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					The Gilberd School Newsletter A Mathematics and Computing College October 2008

The Boulogne Trip
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Disneyland Paris Choir Festival
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Headteacher’s Letter

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The Gilberd School

Year 7

The Gilberd School

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Year 8

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The Gilberd School

Year 9
This is my first newsletter as Head of Year at The Gilberd School, so it gives me great pleasure to join what I hope will be the most talented and hard working year. It is always hard settling back into school after the summer holidays, but I am very pleased to say how well I feel the majority of the Year 9 has done. Well done! We are now concentrating all our efforts on the SATS, which will be upon us before we know it. It is vital that every opportunity we have in lessons is taken with both hands and acted upon. I wholeheartedly encourage students to take an active role in their learning and hope they will see what their role is in ensuring that they reach their potential. All the Year 9 students have had a targeting interview with their tutors and have set themselves a goal to work towards over the next term. I hope they are successful I their endeavours. I look forward to meeting you over the course of the year. Attendance Full attendance and punctuality are vital this year. Please encourage your child to be in school 100% of the time as it ensures there are no gaps left in their work. They are then also fully equipped with all the information they need for this vital stage in their education. There is a very noticeable link between full attendance and academic success. Thank you As you know, we greatly appreciate the work done by the student body on behalf of their peers, so a big thank you to all those who have taken their places as the Year Council reps for this year. I look forward to hearing your views presented at the first Year Council meeting at the beginning of October. Please ensure you have discussed any current issues with your tutor group, so you can present their views at the first meeting. A very big thank you to all the staff and students who have really helped me settle in. It’s a great help when you are the ‘new girl’! The list of students below helped out with the Y6 Gifted and Talented workshop in PE yesterday were superb. Hannah Young Harriete Cassey Rebecca Corser Elle Eels Kaia Goodenough Harriet Larvin Jessica Embrey Lucia Mazza Morgan Goodey Charlotte Baker Lauresha Turner Ms R Litton Head of Year 9
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Mariam Bakra Keeley Hughes Cono Dale James Calver Fred Lodge Danni Whitehorn Mariam Bakra Kia Conroy-Parsons Jack Marshall Connor Mainstone Luke Urwin

Year 10

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The Gilberd School

Year 11

The Gilberd School

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From July 21st to July 25th, 30 members of the school pop choir and 4 staff travelled to Disneyland Paris to participate in a choir festival. Along with two other schools we performed at the Val de L’ Europe commercial centre, Fantasyland Stage and the Castle Stage in Disney. We stayed at Disneyland Paris’ superb Hotel Cheyenne. The guest conductor of the festival, Gilles Nicolas, is a distinguished conductor and pianist and has worked with many prestigious choirs and soloists. We were delighted to be given the chance to work with him as part of the Disneyland Paris Choir Festival. Students spent a day at the Disneyland Paris’s Parks and later arrived in concert dress at the backstage area of Disneyland Paris Magic Music Days. The choirs performed 3 separate concerts at the Fantasy Festival Stage. After a final run through the Choirs took their places on Disney Castle Stage with the iconic Castle providing the backdrop. Their excellent performance of the Disney Medley attracted a vast audience, and visitors to the park came to listen whilst enjoying the sunshine. The whole experience was amazing. Our students performed at their very best and were a pleasure to be with. They were well-behaved, fun, hard-working and a credit to the school. As a result of this success, we are considering another tour for the future. Each student should be extremely proud of their contribution to the festival—the standard of singing and musicianship was very high. Mrs S Clemson Curriculum Leader—Arts

