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					Saint Paul’s Epistle

The Reverend Donna Downs, Rector The Reverend Frederick J. Kuhlmann, Priest Assoc. Kristin Daigneault, Interim Organist Carla Preiman, Parish Administrator

November 2009

Our Mission Statement We at St. Paul’s Church proclaim the joyous news of Christ, and invite all to belong to God and each other through loving fellowship and glorious worship. Illuminated by the Holy Spirit and Scripture, we become servants of Christ through study and prayer in order to serve the world in Christ’s love. Vestry
Position Member Liaison

Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Clerk

Nancy Twinen Evan Jones Ian Roome Bev Deickler Tom Calkins Karen Nash Russ DePace Kathleen Tarascio Peter Moody Renee Mulligan Debbie Schneider

Finance Facilities Finance

Outreach Worship Christian Education Outreach Pastoral Care Hospitality Christian Education

Vestry members (except the clerk) act as liaisons to all aspects of our life here at St. Paul’s, so that committees can make their ideas and hopes known to the Vestry.


A Message from Our pastor The Eighth Sacrament I have heard “Coffee Hour” referred to as the eighth sacrament of the Episcopal Church. You can almost guarantee that there will be a pot of coffee brewing in the parish hall along with a variety of food waiting for you following a Sunday morning worship service at most Episcopal Churches. People look forward to catching up with friends after the service and it is a wonderful time to invite and greet anyone who is visiting for the first time. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends, tell our stories, and share what is going on in our lives. Coffee hour is an extension of our worship service with the gathering around food and drink for conversation. Another important aspect of coffee hour is that it is a way for new people to become familiar with our church; it is a ministry and a point of entry for people. We have the opportunity to reach out and become acquainted and sometimes reacquainted with those who worship with us or are seeking a new spiritual home. We are a welcoming community. I have heard from so many of you of how when you first came to St. Paul’s you were warmly welcomed and invited to coffee hour to meet others. The once a month breakfast between the 8am and 10am worship services has been a bridge for people who might not have necessarily met. We have been blessed with a gracious hospitality committee and other people who have acted as hosts and provided food and drink over the years. Thank you! All of us benefit from our coffee hour ministry. To continue this ministry for those who are here and for those who will come we need your help with coffee hour. If two or three households sign up for a Sunday, once or twice a year, we will be able to extend God’s grace that flows through this “eighth sacrament” to all who worship with us…..and enjoy a great cup of coffee. The Hospitality Committee, Betty Lou Bowles, Renee Mulligan, and Maureen Well are available to help you with any questions or concerns you might have. Please sign up for a Sunday and let the grace of God flow through this ministry. Faithfully, Donna+


Classes are underway! St. Paul’s is so blessed to have some new additions to our Church School Staff. Kim Culkin, Nancy Gault, Erika Hale are helping out in the Godly Play classroom (pre-school through kindergarten). Karen Nash is coordinating and overseeing a few teens who are planning activities for the 1st – 3rd grade classroom. Kara Breon did a marvelous job helping out. We and the children are excited about this new arrangement. Blessings, Toni Foster and Colette Kimball

Family Worship Service
November 8th at the 10am service. The children will be participating in this service.

Intergenerational Advent Wreath Making Event
Sunday, November 22 9:00 AM Cost: $10-15 dollars for candles, oasis, ring, decorations. If you already have an oasis and ring from a previous year and only need the candles, the cost will be adjusted. Bring: small clippers, greens to share, a tray or box to carry your wreath Needed: donations of freshly cut evergreens preferably the softer types, holly, small pine cones, Boxwoods, small bulb type ornaments Sign up in the Pearson Room or phone Kathy Baird at 264-7585 by Nov. 11 to participate. Please phone Kathy to arrange for pick up or delivery of donations. 4

