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East London Housing Partnership Martin Ling – Thames Gateway Strategy Officer 21st February 2005 East London Housing Partnership – Structures and Communication - Discussion Paper




This paper suggests some relatively minor changes to the current ELHP structures in order to achieve a better level of communication, understanding, engagement and input from both Boroughs and RSLs to the developing sub-regional agenda. It is aimed at bringer a clearer focus to the delivery of the work programme and clarify sub-regional representation at other housing forums, primarily within London. Set out below are details of current forums covering current membership and suggestions for how they maybe improved and linked into other groups. Board Members are asked to comment on these suggestions which have already been considered and added to by the Executive Group and Corporations Liaison group. A draft revised structural chart is attached at Appendix A. 2.0 2.1 Partnership Board Structure

Both Members and Senior Officers from all Boroughs are represented at this meeting and and terms of reference covering membership, frequency and administration were agreed at the October 2004 meeting. The Chair now also meets with Martin Ling prior to each meeting to agree the agenda. It is not intended to change any of these arrangements. 2.2 ELHP Executive Group: Housing Directors Operational Group: Martin Ling Private Sector Renewal Group: Martin Ling and Peter Snell Supporting People Group: Martin Ling Black and Minority Ethnic Project Group: Martin Ling Other ALG: Housing Directors/Members London Housing Forum: Maureen McEleney (Tower Hamlets) Linkages:

TGLP: Stephen Joseph & Cllr Sid kaller ( Barking and Dagenham) Urban Development Corporation –Cllr Sid Kaller 3.0 3.1 RSL Executive Group Attendance

This group was set up to ensure RSL involvement in the sub-regional agenda and has taken on the role of overseeing the implementation of the Affordable Investment Framework. Membership of the group consisted of four Directors (currently LBBD, Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets and four RSL Chief Executives. The RSL Chief Executives were selected through nominations from the London Housing Federation Executive and are June Barnes ( East Thames – large RSLs), Dave Luxton (Toynbee, medium RSLs), Atul Patel ( ASRA small RSLs) and Ronnie Moodley from ARHAG representing B&ME RSLS through the Federation of Black Housing Organisations. The Group is chaired by June Barnes and administered by Lanek Banga, Policy Manager at LB Newham. Attendance by Directors has been inconsistent with substitutes often attending and it has been suggested that this has reduced the impact of the group. Following discussion with both Directors and June Barnes, it has been suggested that this Group should continue but with a greater focus on shared strategic issues as well as overseeing work carried out by the project groups (see below) and considering feedback and forward plan issues from the Board. It is suggested that the group meets 5 time per year (February/April/July/October/December) with meetings diarised as soon as possible to ensure consistent attendance and to add continuity to forward planning. Consideration could also be given as to whether Directors should be represented by two inner Boroughs and 2 other Boroughs rather than the current 3:1 split. In addition, it has been suggested by some Directors that it would be useful for them to meet separately from time to time to give them an opportunity to discuss issues of shared interest and also to invite other key partners such as South London Thames Gateway Housing Directors, senior planners etc on an occasional basis. If this is agreed, it would be prudent to diarise these meetings to adjoining slots to the main RSL Executive meetings. Directors could then agree closer to each meeting if they need to meet. 3.2 Links

NFH and FBHO: RSL Chief Executives 4.0 4.1 Project Groups Operational group

This group meets to oversee the delivery of the project strands of the Affordable Investment Housing Programme and includes representatives from the Housing

Corporation, RSL Chief Executives and Programme Managers and Borough Partnership Managers and officers. It is suggested that membership of this group is tightened up and its remit focussed on the delivery of the Approved Development Programme and associated issues. The agenda would cover all aspects of the delivery of the ADP looking at profile (Both affordable rent, shared ownership and key worker), spend, implementation of nominations protocol, unit and tenure mix, development of choice agenda and mobility, S106 issues, ADP for non-registered bodies and input into the 2006/8 programme. The Group would report upwards to both the Executive and the partnership Board on key issues. The Group would continue to meet monthly. It was suggested by the group that Lettings Manager should meet separately to ensure Borough input into the growing choice and mobility agenda and this is currently being followed up. 4.1.1 Attendance It is suggested that one senior Borough Partnership Manager or Officer attends as well as an RSL representative from each Borough RSL Liaison group. This will ensure that there is a clearer line of communication to these Borough Liaison groups with regular lines of reporting back and forth. Given the cross Borough working of many RSLs, it could be that the RSL officer could represent more than one Borough Liaison group. 4.1.2 Links: HALOG: Simon Rees Newham Quarterly London Trilateral (ALG, Corporation and NHF): Martin Ling RSL Borough Liaison Groups: all 4.2 BME Project Group

This group meets on a regular monthly cycle and includes senior policy managers, the Housing Corporation and BME RSL representatives. It has overseen the development of the draft BME strategy and recent BME RSL seminar and reports back to all other ELHP Groups as necessary. It is suggested that this group continues to work to the same format but consideration should be given to widening the membership to include mainstream RSL representatives. 4.2.1 Links – FBHO – Ronnie Moodley and Leslie Laniyan 4.3 Private Sector Renewal Group

This has been set up to deliver the discretionary private sector renewal funding and is managed by Peter Snell who is funded from the sub-regional pot. It includes representatives from al Boroughs and reports directly to the ELHP board as necessary. No changes to the present format are required. 4.3.1 London Private Sector Forum; Peter Snell


Supporting People Group

The lead supporting people officers form each Borough meet regularly but have not been linked into the other ELHP structures. More recently a joint seminar was held with providers to discuss joint working and responses to the London Supporting People strategy. Martin Ling will meet with the group on the 9th February to discuss strengthening reporting lines to the ELHP. 5.0 General

It is suggested that following the success of the BME RSL seminar which attracted around 50 partners, further joint sub-regional events are planned on issues agreed by the Board. These could look at sub-regional, regional and national issues as appropriate with possibly a further two event planned this year for late summer and the autumn. A prime candidate would be the emerging pan London choice and mobility agenda.

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