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					For Parents of Students in Year 10 and 11 Issue 2 Feature Story Shining Stars and Rising Stars


A Lewisham College Shining Star Ricardo Knole

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Dear Parent Welcome to the latest edition of our parents’ newsletter.


s a parent of a student in year 11, you may be encouraging your son or daughter to apply to Lewisham College. Where your son or daughter continues their education is a serious decision. I hope you are excited about their education and I’m sure you will have high expectations. We are always pleased when parents talk to us about what they need or hope for. Please do keep up the contact: we value your contribution very highly. I hope you’ll watch out for the many opportunities we offer you; we know that parents make a huge difference in their son or daughter’s learning. The best piece of news on my desk this month is a report from the inspectorate,

Ofsted. They visited us in January and have told us that they consider our work with students to be outstanding. They talked to hundreds of our learners and they all highly rated the College’s efforts to care for their well being. We know it matters that your son or daughter is safe here and my staff will always go the extra mile to make that a reality. Please let us know if there’s more we can do. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you at our next Taster Day on Thursday 14 May. Lewisham College is a great place to learn and I know you’ll agree with me. Dame Ruth Silver Principal

Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter Issue 2

Lewisham College News

January 09

February 09

Students’ Study Students Trip To Spread Some Disneyland Valentines Love Paris Supported Learning students
Earlier this year a group of Level 2 and Level 3 IT students visited Disneyland Paris to learn more about how the park uses IT in its day to day operations. Staff and students spent three fantastic days away. February 09

offered some quality floristry bargains to local residents at Lewisham shopping centre for Valentine’s Day. They raised an impressive £200 for their student run flower company Posyganza (see page 15 for more on Posyganza). March 09

In C: Success
Students from the music, dance, and media departments came together to put on an exciting performance of modernist piece In C. They performed a partly improvised show to a packed audience in the College’s Tressillian Theatre.

Dance Students Take Centre Stage
Dance students took to the stage at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. The students joined 140 other performers for the large scale community dance project Destino. April 09

From Deptford To Dallas
Eighteen Football Academy students jetted off to America in April to take part in The Dallas Cup, an international youth football tournament. They stayed with local families during the 10 day trip.

IT students in Disneyland Paris

Rehearsing for In C


Issue 2 Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter

Lewisham College – The Diploma Offer
The Diploma The Facts •	 A	new	qualification	for	students		 aged 14-19 •	 Combines	subject	learning,	with		 	 English,	Maths	and	ICT	skills •	 Developed	by	business	and		 	 education	partners •	 Work	experience	placements	for		 at least ten days •	 Recognised	by	universities	and		 	 employers,	and	can	be	a	route		 into either •	 Can	be	taken	alongside	other		 	 GCSEs,	A	levels	and	BTECs
Alexandra	Castillo Higher	Diploma	student


he Diploma is a new qualification for young people between the ages of 14 and 19, combining theoretical study with practical skills. The Diploma in IT was first offered at Lewisham College in September 2008. September 2009 sees the start of two new Diplomas: in partnership with Bonus Pastor Catholic College in conjunction with Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College

because it was a new course. It’s got everything in one. We do multimedia, IT and Business.” Alexandra now plans to progress on to the second year of the course and feels she will have a wide range of options when she finishes in 2010.

l	 Advanced Diploma in IT,

Diplomas are available at three different levels:
—Foundation (level 1) equivalent	to	5	GCSEs	grades	D	to	G —Higher (level 2) equivalent	to	7	GCSEs	grades	A*	to	C —Advanced (level 3) equivalent	to	3.5	A	Levels

l	 Higher Diploma in Hospitality

“Doing	a	Diploma	 gives	you	lots	of	 choice.”
Alexandra Castillo explains

Alexandra Castillo is currently studying the Higher Diploma in IT. Alexandra came to the College unsure of what she wanted to study. She was attracted to the Diploma by the promise of the combination of subject learning with key skills. “I joined the Diploma course

For more information about the Diplomas we offer contact: 0800 834 545

Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter Issue 2

s part of our student Study Buddies support service, we students The	College	provides	 feel theyprovideextra help,who need with a Study Buddy – a fellow peer	to	peer	tutoring	 student who is paid by the with and	supports	students	 College to assist themCollege their coursework. The now has Buddies, who	need	extra	help. who can 33 Studyup to five tutor for hours a week. Here’s what the students think.