KEEPING IN TOUCH – Stewardship is a journey not an event!
The Challenge before us... "Give and it will be given to you good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap, for the measure you give will be the measure you get back" Luke 6:38 What is the purpose of the Stewardship Drive? Along with many answers the one that I reflect upon most is: it increases understanding of how giving supports St. Paul's ministries. What is a pledge? First, the pledge is a promise not a legal document. Commitment may be adjusted if personal circumstances change. Financial stewardship is a part of our growth as Christians. . When I sign my name on the pledge card this indicates to the church community, my commitment to them all. I also see it as an individual act but connecting everyone as they also make their commitment. In pledging can we together show ourselves in dedication and commitment to one another here at St. Paul's. The Rev. Jim Kellaway, of The Diocesan Stewardship Commission wrote in a sermon: Jesus knew the power of money. Thus he said "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Jesus did not put it the other way around. He did NOT say that where one's heart is, there will one's treasure be also. For Jesus also knew human behavior. He knew that while a man's heart may be greatly invested in someone or something, it does not necessarily mean that the same man's treasure will be invested likewise .But if a man places his treasure in something, surely will that man's heart pursue the object of his investment. Here was where Jesus saw an absolute cause and effect. Jesus' insight was that one's heart would more likely follow money than would one's money follow his or her heart. The stewardship program of a parish needs to echo Jesus' desire for people to know the Kingdom, a desire rooted in Christ love. Because Jesus was deeply concerned with opening the doors of the Kingdom to all people he said what he said about money. His motivation was far from being a legalistic one. For in all that he did, Jesus' motivation was his love...He cared deeply, more than anyone, for human souls. And out of love, he asks us if we prudently yet faithfully give enough of our treasure to God's work for our hearts to be with Him more than with anything else. In Christ's love, Wrey Trompeter, Nancy Belfsky, Lynda Jones


November Celebrants
1 7 10 Debra Anderson Joan Nichols, Steven Sloan Nancy Twinem, Ellen Wilkie Dottie Wrabel 13 - Lauren Henty 14 - Nancy Belfsky 15 - Wade Milek 17 - Joseph Jobin, Craig Anderson 19 - Nicholas DePace, Susan Hardisty 24 - Justin Egan 25 - Olivia P. Roome 26 - Marge Disbrow 27 - Matt Trumpeter 28 - Laura DePace 30 Sue Young

11 - Dory Holmes, Bill Scofield,

O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on your servants named above as they begin another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Page 830 of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) prayer for a birthday 6

2 - Yoga 6:15- 7:15pm Parish Hall 7 & 8 Loyalty Weekend - Keeping In Touch Saturday – 5:00pm Sunday – 8:00am & 10:00am 7 - Ladies Breakfast 8:30am – 10:00am 8 - Family Worship 10:00am 10 – 12 - Diocesan Clergy Retreat 12 - Craft night 7:15pm 16- Yoga 6:15- 7:15pm Parish Hall 17 – Vestry Meeting 7:15pm 21 – Christian Formation Workshop 9:00am – 3:00pm 22 – Intergenerational Advent Wreath Making 9:00am 23– Yoga 6:15- 7:15pm Parish Hall 26 & 27 - Happy Thanksgiving – Offices Closed 28 – Altar Guild Advent decorating 9:00am 30 - Yoga 6:15- 7:15pm Parish Hall
Services: Wed. Holy Communion 7:30am Sat. Contemporary Holy Communion 5:00pm Sun. Holy Communion 8:00am and 10:00am Church School begins at 9:45am


The purpose of the Saturday Evening Contemporary Worship Service is to:

   

meet people where they are with the love of Jesus Christ. share Christ’s Body and Blood sing God’s praises in music that stirs our hearts. receive strength and power to love God and serve others.

