SHE DOES !!! Perndwler: and?????????????? mousepinsdotcom: She may even attend our meet if she is not too tired :-) DomVillains: She has know for a few weeks. I would LOVE to find out how!! mousepinsdotcom: so would I mousepinsdotcom: Ed says he is going to seduce Figgy when she gets here LOL mousepinsdotcom: Dom, Ed says he needs another wooden figment] DomVillains: She shocked me when she asked about it! mousepinsdotcom: She won't let anything just lay will she? DomVillains: ROTFLMAO!!!! mousepinsdotcom: she has to stir sh** UP Perndwler: ()=) Perndwler: Kath, that's her favorite pass time mousepinsdotcom: Ed wants to know "what the heck is that Pern? The barrel of fun?" mousepinsdotcom: Ed says she won't answer his posts Perndwler: sheesh, dontcha know an angel when ya see one??? ()=) DomVillains: She SAID she wants it to be over. I'm hoping things can be that way but she does have a temper. MichaelBrer: you have turn yor monitor on its side Perndwler: michael...............=P DomVillains: Thought you had my typing disease Robin!! MichaelBrer: she types lying down mousepinsdotcom: we are all laughing now

mousepinsdotcom: well we'll see if she really wants it all over by how she handles herself when she is here next week. MichaelBrer: that =P is a smiley face with the tounge sticking out DomVillains: Would 0:-) work better? MichaelBrer: tongue MichaelBrer: O:-) DomVillains: oops DomVillains: didn't know it would do that mousepinsdotcom: She just better realize she is not going to come over here and make beau coup friends with management jsust because she's shown up here twice in one year. Perndwler: probably, but I've always used the = for eyes, kinda like my trademark......... MichaelBrer: no that would be too normal :) mousepinsdotcom: yeah isn't that the raspberry face? MichaelBrer: :-P Perndwler: I've never claimed to be normal!!! Perndwler: Kath, that won't happen, she can try all she wants mousepinsdotcom: oooooo Darth Maul just took the plunge MichaelBrer: thats why you are my friend:) MichaelBrer: cause your not normal mousepinsdotcom: Qui Gon is dying Perndwler: =D Perndwler: I know, I hate this part DomVillains: Bee ther seen that. mousepinsdotcom: been there see that ... what? DomVillains: Empire is still the best one. Perndwler: did anyone ever notice in the council seen one of the round thingys had a bunch of ET's in them??? mousepinsdotcom: I AGREE DOM DomVillains: Episode I Perndwler: Steven Speilberg's ET's mousepinsdotcom: nope not me Perndwler: scene DomVillains: what round thingies? Perndwler: the things that each of the delegates are in DomVillains: Wonder who else is "hanging around"? DomVillains: Disney does that ALOT! Perndwler: yeah, they do DomVillains: One of my favorite questions to ask the kids at work. Wher was the Beast found in Aladdin? Perndwler: do tell mousepinsdotcom: ok ... where? MichaelBrer: ok where DomVillains: He was one of the toys in the pile the Sultan is playing with. Perndwler: ohhhhhhhhhhh MichaelBrer: ohhhh

MichaelBrer: very interesting mousepinsdotcom: cute how did you learn that/? DomVillains: one of 3 cameos that I know of in Aladdin MichaelBrer: I will have to look at that MichaelBrer: what are the others DomVillains: Think I learned it from the Auction catalog. DomVillains: Pinocchio and Sebastian. Perndwler: hey guys, do you still need me? It's getting close to my bed time? Perndwler: and no comments from the bleachers, that means you Ed! DomVillains: LOL DomVillains: Ed is quiet? mousepinsdotcom: we're nearing the end I think Perndwler: never happen DomVillains: Didn't think so. mousepinsdotcom: shshhhhhhh I finally have him and Malcolm talkin to me about the site DomVillains: Not the impression I get from his posts! Perndwler: lol MichaelBrer: hello? DomVillains: "can anybody hear me...?" MichaelBrer: :) mousepinsdotcom: I'm here mousepinsdotcom: let's adjourn DomVillains: Quiet as a Mouse. :-D mousepinsdotcom: Malcolm, Ed and I are going to work on this here tonight I will have news at our Tech Tuesday night meet mousepinsdotcom: Tha's gonna be a last tech meeting for me for w ahile mousepinsdotcom: as Lori is here for 18 days on property mousepinsdotcom: any more business before we close? mousepinsdotcom: Pern mousepinsdotcom: ??? Perndwler: Kath MichaelBrer: I am excited about the poly meets Perndwler: ??? DomVillains: OK I'm going to work on the pin pic guidlines. Converting them to HTML MichaelBrer: and think its great!!!!!!! mousepinsdotcom: Ed says don't forget the cookies HAHAHAHAHALOILOLOLOLOOLLHAHAHAHAHAHA Perndwler: LMAO Perndwler: Hey Ed, It's gonna cost ya!!! mousepinsdotcom: me too DomVillains: Me too! Get to trade more! mousepinsdotcom: two , two two meets in one MichaelBrer: congrats on getting that done kath mousepinsdotcom: nite kids Perndwler: I'll see you guys Saturday night!

mousepinsdotcom: it was easier than I thought it would be Perndwler: Ed, make sure you and Donna are there! Perndwler: ttfn, guys, magical dreams mousepinsdotcom: night MichaelBrer: night all DomVillains: night Perndwler has left the room. MichaelBrer has left the room. DomVillains has left the room.

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