THE ACADEMY by fionan



1. Students enrolled in Beddow Acdemy of Dance and Theatre Arts are required to obey all the Conditions and Rules during their training. 2. Fees must be paid strictly in accordance with the details set out within the Fee Details. 3. Beddow Academy would appreciate one month’s notice if a student intends to leave. 4. Beddow Academy cannot be held responsible for money or articles of value lost on its premises. 5. Beddow Academy reserves the right to amend or alter the conditions and rules at any time. 6. Beddow Academy reserves the right to increase or alter fees as and when necessary. 7. Beddow Academy reserves the right to ask for a student to be removed for any of the following reasons: a) b) c) for misbehaviour or wilful damage for disruption of any classes for any breach of Beddow Academy conditions ,rules or regulations etc.

8. Should it be necessary to close Beddow Academy on account of epidemic or national crisis or any circumstances over which Beddow Academy has no control, fees cannot be returned or compensation made for any period of training lost. 9. Uniform must be worn to every class including appropriate footwear and can be obtained from the school. 10. Students should conduct themselves whilst on school premises or business, in a professional manner at all times. 11. Bullying will not be tolerated. 12. Food should be consumed during class breaks only. 13. Hair should be worn up in an appropriate style for all dance lessons. 14. Scripts, sheet music, lyrics etc should be brought to appropriate classes and will be supplied by the relevant department. Lost articles will be charged at £1.00 per item. Lost backing tracks will be charged at £5.00. 15. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises. 16. Students should be collected promptly at the end of their class. 17. Any student not complying fully with the above may not be permitted to take part in their class. 18. Parents are not permitted to watch any class unless invited to do so by the class tutor. 19. Beddow Academy operates a non-discriminatory policy. 20. Beddow Academy reserves the right to expel any student continually not complying with Conditions and Rules. 21. When short term extra curriculum activities occur e.g. Disneyland Paris/ other events, students should only commit to these on the understanding that their regular lessons and payments are maintained as well. 22. Students who wish to leave must give notice in writing. I will not accept third parties or Parents letting me know verbally as official written notice must be given.

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