OCT 31 All Hallows Eve – 4:30 Children will be carving pumpkins. Blessing of the children for trick or treating. In the cemetery for prayers of the saints. Holy communion in the Sanctuary. NOV 7 23 Pentecost-- Jesus praises the generosity of a poor widow who offers two small coins 1 Kings 17:8-16 Psalm 146 Hebrews 9:24-28 Loyalty / Stewardship Weekend Sermon – Rev. Donna NOV. 14 24 Pentecost [Also Consecration of Samuel Seabury] Coming of Christ/ Daniel 12:1-3 Psalm 16 Hebrews 10:11-14 (15-18) 19-25 Mark 13:1-8/ Sermon – Rev. Donna NOV. 22 Last Sunday Pent (Christ the King) Our king, Jesus, is not like other kings/ Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14 Psalm 93 Revelation 1:4b-8 John 18:33-37/ Icon Meditation and prayer. NOV. 28 First Sunday of Advent Jeremiah 33:14-161 Psalm 25 1-9 Thessalonians 3:9-13Luke 21:25-36 To be determined at 11-14 Ad Hoc meeting. 8

Sat., Nov. 14 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Retreat Day for Laity with Esther de Waal Approaching God through poetry Phone: 860-233-4481, ext. 112 Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center 303 Tunxis Road West Hartford, CT
[I am planning to attend this & would love to car pool-please call-Betty Lou Bowles]

At Holy Cross West Park NY 845.384.6660 November 12 to 15 The Benedictine Path to Living Simply: Living with Peace in Your Heart Led by The Rev. Jane Tomain November 27 - 29 Entering Advent with a Grateful Hearth (Silent) Led by Led by Carolyn Bluemle Dec 4 – 6 Advent Retreat (Silent) Led by Br. Bede, and The Rev. Suzanne Guthrie Dec 11 - 13
 Breathe, See, Nourish, Energize: A Pathway to Healing Led by Frances Murchison

The Connecticut Diocese
Information concerning the 2009 Diocesan Convention on October 23 & 24 may be viewed at


Diocesan Doings
Thursdays Oct.29, Nov.5, 12, and 19th - 7:00 to 9:00pm Workshops in Contemplative Prayer Phone: 860-677-1564 St. James', Farmington Monday Nov. 2, 3 p.m. Solemn Vespers & organ recital Holy Cross Monastery 125th anniversary Phone: 845-384-6660 ext. 3006 Thursday November 5 at 12:05 p.m. Cathedral Concert Lunch...Plus! From the Yellow River to the Danube with the Kelet Duo, Katalin Vixzmeg, violin and Pi-Hsun Shih, piano 45 Church Street Hartford Saturday Nov 21, 2009 @ St. Paul's, Woodbury Lifelong Christian Formation Workshop Presented by the Diocesan Office of Christian Formation Phone: 860-233-4481 or 800-842 0126 ext. 126 Sunday, November 22, 2009, 4:00 PM Pennsylvania Girl choir Christ & Holy Trinity, Westport Phone: 203-227-0827 Sunday November 29 at 5pm Taize Service St. John’s Guilford (203) 457-1094 For additional events and information go to Taize Service
The Taize form of prayer that evolved consists of music made up of simple melodies repeated several times to allow it to become a prayer of the heart. The service contains readings from the Scripture and periods of silence and music with choir accompaniment. The silence allows a special opportunity to unburden us and allow God to speak in the silence of our hearts. It is a deeply reverent and moving service.
 The evening will consist of prayer, music and scriptural readings. This is not a traditional worship service but rather a time for reflection, quiet and meditation. We expect it will last about an hour.


Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving is a Day, we should remember. Yes all the time, not only in November. God gives many blessings, we take for granted, And we do not harvest, from the good seeds, He planted. This time in November we want to celebrate, But do we thank Him then, for a blessing, or Just think it was fate? Yes ever Day is important to God, how we live, And we can only truly thank Him, with what we Do give. So let’s not only, on this Day in November, But through all the year, may we remember, And be tempted not, by a foolish quest, But Thank God” for a year, well blest! Ruby Olson November 28,1996
Ruby was a member of St. Paul’s for many years and started to write poetry late in her life. She died in the late 1990’s.