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The Gilberd School

In July the Arts faculty hosted their ‘Oscars’ awards evening and talent show. This event rewards students for excellence across a variety of Arts disciplines and was hosted by our Year 11 students. Students entertained the audience with their vocals, instrumentals and dance displays. However, the worthy winner was finally announced as Ben Walsham, who stunned the judges with his amazing beat box performance. Certificates were also presented to students who passed their Bronze level Arts Award. This is an accredited course set out by the QCA and is equivalent to an NVQ1. We would like to congratulate all the students who made this evening such a memorable event and thank parents and staff for their support. Oscars Award winners KS4 Art Photography KS3 KS4 KS3 KS4 KS4 KS3 KS4 KS3 Art Music Music Drama Performing Arts Drama Dance Dance Natalie Singleton Vicky Goodhall Rosie Hayward Kirsten Goodridge Marc Rabett Ella Hayward Katie Baker Michael Barnes Shanice Poulter Alison Bowers Lewis Urwin

Overall Arts Award

The Gilberd School

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Arts Faculty

We are delighted to welcome the following new members of staff onto our team: Mr Orchard Miss Laver Mr Hele Subject Leader for Drama. Mr Orchard joins us from Kesgrave School Peripatetic vocal teacher. Miss Laver is covering the maternity leave for Mrs Lewis whose baby is due at any time. Arts technician. Mr Hele takes over from Mr Wood who retired in the summer.

Arts Activities Timetable Lunch Music Theory Flute Ensemble KS4 Art Drop-in Drama Club Production Tuesday Pop Choir KS3 Art (G&T) KS3 Photography-Summer Ceramics – Summer Production Wednesday Samba Band Sax Ensemble KS3 Dance KS4 Art Drop-in Production Thursday Advanced Vocals KS4 Art Drop-in Production After School ASW LRY NOS EBA SCL/AOR/CMU SCL RGA NOS NOS Meetings Steel Pans ASW/SCL Brass Ensemble CLE Production rehearsal SCL,AOR, EBA, ASW. CMU


AOR/ASW/CMU ASW SCL CMU NOS AOR/EBA SCL NOS CMU/ASW Production rehearsal SCL,AOR, EBA,ASW, CMU, NOS, RGA Clarinet Ensemble PAR Wind Band SCL Dance Company (G&T) CMU


Arts staff lunch

House Band ASW

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The Gilberd School

Music Department

By now you are sure to have heard that the next musical production is to be ‘Bugsy Malone’. This will take place in the Performing Arts Centre from Tuesday 10th February until Saturday 14th February 2009. Workshops have taken place and students have auditioned for a number of roles including Fat Sam, Bugsy Malone, Tallulah and Blousy Brown. Production rehearsals take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school as well as some lunchtimes for principal characters. We are looking forward to working with our talented company and will give you more detailed information regarding tickets, nearer the time. Instrumental Tuition Our instrumental teaching programme has now restarted with over 180 students receiving lessons on a variety of instruments. Please encourage your child to practice regularly and remind them of their lesson times. All students have been issued with a personal timetable. All timetables are also displayed on the music department notice board. Should you wish your child to receive instrumental tuition, please contact me at the school. Letters will be available from October half term for parents to book tuition for their child. We are delighted to congratulate the following students on their recent successes in their instrumental and vocal exams. (Names to follow)

The Gilberd School

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Music Clubs
The music department runs an extensive extra-curricular programme. There is a wide range of clubs on offer and should be something for everyone. Students who participate in these clubs have an opportunity to perform in the Winter Concert which takes place on December 4th 2008. Extra-curricular music clubs Lunchtime 1.30 – 2.00
Monday Flute Ensemble Practice Room 3 Mrs Ramsey Theory Workshop Room 71 Mr Swift Tuesday Pop Choir Room 70 (Open to all students – all years) Mrs Clemson

After School
Meetings Steel Pans (by invitation) Mr Swift/Mrs Clemson Brass Ensemble Room 70 Mr Lewis Musical Production rehearsal PA Centre


Samba Band Room 71 Mr Swift Saxophone Ensemble Room 70 Mrs Clemson

Wind Band Room 70 Mrs Clemson


Advanced Vocals Room 70 (Year 10 & 11 students only – close harmony group) Mrs Clemson

Musical Production rehearsal PA Centre Clarinet ensemble Mr Arthur Room 70

(Open to any student who plays clarinet)


House Band Room 71 Mr Swift

The music department is available every afternoon for GCSE students to continue with coursework.