Yomi Akinwande I’m dyslexic and I do need help with my spelling and reading so I asked if I could have a Study Buddy. I heard that Leo was a Buddy, and since we already knew each other I asked if I could work with him. I find it easier to talk to Leo about my work, because I feel he knows where I’m coming from. The best thing about having a Study Buddy is that you get extra help without feeling stupid. I’ve had such a good experience having a Study Buddy that I’ve now become one myself. I help some of the first year Youth Entry to Higher Education students with their Psychology work – mainly with their understanding of the concepts, because I’m good at that.

Leo Barbaro I help Yomi with his spelling and I proof read his work, but I don’t do it for him. Being a Study Buddy is good for my CV, you get a lot of satisfaction from seeing other people succeed. It’s not easy, because you’ve got to really concentrate but I’d definitely advise anyone thinking about being a study buddy to do it – it’s a good opportunity.

Leo	Barbaro	and	Yomi	Akinwande

Study	Buddies


Issue 2 Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter

Freezeland told the story of the Ice Fairs that	used	to	take	place	 when	the	River	Thames	 would	freeze	over.		

Lewisham College has a leading	award	 winning	curriculum,	 recognised nationally for its innovation	in	the	 Further Education Sector.	

Media	students


Drama	students

n February, students from the students’ coursework. the College’s drama and “The concept of Freezeland is media departments got very interesting,” said acting together beside the River student Khali Omele, who Thames in Greenwich. They played John Evelyn. “The Ice performed an ambitious, Fairs are part of everyone’s outdoor play called history here in London.” Freezeland whilst the media Freezeland is part of the students filmed the event, larger River Project. Over the using state of the art next 18 months four plays will equipment. be written, telling different Freezeland told the story of stories of life along the the Ice Fairs that used to take Thames. “The River can tell place when the River Thames histories that we can all be a would freeze over. “The Ice part of,” says director John Fairs were transient, Turner. “The other plays will marvellous, festive and showcase the engineering, democratic,” said director culture and communities that John Turner, who praised the have been created in this students for bringing the play unique setting.” to life.

Based on the writings of the 17th Century diarist and Deptford resident John Evelyn, the project formed an exciting and original part of


Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter Issue 2


Two Student Governors are elected to sit on the Governing	Body	 and	contribute	 to	key	decisions	 affecting the College,	staff	 and	students.

“The	Board	of	 Governors	respect	 us	and	we	are	 involved	in	the	 decision	making	 process,”
explains Student Governor and Travel Operations student Jerry Robinson.

Your	son	or	 daughter	could	be	 involved	in	making	 key	decisions	that	 affect	College	life. Students	can	have	 their	voices	heard	in	 a	number	of	ways	 –	by	standing	for	 election for the Students’	Union,	 acting as a Class Rep	within	their	 subject	group	or	 becoming	a	 Student	Governor.	

Jerry	Robinson Student	Governor

“Being	a	Student	 Governor	is	a	 fantastic	way	to	 broaden	and	 stretch	yourself,”
adds fellow Student Governor and Beauty student Nicci Emanu.

“You’re	in	the	best	 position	possible	 to	represent	the	 student	voice. ”

Nicci	Emanu Student	Governor

Issue 2 Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter


rew Horley studied Introduction to Sound Engineering and Access to Music Technology, because he was impressed with what the music department had to offer.

Going Full Circle – from student to teacher Producer	Drew	 Horley	is	now	 teaching on the course he studied over	ten	years	ago.

“Before I studied at Lewisham College I didn’t have the skills to become the producer I am today,” explains Drew. “The course here gave me the tools and knowledge to take things further, and to develop my skills as an all round producer.”

After leaving the College, Drew was awarded funding by the Prince’s Trust to set up his own studio in 2001. He has produced tracks for various artists, including Estelle. In 2004, he was nominated for the Mercury Music Award for his work on the album ‘Upwards’ by Ty. Drew now teaches Music Technology at Lewisham College, on the course he excelled at as a student. His message to today’s students is clear: “The opportunities are out there: you’ve just got to grab them.”


Drew	Horley	with	one	of	his	students

Drew	Horley Music	Technology	Teacher


Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter Issue 2

“My	advice	to	 people	interested	 in	the	hospitality	 industry is to listen to	ideas,	take	advice	 and	take	criticism.	 Learn	as	much	as	 you	can,	and	love	 what	you	do.”

A Shining Star


s a boy, Ricardo Knole would watch Ready Steady Cook, fascinated by the way the chefs put together their dishes. After studying hospitality at Lewisham College, he now works at celebrity chef Gary Rhodes’ restaurant W1 as a Commis Chef.