Popcorn Thankfulness Bowls Prepare a small zip-lock plastic bag for each family member, place about ¾ cup of unpopped popcorn in the bag. Each family will need a special bowl placed in the middle of the dinner table. Have each family member pause at dinner each day to think of things they are grateful for, and then add a kernel of popcorn to the bowl for each person or thing named. On Thanksgiving Day, they can pop the corn (the old-fashioned way-on the stove!) and eat it. From Rev. Donna 11

Update from the Treasurer: The Treasurer's Report submitted on October 20 at the Vestry meeting is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway outside the sanctuary. Income: The total YTD income for the operating budget is now right on target. Pledge income is running 6% under target at $8,644 while plate income is running 50% ahead of target at +$5,041. The total YTD income continues to benefit from very strong results from the Fundraising Committee. Expenses: The total YTD expenditures for the operating budget are below the expected value by $49,914, or 20% at this point. Rector and Rectory expenses are 42,068 or 46% below target and Church and Parish House expenses are $9,118 or 8% below target. General expenses are $1,541 or 10% above target and Outreach expenses are on target. Overall: The bottom line is that from an overall operating budget standpoint, we are currently at a $49,914 surplus. However, that number will drop as the last three months of the year begin with different financial requirements. Designated Funds: The Designated Funds Report shows that our checking account stands at $145,075 with $90,545 earmarked for the various Designated Funds. This leaves an excess of $54,529 which is $25,176 above the 10% of annual budget recommended by the Diocese as the minimum cash reserve. Challenges: We still have continued financial demands ahead: 1. 2009 Pledges are now running behind and need to be brought up to date; 2. Continued rectory maintenance and repair; 3. Continued Church maintenance, repair and partial painting; 4. Reduced investment income 5. Transition costs of calling a new Rector; 6. The need to create and maintain a budget surplus to help us with the 2010 budget. Respectfully submitted, Ian Roome 12

Notes from the vestry…
Rev. Donna began our October 20 meeting by introducing a new format to the agenda and meeting, which is now organized into 5 sections: a teaching/learning Topic; Information; Discussion; Decisions; Closing. The purpose is to allow us to focus more on the mission and spirituality of SPC, while still giving us time to cover the “nitty gritty.” Here are some of the items covered: Topic: “4 Principles Every Church Leader Should Know.” (Thank you, Rev. Donna!) Information: Rev. Donna met with parents and youth on 10/18 to discuss development/implementation of a youth program. The first “event” will be a “lock-in” on Oct 30. Kristin Daigneault, whose contract was soon to expire, wants to continue as our Music Director. Thank you, Kristin!  Loyalty Sunday will now be November 7.  Our investments continue to gain, and are up 16.5% in 2009. Phew! Discussion:  Our Diocesan Convention delegates met with us to discuss the resolutions & candidates prior to this weekend’s Convention & election of a new Bishop.  Upon the strongest recommendation of the Finance Committee, we will soon hire a bookkeeper experienced in church accounting & QuickBooks Pro. (Carla is rejoicing!) Decisions:  From the proceeds of the 350th anniversary pie sale, $500 will go to the Saturday service budget, and the remaining $200 will go to Woodbury Community Services for their special appeal  We have reached another snag in the planned hiring of a painter: the possibility that there is still lead paint on the façade of the church. Evan Jones is pursuing. Meanwhile, warmest wishes to you all….and please say your prayers for “no more snow” until at least December. Yours in peace, Nancy Twinem, Senior Warden 13

A Message from the Finance Committee…
Dear Parishioners, The Finance Committee is working diligently to meet the goals of having one accounting system and being in compliance with the diocesan guidelines by January, 2010. Ambitious? You bet! But, with the assistance of Michele Currie, a diocesanrecommended accountant who has worked with St. Paul’s in the past, and several late nights, we are indeed making headway. And we want to share with you a couple of things, one already in place….the other down the road. Reimbursements. We now ask anyone seeking reimbursement for purchases made for SPC to (1) fill out the gold reimbursement form (located by the mailboxes); (2) have the committee/ministry chair approve it; (3) give it to Carla. Designated Funds. Anyone (with good eyesight!) who has ever studied the last page of our budget has found a long list of over 50 “designated” funds. We have known for some time (from our auditor and the diocese) that most of these should be transferred into the operating budget. As soon as our 2008 audit is completed, we will begin that transfer. One implication is that those ministries or committees that are accustomed to seeing and thinking of a designated fund as “theirs” will instead oversee a budgeted line in the operating budget. Is a fund “allocated,” “designated” or “temporarily restricted?” Figuring that out is another large task before us. (We’re certainly getting a good accounting education in all of this!) However, the sound management of our assets is a responsibility that clearly warrants our time and energy. We will keep you posted on our progress! The Finance Committee Ian Roome, Debbie Schneider, Nancy Twinem, Jay Witek, Rev. Donna Downs 14