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The Gilberd School

‘Poetry Live’
The English Department is organising a trip to London to see ‘Poetry Live’ on Friday 5th December 2008. This event is held in association with the exam board AQA and will provide students with the opportunity to see a number of the poets, who they study for their English and English Literature exams, perform and discuss their work. Students will have a chance to ask the poets questions and to hear the chief examiner give advice on how to succeed in the exam. The coach will leave The Gilberd School at 7.15a.m. (not 8.00a.m. as previously stated on the original letter) and will return at approximately 5.00p.m. Students must bring their lunch with them and be dressed in full school uniform. Ms M Worth English Teacher

The Gilberd School

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Page 14

PE Clubs and Practices (Autumn 2008)
TUESDAY Multi-Gym Y9/10/11 Boys Football Y7 (RSP) Girls Multi-Gym KS4 (CLI) HOOPS HOOPS (MOR) KS3 Dodgeball (JSI) Basketball Y7/11 Boys (PSA) Weights (MOR) INTER HOUSE (CLI,JSI) Volleyball All yrs (KCH) Girls Basketball All Yrs (SEV) Boxing Y7/8 mixed (SEL) All Yrs (SEL, MOR,PSA, LMO,JBE) Boys Rugby Y8 (CBE) Mixed, All Yrs (STH,MPA) Boys Football Hockey Netball Badminton Y9/10/11 (KDA) Girls Multi-Gym Y9/10/11 (STH) GCSE Trampolining (SEL) Girls Football All Yrs (JSI) Circus Skills Y7/8 Rugby Y11 (CBE) STAFF SPORT Table Tennis Girls Active Bodies/Aerobics (CLI) (JSI) Ultimate Frisbee All Yrs (STH) Weights Y10/11 (PSA) Basketball Basketball Y10 Boys (MMU) Boxing Y7/8 (MOR) (SEL) Mixed Y7 (RSP) Multi-Gym (MOR) HOOPS (SEL) PE MEETINGS Y7/8 Mixed (JSI) HOOPS (CLI) Indoor Athletics (STH) Boys Football WEDNESDAY Table Tennis (JSI) THURSDAY Boxing FRIDAY Table Tennis (JSI)

MONDAY Before School Football Y10






11.05-11.20 (STH) Lunch Circuit training All (SEL)


Rower Challenge KS4


Y8/9 Boys GCSE Practice Club (MOR) (PSA)



KS4 Girls Circuits

(Sports Centre Staff)

The Gilberd School

P.E Fixtures (Inter-School) – 2008/ 2009
November 11th

B Team Football B Team Netball

Y7 and 8

Venue/ Opponent
Thurstable (away)

November 13th January 13

Rugby Tournament Basketball B Team Football B Team Netball

Year 11 Year 8/ 11 Y9 and 10

Thurstable 1.45 depart TLA (home) Thurstable (away)

January 20th March 3rd

Basketball Rugby Y7 Central Venue Tournaments (Netball and Rugby) Rugby Rugby

Year 9 Year 8/ 10 Y7 Boys and Girls

TLA (away) TLA (home) Gilberd

March 4th March 5th

Year 10 Year 7

PMS (home) PMS 2.30 Register

March 10th

Rugby Y7 Central Venue Tournaments (Netball and Rugby) Rugby Swimming Gala

Year 9 Y7 Boys and Girls

TLA (away) Gilberd

March 11th

Year 8/ 9 7-10 Boys and Girls

PMS (away) Leisure World 1.30 – 4.30

March 12th

Rugby Tournament

Year 8

SCL 2.30 Register

March 13th March 18

Fair Trade Football Tournament Rugby Tournament

Y7 Boys and Girls Year 9

Thurstable 1.30 – 5.00 Gilberd 2.30 register

March 19th

April 1st April 30th

Y7 Central Venue Tournaments (Netball and Rugby) Rugby Athletics District Camps / County Trials

