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					Health & Wellbeing Issue Group Meeting Held at 2pm On Wednesday 26th April 2006 Drawing Room, Kelham Hall


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ACTION 1. WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS Everyone was welcomed and introduced. MINUTES AND MATTERS ARISING Amendments to previous minutes. Under Item 5 – Sexual Health the group wished to see a report from the PCT on Health Needs Assessment and not Teenage Pregnancies as stated in the minutes. The group also agreed that we should watch what goes on and not intervene at stated. Action Planning Update. A set of papers detailing the action planning results from the previous meeting were handed out. The group now needs to refine the ideas and agree

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timescales and responsibilities for getting the work done. It was highlighted that there were many gaps in the completed Action Planning templates. Health Inequalities Priority A Work with partners to improve access to health services. ACTION: Stephanie Morrissey to invite Andrew Rixom to the next meeting to give a presentation on Health Inequalities with Kate Thompson. Health Inequalities Priority B Intergenerational Work. The Food for Thought Project is currently being developed , led by Wendy Green. This project will produce a book of recipes and stories from local older people. Local children could be invited to see recipes from years gone by. Participants in the Now and Then photography project might be involved in taking photos for this project. The group was informed that the Culture Issue Group is also doing an intergenerational Photography Club project and that Bowbridge School has already expressed interest in helping. ACTION: Jacqui Bell to set up joint meeting with Culture Issue Group to discuss intergenerational projects. Health Inequalities Priority C Address carers issues. CVS is currently conducting a survey on carers’ experiences of receiving a support service. Over 1000 surveys are being sent out across Notts. This is being done ahead of the County Carers Conference in October 2006 so that the results can be fed into the conference. Follow up after the conference. Every Child Matters and Extended Services – schools can’t always link into the services which exist. Signposting from schools to services needed. Better communication required so that people know which services are available to them and how they can access them. ACTION: Sub group to be set up to look at carers issues and assist in signposting and communicating information. Results should be out soon on the consultation on food provision in day centres. ACTION: Adrian Hartley to bring results to a future meeting

Stephanie Morrissey

Jacqui Bell

Jacqui Bell

Adrian Hartley


Health Inequalities Priority D Lessen the impact of isolation on people particularly in rural areas. Cost cuts in food provision to older people through frozen food deliveries weekly rather than daily visits with fresh foods is an issue. ACTION – Establish an Older Peoples Health & Wellbeing working group. Jill Dickinson and Val Gardiner to get together to discuss who should be in the group. Central Notts OPAT (Older Peoples Action Team) already exists doing similar work. Who from OPAT could get involved with our group? From the work OPAT has already done, we should use the information to identify gaps particularly in relation to rural areas. The group also agreed that isolation is not just an issue for Older People. Isolation in children and young people is an issue too which is being looked at by the Children & Young Peoples Issue Group. It was agreed that we should allow the two strategies to run independently as the needs were very different. Both groups to be informed about each others work. Health Inequalities Priority E Increase access to services for young people and young parents. It was agreed that this should be referred back to the Children & Young Peoples Issue Group. (C&YPIG) ACTION: Jacqui Bell to ensure that C&YPIG knows about this priority. Health Inequalities Priority F Ensure better access to Health Services. It was agreed that this priority should go as it is duplicating other work. Health Inequalities Priority G Inform older people about existing services and information. It was agreed that this should be dealt with at the Older Peoples Group. Smoking Five projects previously identified  Reduce smoking in pregnant women and young mums  Educate young people about smoking  Declare N&S smoke free  Reduce smoking amongst Mental Health Service Users

Jill Dickinson / Val Gardiner

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Increase access to smoking cessation services for older people Jacqui Bell

ACTION: Sign up to smoke free charter by initially asking the N&S LSP Board to sign up. Jacqui to take to the next board meeting. Instead of declaring N&S smoke free, better wording would be non-smoking. Kate Thompson to lead a task group to help N&S become non-smoking. The aim of this group will be to increase the number of people that give up smoking. Group members will be Jann Kirke, Alan Batty, Stephanie Morrissey and Kate Thompson. Alcohol and Obesity At the previous meeting these two issues were not dealt with. Obesity It was suggested that the group made use of the Obesity Action Plans that Alan Batty is putting together. The group agreed that regular reports on this would be beneficial. The group was told that on 24th April 2006, the Local Obesity Action Group had met – a meeting pulled together by Penny Spring. The next meeting is due to take place at 9.30am on Monday 19th June 2006 at Kelham Hall. The group felt it would be useful for Jacqui Bell to attend the next meeting and then report back to the group. ACTION: Jacqui Bell to attend June meeting. Alcohol This Issue Group needs to bear in mind the work that DAAT does. ACTION: Invite DAAT to a future meeting to give a presentation. 3. NEWARK MIND HEALTH LIVING CENTRE BID Newark Mind were not at the meeting today. They had just discovered that the Big Lottery had turned down their bid. The rejection was because they were asking for money for ongoing work rather than new work. Newark MIND will now need to cut back services due to finances. As a group, we need to agree how we can support MIND. FEEDBACK FROM THE LSP BOARD The Board has agreed the vision and strategic priorities for the group. N&S is one of only a few LSP’s to agree a competitive vision. The agreed vision is:

Kate Thompson

Jacqui Bell

Jacqui Bell



“We aim that by 2015, residents in Newark & Sherwood will consider their area to offer them the best quality of life in the East Midlands – being one of the top 10 rural districts by 2010 in the region, and top 5 by 2015, with sustainable communities that are –       Safe and strong Healthy Learning & Earning Clean & Green Culturally Connected Accessible

At the last board meeting two headline priorities were also agreed:   Raising Aspirations Improving Accessibility

It is important that we bear in mind these headline priorities when action planning. The new Community Plan will have a launch event. Any ideas on how to do this should be sent to Val Gardiner, Jacqui Bell or Debbie Monk. 5. FINISHING ACTION PLANNING This was covered under item 2. ANY OTHER BUSINESS Ollerton Health Week It is Ollerton Health Week 12-19th June 2006 with a gala on the 17th. ACTION – Kate Russell to bring the programme to the next meeting. We could then roll out if successful. ARCH Rural Care and Health Conference and Award 2006 Leaflets were handed out detailing how you could make a nomination for the award and attend the event to be held on Friday 23rd June 2006 from 9am until 1.00pm at Newstead Miners Welfare. NEXT MEETING The next meeting is Wednesday 31st May 2006 at 2pm in the Drawing Room at Kelham Hall.

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