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NEWSLETTER – SUMMER TERMS (TERMS 5 & 6) 2009 Welcome to all of our new families we are delighted to welcome you to Parklands. Do come and talk to me if you have any concerns or need more information. ______________________________________________________________________ Website Please remember that if you lose this Newsletter (!!!) or any other letters that are sent home copies are posted on our website. Please visit us at: There are some very useful links to websites both informative and fun. ______________________________________________________________________ Parklands‟ Got Talent We are inviting our pupils to take part in our very own talent competition. Children at Parklands have many abilities and we want to recognise and celebrate these. We will be having class heats on Tuesday 9th June. If your child wants to enter please help them to prepare by encouraging them and suggesting ways in which they can improve their performance. The Grand Final will be taking place in front of the whole school on Friday 26th June. Some suggestions as to what the children could do: recite a poem or tell a short story; act, mime or use puppets to tell a story; perform a dance or create a dance to music; sing with or without accompaniment; play a piece on a musical instrument; perform a short magic show, etc. ______________________________________________________________________ Fencing Next Friday, weather permitting, contractors are to tarmac a section of path so that you can walk around our building to the Main Entrance!!!!!! We have been advised not to have an “Enterview” system on the main pedestrian gate near to the front door. Several schools in the County have had them installed and they are having lots of problems with them. There is also the issue that these systems are quite costly to maintain. Instead, we are going to have a small section of fencing – with another gate (!) – near to the front door. This will mean that the main pedestrian gate can remain open and there will only be access to the Main Door. At the moment anyone can still walk around to the Nursery and Infant playground. _____________________________________________________________________ Outdoor Facilities Please do not allow any children to “play” in either the Nursery or the Reception outside areas before or after school. This area is not a playground. Please wait behind the gates until they are opened by staff. ______________________________________________________________________ School Wear Several children are not bringing their P.E. kits to school. Please make sure that your child has the appropriate kit in school and that they have not grown out of their plimsoles/trainers. Red or white t-shirts with black shorts and a change of socks should be kept with plimsoles/trainers in a named bag which should be kept on the child‟s peg.

P.E. bags with the school logo on are available from the School Office at a price of £2.00. Children are also encouraged to wear something on their heads at playtimes when it is sunny. (If it is sunny!!!!) Sun hats will be available from Morleys at Chilwell in approximately 2 weeks time. Please ensure that you write you child‟s name on every item! We have an overflowing basket of unnamed property in the Family Room. Please check in the basket if you find that something has gone missing. ________________________________ Children are encouraged to bring water bottles to school. Please make sure that bottles are named and are taken home each day to be cleaned. Sun cream may be brought into school to be used by your child. Our staff do not put sun cream on to children. ______________________________________________________________________ “Recycool” In the Family Room we have a large box from a company called “Recycool” who recycle mobile phones, inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges. If you have any of these to dispose of we would be very grateful to receive them. We are given so much money for each item that is recycled – money raised is put into school funds. Boxes are also in the Family Room for the various vouchers being given out by local supermarkets. ______________________________________________________________________ Comics We are making a collection of comics for the children to read – particularly the boys. If you have comics at home that you have finished with we would be very grateful if you could donate them to our school. ______________________________________________________________________ As always we invite all parents and carers to come and help in school. Whatever your skills are we are keen to use them! Please talk to your child‟s teacher or one of the teaching assistants if you are interested in helping. To work in school you do need to have „List 99‟ security clearance. This is a quick and quite simple process. Please see Mrs Baker in the office who will sort this out for you. ______________________________________________________________________ On Friday 19th June we will be holding our annual “Male Helpers in School” Day, just before Father‟s Day. We are inviting any family member who is male to come and join us in school on that day. Our aim is to promote positive male role models to our children. We will be asking you to work with a small group of children. Please tell grandpas / grandfathers / uncles, etc. about the event. I will be sending a letter with further details nearer to the time. ______________________________________________________________________ Saturday 9th May. Come and help us!! We are having another gardening morning in our beautiful Wildlife Garden and in the Nursery at Parklands. The Wildlife Garden needs a tidy up and we want to continue to develop the “garden” part of our Nursery Outdoor area. Please come and spend an hour or two with us on that morning. Children (accompanied by an adult) are very welcome. Drinks and biscuits provided. ______________________________________________________________________