Nov. 13-14 Exodus
Lecture series hosted by Christ the Savior Orthodox Church, 1070 Roxbury Rd (Rt 67), Southbury. Come journey with Moses as he leads us from a life of bondage to one of freedom in obedience to the Lord our God. The V. Rev. Dr. Paul Tarazi will open for us the journey of Moses and help make it our own. All Welcome! Date: Friday, Nov 13 6-6:45PM Vespers (Evening worship) 7-9:30pm Part 1 Introduction and context of the Book. Beginning the journey. Saturday, Nov 14 9AM-12Noon Part 2 Completion of the journey. Summary of its message. Registration is free. Please contact the church office if you would like to attend.

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
Tuesday - Nov. 24 The Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will begin at 7pm at the First Congregational Church in Woodbury. Please join us as we gather in worship to thank God for our community, friends, and families.


On Friday, October 9, 2009, Governor Rell announced the Connecticut Day of Caring and Compassion, to be held on November 7th, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This day is designed to fill the shelves of the state’s food pantries now, raise awareness of the upcoming holiday need and provide an opportunity for a sense of community for residents of the state. While Governor Rell has or will announce 15 fire stations that will be collecting, fire stations around the state have been encouraged to participate. To this end, the Southbury Volunteer Firemen's Association will be participating and collecting food for the Southbury Food Bank.

A Bit of Episcopal Church History
November 14, 2009 marks the 225th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Reverend Samuel Seabury to be the first Bishop of Connecticut and the first Anglican/Episcopal Bishop in our newly forming United States of America. Reverend Seabury was chosen by a group of his peers, at the Glebe Hose here in Woodbury on March 25, 1783, to go to London to be Consecrated by three English Bishops. After about a year of waiting in London, three of the Bishops in Scotland invited him to Aberdeen. He was Consecrated on November 14, 1874 by three Scottish Bishops. He returned to Connecticut as our first Bishop, and the first in America. The Glebe House Museum has offered to lend St. Paul’s a group of articles to display which tell, at least a partial glimpse at Connecticut’s first Bishop. The display will be in the Parish Hall in November. Please stop by any time during the day to read about the heritage of the beginning of the Episcopal Church in America which began right here in the town of Woodbury!


Did you know: ...that Hunter Voket, son of Kim Voket, landed a major role in the upcoming performance (November 19–21) of Our Town at the Waterbury Arts Magnet School? Hunter is a member of the TLC theater group at his school, which is currently fundraising for a trip to London in the spring. ...that a meeting was held on 10/18 to organize a new youth and confirmation program for St. Paul’s members in 6th through 12th grades? If you were unable to attend, contact Rev. Donna to find out the exciting details. ...that Peter and Betty Lou Bowles have purchased a twenty-threefoot camper trailer in anticipation of their three-month crosscountry trip in the fall of 2010? ...that Joan Wilson has joined the Visitation Committee as a Lay Eucharistic Minister? She was inspired to do so at this year’s ministry fair! Please forward any news you’d like to see in next month’s Epistle to Patricia Egan at

Important Event at St. Paul’s – Saturday, November 21, 9-3
St. Paul’s is hosting a workshop sponsored by the diocese on Lifelong Christian Formation. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about adult, children and youth ministries and how we may build our ministries at St. Paul’s. Speak with Carla in the office for details 263-3541. Christian Education will cover the cost of the event. Lunch provided. 17

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Rosalie M. Manzi-Platt
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