Y7 Boys and Girls


Year 10 Y7 - 11

Alderman Blaxill 2.30 Register Garrison track 11.30- 5.00

We have lots of fixtures organised already for the next 2 terms, including tournaments, “B” team fixtures and a return to county-cup football. There’s something for everyone to get involved in, so please get along to the clubs and give it a go……….. BE YOUR BEST! Inter-house tournaments are listed separately More fixtures to follow, including county-cup football and Varsity matches v SCL The Gilberd School Page 15

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The Gilberd School

The Gilberd School

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On the 16th July 2008 some of the Year 8 students left the school for Boulogne at 6:00am accompanied by Miss Oliver, Miss Pead, Mr Reader and Miss Winter. On the coach to France no one could sleep, as we were all excited. We were given a map of Boulogne, a booklet, informed what groups we were in, and told which teacher to check-in with. On the way to the ferry we waved to countless lorry drivers, and chatted about what we would expect in Boulogne. Most people spent a little of this grand total on the boat. When we arrived in France we drove past some World War Two bunkers, which started off some conversations. On the way to Boulogne we were set a challenge to write down what the statues were doing on the bridge (e.g. Windsurfing) in French (which proved a challenge to some of us)! As soon as we arrived there, everyone got off the coach and into the old town. We walked up some steep steps and then down a slope towards the ramparts where we had our photo taken and ate lunch. This was followed by us making our way to the new town where we passed some cafes; this was where we bought icecreams and drinks, which we ordered in French. To finish off this glorious trip we stopped in City Europe, where we spent the rest of the money. We returned home on the earlier ferry. We all enjoyed the trip, so thank you Miss Oliver, Miss Pead and Miss Winter and special thanks to Mr Reader for making this trip happen. By Charlotte Massetti, 9KDC

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The Gilberd School

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal It’s Shoe Box Time!!!!

Last year we collected over 630 boxes and want this year to get as close to 770 as possible. Please help us to do so. The appeal works towards the Challenge Cup and the This is our annual Christmas charity and many Reward system. of you have been so generous in the past with You know that your entire donation goes to a your support. child and that nothing is “lost” in administration. As you open YOUR gifts you will know that a By the time you read this I will have advertised child, with no hope of presents, gets at least the appeal to all students and all who wish to, one from you and so does not feel that the will have taken a leaflet to explain the process. world does not care. If they lose the leaflet, I have more. Mrs L Houghton, Curriculum Leader If you want to do more than one box, please Humanities do. (Please be aware of the cost of postage for each box and gift aid). The deadline for boxes is Monday 24th November. Please bring all boxes to me in Room 64.

Counselling provided by Relate in conjunction with The Gilberd School
Active Counselling is a one-to-one counselling service for young people in the school between the ages of 11 and 14 years. It is available to students who are experiencing the effects of parental relationship breakdown, bereavement or other relationship difficulties, including bullying and peer group issues. Active Counselling is a professional and confidential service delivered on school premises in a safe and appropriate setting. Counsellors adhere to Child Protection procedures and the school retains the ‘duty of care’ to the student. Active Counselling is provided by specialist counsellors who hold the appropriate certification and experience to enable them to meet the needs of the young people participating. Students can self-refer to the service or they can be referred by their Heads of Year, teachers, carers or other professionals. Counsellors will only work with young people who want to take part; the referral process must be the mutual responsibility of both referrer and student. The Active Counselling programme is funded by Children’s Fund Essex Active Counselling Counsellor Rosemary Davis-Smith Pastoral Support Mrs A Spiller

The Gilberd School

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Forthcoming Events 2008

5th November 12th November 14th November 17—21st November

Mock Interviews for Year 11 Y8 Parents Evening X Pop Children In Need Non-uniform Day National Anti-bullying Week Y11 Mock Exams (including Applied Art trip) 4.00pm