“After leaving College I got this job at Gary Rhodes’ restaurant. Celebrity chefs don’t faze me. I’ve heard that their expectations are high, and working for them means long hours, but all I want to do is learn as much as I can. There are many other success stories just like Ricardo’s and by enrolling at Lewisham College your son or daughter could also achieve their dreams.

Ricardo Knole Commis	Chef	at	Gary	Rhodes’ restaurant	W1

“I’m from a West Indian background so I can mix exotic flavours really well, but I didn’t know anything about fine dining until I came to Lewisham College,” says Ricardo. “The teaching was great, my tutor Aidan used to teach us about where dishes originated from, and lots of classic practical techniques. It gave me the technical skill to do things that the average person can’t do.



Issue 2 Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter

Lewisham	College	is	not	just	a	 destination	for	your	son	or	daughter;	it’s	a	 gateway	to	their	future.	Whether	their	goal	 is	to	go	straight	into	work	or	to	continue	in	 education,	the	College	gives	them	the	 skills	and	tools	necessary	to	succeed.	 Here	are	some	of	our	rising	 and shining stars:

Rachel Kato Youth	Entry	to Higher Education (YEHE)	student

Shining Stars
Name: Shaun Parkes Course Studied: Drama Is Now: Actor – star of BBC drama Moses Jones, Human Traffic, The Mummy Returns Name: Rachel Kato Course Studied: Youth Entry to Higher Education (YEHE) Is Now: Studying Human Psychology at De Montfort University Name: Roy Wade Course Studied: HNC Building Surveying Is Now: Running his own successful construction company Name: Robert Roust Course Studied: HNC Building Surveying Is Now: Working for T.P. Bennett Architects Name: Jonzi D Course Studied: Foundation Dance Is Now: Street Dance Production Company Owner Name: Max Gradel Course Studied: Football Academy Is Now: Playing for Leicester in the Championship

Name: Sumayah Esber Course Studied: Preparation for Airline Cabin Crew Is Now: Working on a private jet for the Ghanaian government Name: Ricardo Knole Course Studied: Hospitality Is Now: Working in Gary Rhodes’ W1 Restaurant at the Cumberland Hotel Name: Janet Reid Course Studied: Supported Housing, Level 3 Is Now: Finishing her degree at London South Bank University

“Coming	to	 Lewisham	College	 prepared	me	a	lot	 for	university.	 College	is	the	place	 where	you	decide	 what	you	want	to	 do;	it	helps	you	 discover	a	career	 path”
Rachel Kato

Rising Stars
Name: Tobi Agbeseyi Course Studied: Current Youth Entry to Higher Education (YEHE) student Plans to: Progress on to university to study Media & Journalism Name: Nicci Emanu Course Studied: NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy Plans to: Progress on to study Level 3 Beauty Therapy
Photo	Chris	Davies Dancing	Times

Jonzi	D Production Company owner

“Studying at Lewisham	College	 influenced	my	 strong desire in trying	to	present	hip	 hop	culture	in	a	 professional	context.”
Jonzi D

Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter

your Point of View

Joyce Healey credits	Lewisham	 College	for	bringing	 her shy son out of his	shell.
Jeff Healey Construction student


eff Healey enrolled on a September 2009. She says: building course in “Jeff’s had such a positive September 2008. His experience at the College that mother Joyce says: “Since Jack is now hoping to enrol coming to the College, Jeff’s on Electrical Engineering. changed and grown up so He’s refusing to even consider much. I’m so thankful to other colleges. Lewisham College for all the “I’d definitely recommend help and support he’s got.” Lewisham College to anyone. Jeff adds: “I used to be really I’m very impressed with it,” shy at school. Since coming says Joyce. “Whenever we to the College, my shyness see Jeff’s old school teachers has gone. It’s such a friendly we tell them about his place and I’m not afraid to talk progress and they’re just so to people.” pleased. This was a big step for Jeff and he’s really made Shortly after he joined the it.” course, Jeff’s tutors picked up on his undiagnosed dyslexia and Jeff now receives specialist one to one support.

Joyce credits Jeff’s good experience at the College as an inspiration for his younger brother Jack’s enthusiasm to join Lewisham College in

“I’d	definitely	recommend	 Lewisham	College	to	anyone.	 I’m	very	impressed	with	it.”

Joyce Healey Mother	of	Jeff,	Lewisham	College	 Construction student

Issue 2 Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter

Phoenix Restaurant
Lewisham	College	 is a Centre of Vocational Excellence	for	 Hospitality.	Our	 students	cook	for	 the	College’s	 award	winning	 restaurant,	The	 Phoenix.
To book your table at the Phoenix Restaurant
T 020 8694 3294 E W


he Phoenix regularly has guest chefs in to work with our students. We’ve been visited by a number of recognisable names including Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Students also have use of an e-learning kitchen. This demonstration kitchen has video and web streaming capability and creates a fabulous virtual learning environment for all our students.