Children of Honduras Trust I have just received a letter from Jennifer Cox, on behalf of the many children who you helped, thanking you for your donations. The containers, which were flown to Honduras with all of the shoes, clothes, stationery, etc. arrived there on Easter Sunday. By now all of the things that we collected will have been given out to the children. There are children who will now be allowed to attend school because they have their own books and pencils to take and have shoes to wear. Thank you. ______________________________________________________________________ West Park Consultation After the recent consultation with local children and adults “Option 2” has been chosen as the new design for play equipment to be installed in West Park. A copy of the winning design is on the notice board just inside our Main Entrance. ______________________________________________________________________ Family Resource Worker Our Campus Family Resource Worker, Gail Bruce, is hoping to hold regular “Open Sessions” at Harrington Junior School. Parklands parents and carers are welcome to attend. A Family Resource Worker is available to help you if you are experiencing difficulties. Gail will give advice and support if for example you are not sure how to cope with your child‟s behaviour. She is also able to provide such things as practical and emotional support during times of stress. ______________________________________________________________________ Erewash Credit Union Did you know that there is a local Credit Union? Although based in Ilkeston you are able to access the services of the Erewash Credit Union here in Long Eaton. A Money Advice Project Worker is available to help you at the Children‟s Centre on Lime Grove. They can help you with savings, loans, budget advice, etc. The project worker can help you to understand credit and will help with filling in forms. For an appointment call:0115 9000288. ______________________________________________________________________ Friendship Walk Several members of Parklands staff are intending to complete a 15km. sponsored walk in Dovedale on Saturday 13th June. We are raising money for the Breast Cancer Campaign. We would be very grateful for any donations of money or offers of sponsorship. There is a also a website set up for giving donations: We will post photographs on the website afterwards!!!!! ______________________________________________________________________ Friends of Parklands FOP will be using Event Elephant again for ticket payment for their Family Event on Friday 5th June. For those who wish to use the simple, secure online payment website please could you send an email to: An invitation email will then be sent to you with a link to the FOP secure payment website. Once payment is confirmed a booking reference number will be e-mailed to you. This is for your reference only. A ticket for this event will be sent home with your child. For those who do not have the internet, tickets will go on sale one week before the event. Further information will be sent nearer then. Please give this a go if you can, it is easy a simple to use and a lot less hassle than waiting in queues. The Nursery and Infant discos held last term raised £267.

The Easter Extravaganza was a great success. The Easter bonnets and baskets were really good – a lot of thought and effort had gone in to making them. £80 was raised at the event. ______________________________________________________________________ MAIN TOPICS BEING TAUGHT AT PARKLANDS THIS TERM SUMMER TERM 1 Nursery Reception Year One Year Two Famous People and Famous Bears Fairy Tales The School Garden Journeys SUMMER TERM 2 Shopping Mini-beasts Going on holiday T.B.A. – a surprise

If you have any resources etc. that you feel may be useful please talk to one of the members of staff. ______________________________________________________________________ DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Wed. 29th April Saturday 9th May. Thurs. 21st May Fri. 5th June Tues. 9th June Wed. 10th June Fri. 19th June Mon. 22nd June Emily, Health Visitor, in Nursery at lunchtime Gardening Morning. Come and help us!! Individual/Family Group Photographs Evening Family Event “Parklands‟ Got Talent” Semi-final Children will be celebrating our “Friendship Day” Male Helpers in School Day ARTS WEEK – Children have “special” activities at Parklands or visit other local schools. Fri. 26th June “Parklands‟ Got Talent” Final Mon. 29th June NATIONAL SPORTS WEEK th Mon. 29 June 2:30p.m. - Talk to Reception Parents re. KS1 Tues. 30th June Pupils joining our Infant school in September to visit with parents/carers. Year 2s transferring to Harrington Junior School to visit there. nd Thurs. 2 July SPORTS DAY (Starts at 1:15p.m.) Mon. 6th July RESERVE SPORTS DAY (Starts at 1:15p.m.) th Tues. 7 July CONSULTATION EVENING – Letter to follow Thurs. 9th July CONSULTATION EVENING Fri. 10th July INSET DAY – School closed th Fri. 17 July Dress Rehearsal – Your child‟s teacher will inform you if your child is to wear a costume. Costumes will need to be available for the Dress Rehearsal. Tues. 21st July 9:30a.m. CONCERT – Letter re. tickets to follow nd Wed. 22 July 9:30a.m. CONCERT 1:30p.m. CONCERT th Fri. 24 July 2:30p.m. – Y2 Leavers‟ Service – Letter to follow ______________________________________________________________________

SCHOOL YEAR 2009 INSET day = Friday 10th July. School is closed to pupils on each INSET day. School opens School closes at end of the afternoon session Friday Tuesday Monday Monday 5th 1st 13th May June July 2009 2009 2009 Friday Thursday Friday 1st 22nd 9th 24th May May July July 2009 2009 2009 2009

SCHOOL YEAR 2009 – 2010 INSET days are included in these dates. School is closed to pupils on each INSET day. School opens School closes at end of the afternoon session September November 2009 2009 Thursday Friday 22nd 18th 12th 1st 30th 28

Tuesday Tuesday

8th 3rd 4th 22nd 19th 4

October December

2009 2009

Monday Monday

January February

2010 2010

Friday Thursday

February April

2010 2010

Monday Tuesday Monday

April May June

2010 2010 2010

Friday Friday Friday

April May July

2010 2010 2010



2009-2010 Inset Days already included above: Friday 4th September 2009; Monday 7th September 2009; Friday 23rd October 2009; Monday 2nd November 2009; Monday 21st December 2009 We are all looking forward to working with your children this term. Do come into school and get involved if you possibly can.

Mrs. J. Meller Headteacher

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