26th November 27th November 28th November 3rd December 4th December

GCSE Presentation Evening, Charter Hall Citizenship Day Y10 reports to Parents Presentation to Parents On-Line Safety KS4 Concert Rehearsals Winter Concert (P)


All Day 7.00pm

5th December 11th December 19th December

Y9 reports to parents Sports Personality of the Year Awards Term Ends 7.00—

Page 20

The Gilberd School

History through Essex Pub Signs

Saturday 1st November, Keith Lovell The talk looks briefly at the history of ‘trade’ signs and their first appearance on hostelries in our own country. Between eight and ten local to Colchester will then be looked at in some detail before showing another couple of dozen found around the county.

Make Your Own Teracotta Figure Sunday 26th October Taking inspiration from the ‘Guardians to the King’ exhibition you can make your own ancient figure out of clay. Sessions at 12pm, 1pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm. £1pp + Castle admission. Tick Tock Make me a Clock Monday 27th to Friday 31st October

The Cutty Sark—China Tea and the Ships it Created

Saturday 25th October, Roger Hodge The presentation will begin with an introduction to the Cutty Sark before recounting how tea became a part of everyday life in Britain and the American Colonies before the fight for independence began with the Boston Tea Party. The talk will also look at how that event triggered a major change in the design of merchant ships used to carry tea.

Come and have a go at designing your own clock face this half term and be entered into a fun competition judged on 1st A Journey into Family History November. Christchurch Saturday 8th November, Patrick Denney Mansion, Ipswich £1.50pp. Television programmes such as 'Who Do You Think You Are' have inspired many to begin researching their own family history. The resulting research can lead to Your Own Colchester Piece of Crockery! family stories full of intrigue and drama worthy of any historical novel - but with your own ancestors playing Monday 27 to Friday 31 the leading roles. 'A Journey into Family History' is one October 2008 such story. Design a piece of crockery with a One-day tickets are £3. All tickets must be booked townscape of Colchester and paid for in advance by dropping into Hollytrees in this fun and creative Museum, or by phoning 01206 282940 (10am-4.45pm). event.
All talks begin at 3pm. Admission to the castle with valid Tea and Talk ticket from 2.30pm. Earlier arrivals will be required to pay castle entrance as well. All held at Colchester Castle. China at Christmas Saturday 6th December 2008 Find out if and how the Chinese celebrate Christmas. Take part in some fun activities including making your own Tree of Light decorations. Gallery 3, Ipswich Town Hall galleries, Free, 10.00-4.00pm Deck the Halls Sunday 7th December Come along and get your creativity flowing as you make a great selection of festive decorations. Hollytrees Museum, £1.50pp Christmas Open Evening Wednesday 10th December 2008 The doors are flung open again for traditional Christmas carols, the Christmas quiz, fun & magic. Sip mulled wine, grab a mince pie & meet Father Christmas. Colchester Castle, Free, 4.00—8.30pm

Ringing in the Old Saturday 15th November, Robert Needham Robert Needham covers his development as Town Crier for Colchester and then explores some of the known local history. The talk looks at an extract from William Wire's Diary 1st December 1843, as well exploring some photographs of the Town Criers in 1916 and 1924.

Sessions 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm, Hollytrees Museum, £1.50pp

Don’t forget to visit the stunning ‘Guardians to the King’ exhibition before it closes on Sunday 2nd November. Call 01206 282939 to find out more.

