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									Draft Minutes of the Third Sector Forum held on Wednesday 21 May 2008 at 11am in the McGillivray Room, Kirkwall Library.
Present: Bashir Hasham (Chair), Gaynor Jones (VAO), Gail Anderson (VAO), Helen Moss (VAO Volunteer Centre), Sue Ward (Age Concern Orkney), Frazer Campbell (Advocacy Orkney), Michael Moar (Stromness Shopping Week Assoc), Sheelagh Barnes (Enable), Granville Solloway (Orkney Heart Support Group), Simon Gordon (OACAS), Maureen McCreath (Kirkwall Bowling Club), John Chesters (MS Therapy Centre), Hazel Aim (Orkney Disability Forum), Jeremy Richardson (Orkney Blide Trust), Alison Gunn (Employability Orkney), Linda Lennie (Stromness Community Council). Connie Shearer (Minutes)

In Attendance:

1. Welcome and Introduction Bashir welcomed everyone to the meeting. He explained that, to ensure a form of continuity, a VAO Board member would chair three meetings in a row before handing over to another Board member. All present introduced themselves and the organisations they represent. 2. Apologies Apologies had been received from Mairhi Trickett

3. Minutes of meeting held on 26 March 2008 Minutes were read and agreed as a true representation.


Matters Arising

Item 3 - Gaynor had met Dawn Sherwood regarding OIC’s 2.25% funding. Members confirmed they had now received confirmation of this funding. Discussion re funding from NHS Orkney. JLIP funding had now come through and would be discussed on Friday at the joint management team meeting. Gaynor liaised with organisations so they are properly represented at that meeting. Item 5 - Re attracting more people to the Forum. A comprehensive list of attendees to be drawn up. Invitations to join the Forum had been sent out and was a ‘work in progress’. Meetings will no longer be advertised in the press. Papers will be available on website but also circulated to members prior to meetings.


Item 7 - Association of Chief Officers for SVOs - Gaynor had spoken to Pat Armstrong who confirmed she would be coming to Orkney, probably in September, to speak about the work they do. Sheelagh asked Jeremy how the Blide Trust catering venture was going. He confirmed it was being well received and they were getting regular bookings and about to start a regular supply of sandwiches/fruit bowl to Support Training.

5. Voluntary Sector Event (report from Sub Group) Helen reported that the Sub-Group had met several times. The event, to celebrate the contribution of volunteers, is to be held in King Street Halls on 6 June with Steven Hagan making the opening address. John Rodwell, Orkney Health Board, and several Councillors would be present. It will last two hours over the lunch break with the Blide Trust providing catering. Invitations had been sent to over 200 organisations asking them to share materials, etc and volunteers’ experiences. Disappointing uptake so far - 14 groups had agreed to take part but it was hoped more would come forward.


How do we attract more volunteers/members for Committee? Michael Moar, Stromness Shopping Week association Michael had good news as they had attracted four new young members. He said it had been difficult to get people on to Committees and asked for Members views on the matter. Gaynor said VAO had supported groups who were experiencing trouble recruiting board members, and this had increased given the new regulations now in place. Simon felt that, whilst the service offered by an organisation might be attractive, sitting on a Board was ‘boring’ with nothing in it for members, no training and no reward. However, Bashir thought that being on a Board was not about awards but brought fulfilment and a sense of achievement. Committee members may not be hands-on but were a vital part of any organisation. Gail does Committee training with volunteers which involves raising awareness of working together, managing finances, planning etc. Very often as a result of skills learned people move on to other things. It was felt that organisations should ‘sell’ their Boards and emphasise how important the committee was to the organisation. New members should be interested in what that an organisation is doing. It was also important to understand the role of a Board. There are legal requirements and responsibilities attached to being a board member with new legislation. Gail said most organisations were doing everything right and demonstrating such. A clear framework brings clarity to what must be done. It was recommended maintaining a broad approach to recruiting volunteers and committee members by trying a range of tactics - posters, adverts, personal contact, etc and being positive about the organisation and the valuable work the committee do.


7. New Facilities update (Gaynor) Following the disappointment with Powerbowl, Gaynor confirmed a joint project board had been sent up between OIC and VAO Directors which was committed to finding suitable premises. They were working towards setting limits and had their first meeting last week. It was encouraging that other sites had been talked about besides Jewsons. The next meeting would be held in July when, hopefully, progress could be made in terms of possible sites. Gaynor said it was good to be working in partnership with OIC. At the last meeting it had been requested that the amount of work involved in the project to date be recognised. The Board was disappointed that only one letter of support (from Advocacy Orkney) had been received. They again wondered whether organisations who had signed up to the process would be prepared to write letters of support to VAO. These could be used to send a letter to OIC to keep the project in the spotlight and reinforcing the need of the voluntary sector to have new facilities.


News/Ideas exchange (All)

Single Outcome Agreements Gail had attended a training session to formulate community learning and development outcomes. During the session the Scottish Government/COSLA Concordat had been used to identify how and what each organisation contributed to Single Outcome Agreement national outcomes. The exercise had been very valuable and she enquired whether other organisations would welcome a similar session to explain the SOA process and what it means for them and for Orkney. Members agreed this was of considerable interest. Action: Gail to take forward. Data Sharing Sheelagh had attended the launch of this which had been developed between OIC/NHS primarily to have a single shared assessment to avoid people being asked the same questions by different groups. She found it very interesting and valuable but felt there were some issues to sort out, particularly regarding how much information can/cannot be shared. There were also concerns about people’s capacity to allow their information to be shared and if they were not capable of giving that consent then who would speak on their behalf. Gaynor had also taken part. She said some services were already starting to carry out information sharing with consent from the people they work with. They were assessing the process at the moment and would make everyone aware of how that is working. Helen asked members if there was any interest in getting together to familiarise themselves with what was happening, with a view to developing a more formal, professional approach to data sharing in a way that would safeguard clients and staff.


She said lone workers were particularly at risk. Helen said Fife and Perth both had similar systems (Inter-agency Referral Protocol - IRP) in place. Members felt a wider discussion was needed about the viability of such a scheme and it was suggested the matter should be taken up with Boards . Decision: Helen to take forward Blide Trust Jeremy said the Blide Trust had had a reorganisation recently and were planning a day centre and wished to organise activities, events, etc. However, they were struggling with this and wondered if anyone could help. Jeremy was looking for ideas to integrate his members into different activities, both supported and unsupported. They had looked at College Courses but the fees were too expensive. Gaynor suggested he apply for funding from appropriate bodies such as Talisman, etc. Sheelagh said the Internet Café would adapt their training for people with special needs. Bashir suggested Jeremy put an item in VAO newsletter

9. AOCB Bashir said he had concerns at the last meeting about the number of people attending and it was good to see a large number here today. The News/Ideas Exchange item was working and he hoped it continued to work well for services.

10. Date of next meeting Bashir thanked members for attending and the next meeting was set for Wednesday 23 July at 11am in the McGillivray Room, Kirkwall Library.


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