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									Code of Conduct for ICU Mind’s Eye Club
Introduction Being committed to the safety of its members, ICU Mind’s Eye club considers it good practice to operate in accordance with the following guidelines. This code of conduct will be available to anyone wishing to read it in the Imperial College Union Resource Centre. 1. Union Activities Union activities are recognised as being one or more of the following:      Any event publicised at the ICU Mind’s Eye club meetings. Any event publicised on the ICU Mind’s Eye club noticeboards by an official and approved poster. Any event that is funded to any degree by the Union. Any event that requires the use of equipment owed by the ICU Mind’s Eye club or by the Union. Any event that requires transport booked through the Union

2. Membership and Activity Organisation   It is the responsibility of the ICU Mind’s Eye club chair to ensure that all club members have completed a club membership form. These are to be kept up to date and stored in the Clubs and Societies Resource Centre. A summarised membership list should be included. Any proposed activities that do not operate within the Clubs and Societies Health and Safety Policy will not be authorised.

3. Club Equipment This section covers not only ICU Mind’s Eye club equipment, but also any other equipment that is used during ICU Mind’s Eye club activities.    It shall be the duty of the System Administrator to ensure that equipment used during ICU Mind’s Eye club activities is in a usable and safe condition. The System Administrator should check ICU Mind’s Eye club equipment on a regular basis to ensure that it is safe to use and is undamaged. Any damaged or equipment which does not work must be reported to the ICU MicroComputer club chair.

4. Behaviour of Members   Members must ensure that while taking part in an ICU Mind’s Eye club activity that they do not bring the name of ICU Mind’s Eye club, ICU or Imperial College in to disrepute. The facilities provided for the members by the ICU Mind’s Eye club must not be used to display, store or transmit text or images which could be considered to be offensive (eg. material of a sexual, pornographic, racially abusive, libellous or terrorist nature), or otherwise commit offences under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 or Race Relations Act 1976. Members must when using the college network abide by the rules and regulations of the network.


Signed: Mind’s Eye Club Chair Media Group Chairman

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