The Gilberd School

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School Canteen
Please note that the Canteen does not have the facility to change large denomination banknotes. Wherever possible, students should present payment to the nearest pound. Mr R Pollock Support Services Manager

Catering Tariffs
New tariffs will be in effect for some items from September. This is due to wholesaler increases linked to fuel (deliveries) and grain stocks (poultry and bread). The increases are marginal, and we have maintained existing tariffs where possible. The Governors and staff at the Gilberd are committed to the Healthy Schools Programme, and thank you for your continued support. - Sodexho Education Services Ltd. (Catering)

Parents Gateway

We are pleased to be able to inform you that we have a “Parents’ Gateway” to some of the information kept on your children on the school’s administrative computer system. You may view details of your child’s classes, timetable, exam entries, and their attendance record, (which is updated every day). Eventually we hope to be able to include details of event/conduct logs, assessment records and homework as well. The data is accessed via the Internet so to keep the data secure you will need a user name and password in order to view your child’s record. If you would like to take advantage of this facility, these can be sent to you through the post. A demonstration of the system is available on where you can login to a fictitious school system with RABBOT as the family login name and PASSWORD as the password. You can try the demonstration, using this login. To request your login details for access to your child's data, please email

Page 22

The Gilberd School

If your child is ill, please contact the school office as early as possible on the first day of absence, giving the reason for your child’s non-attendance and the length of time you expect your child to be away either by phone (leaving a message on the answer machine before 8.30am) or via e-mail If your child’s absence carries over a weekend into a new week please contact the school office again on the Monday. In all cases of absence we also need a written note to the Form Tutor on your child’s return to school. This can be written in the planner. If you do not send a note or contact the school office the absence(s) will be recorded as unauthorised and this will appear as truancy on their attendance record.

Dear Parents/Carers Mrs Brightwell is an Education Welfare Officer linked to our school. Her focus is to improve whole school attendance and during the Autumn term she will be conducting register ‘sweeps’. This initiative involves The Gilberd School providing Mrs Brightwell a list of all the children who have not arrived at school by 9:10 am on the selected days. Once she has been given this list she will visit the homes of these students to ascertain from you, as parents and carers, the reason for their absence or unacceptable punctuality. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is a parental responsibility to ensure that your child/ren attends school regularly and on time. Please ensure that you contact the school on the first day of any absence or provide a note if your child is going to be late. Mrs K Morrissey Deputy Headteacher

The Gilberd School

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The Gilberd School A Mathematics and Computing College
School Holidays 2008/2009 Monday 1st September 2008 – Friday 19th December 2008 inclusive Monday 27th October 2008 – Friday 31st October 2008 inclusive Monday 22nd December 2008 – Friday 2nd January 2009 Monday 5th January 2009 – Friday 3rd April 2009 Monday 16th February 2009 – Friday 20th February 2009 Monday 6th April 2009 – Friday 17th April 2009

Autumn Term 2008 Half Term Christmas Holiday Spring Term 2009 Half Term Spring Holiday

Summer Term 2009 Half Term May Bank Holiday Non-pupil Days:

Monday 20th April 2009 – Friday 17th July 2009 Monday 25th May 2009 – Friday 29th May 2009 Monday 4th May 2009 Monday 1st September 2008 Tuesday 7th October 2008 Friday 24th October 2008 Friday 13th February 2009 Monday 20th July 2009 School Holidays 2009/2010 Wednesday 2nd September 2009 – Friday 18th December 2009 inclusive Monday 26th October 2009 – Friday 30th October 2009 inclusive Monday 21st December 2009 – Friday 1st January 2010 Monday 4th January 2010 – Thursday 1st April 2010 Monday 15th February 2010 – Friday 19th February 2010 Monday 5th April 2010 – Friday 16th April 2010 Monday 19th April 2010 – Thursday 22nd July 2010 Monday 31st May 2010 – Friday 4th June 2010 Monday 3rd May 2010 Wednesday 2nd September 2009 Tuesday 6th October 2009 Friday 23rd October 2009 Monday 8th February 2010 Thursday 22nd July 2010

Autumn Term 2009 Half Term Christmas Holiday Spring Term 2010 Half Term Spring Holiday Summer Term 2010 Half Term May Bank Holiday Non-pupil Days:

Headteacher: Mrs L Exley The Gilberd School, Brinkley Lane, Colchester, Essex CO4 9PU Tel: 01206 842211 Fax: 01206 854756 Email:

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