What our students’ say

“Working in the Phoenix allows you to be creative with the menu and put a bit of your own personality into the food you create.” Adam Clark “The Phoenix kitchen is exciting and gives you a great buzz. The menu’s flexible in order for you to input your own style and creativity.” Sam Tarneberg

Recipe courtesy of Lewisham College’s Phoenix Restaurant

Lamb Curry
1 tablespoon whole coriander leaves 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 teaspoon garam massalla Method 1 Make a paste of the curry powder, turmeric and chilli powder with a little water. 2 Fry the onion until translucent in the vegetable oil then add the garlic, ginger and chilli and stir fry on medium for five minutes. 3 Add the curry and the chilli powder paste and fry for a further 30 secs. 4 Add the lamb pieces and seal well on all sides. 5 Add the cream, coconut, mango chutney and milk and simmer for 20 minutes or until the lamb is cooked, stirring constantly. 6 If needed add a little water to prevent the curry becoming too thick or dry. 7 Now stir in the garam massalla, chopped coriander leaves and cook for a further minute. 8 Serve with the whole coriander leaves sprinkled on the top.

Ingredients Serves 2 1lb lamb steaks cubed 1 tin evaporated milk 4oz grated coconut 4oz single cream 3 tablespoons mango chutney Quarter of an onion, finely chopped 2 teaspoons curry powder Half teaspoon chilli powder 1 finely chopped cayenne chilli 4 cloves crushed garlic 2 inches root ginger grated 5 tablespoons vegetable oil 4 tablespoons roughly chopped coriander leaves

Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter Issue 2

Lewisham	College	 student

Lewisham College provides	a	welcoming	 environment	for	all	of	 our	learners.	We	have	 a	great	mix	of	young	 and	mature	students.	

Gloria Noel, 45, is studying for her Institute of Housing Level 4 Diploma in Housing Studies. She comes to Lewisham College one day a week and also works full time in a managerial role at Broomleigh Housing Association.

haven’t studied for many years. But the biggest challenge is being able to manage a home life and family and the things that come with being a responsible adult.” The College provides a specialist support service for our adult learners. Gloria says that this has helped her to manage her study and her life.

Gloria	Noel	Diploma	in	Housing	 Studies student

She says: “I came to the College because I wanted to better myself and improve my understanding of the housing “Studying at Lewisham sector. The course has College has been a great helped me develop myself a learning experience. If lot – I’m able to communicate anyone’s looking to do a much more effectively now.” course, I’d tell them to give it a Gloria is currently considering go.” going on to study housing at university. She admits that being a mature student has its challenges. “Juggling my studies with work is hard, as I

“Studying at Lewisham	College	 has	been	a	great	 learning experience”
Gloria Noel Diploma	in	 Housing Studies student


Lewisham College Parents’ Newsletter

Emma	Stiffe Supported	Learning	student

Posyganza	class	2008

Lewisham	College	 was	recently	the	 joint	winner	of	the	 Learning	and	Skills	 Council	Award	for	 Equality	and	Diversity. Posyganza	is	one	 of	the	projects	that	 helped	make	us	 winners.
Floristry Tips Courtesy of Posyganza

osyganza is a student One such student is Emma run business within the Stiffe. Despite her disability, College. The course she volunteers at a local offers students with learning garden centre and lives and difficulties and disabilities, travels independently. skills in floristry and retail. “Posyganza is giving Emma a 2009 marks the 15th mix of skills,” says Jenny. anniversary year of “She’s keen to learn, and she Posyganza’s formation. wants to learn, it’s her choice “It’s not a floristry course,” to continue her study.” explains teacher Jenny Emma adds: “I like doing the Wilson. “It’s the vehicle for us flowers and wrapping them. I to deliver work and life skills enjoy coming to the College to our students, so they can and learning about the then go on and do other different flowers and their courses, or move into names.” supported employment.”


1 Make sure your vases are clean. Scrub them and avoid putting them in direct sunlight. 2 Cut the bottom off the stem as soon as you get home. The stem dries over in 20 minutes – after that the flowers can’t drink.

3 Cut stems at an angle to maximise the area the flower has for water uptake. 4 Condition your flowers before you arrange them by removing any leaves that will be below the water line.

5 Change your water regularly, ideally every two days.



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