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1. Place pattern on fabric fold. 2. Trace both sides of the pattern. 3. Using shears, cut the pattern out. Do not cut across the top on the fold line. 4. Fold lengthwise (like a hot dog) with the right sides facing in. 5. Press. 6. Using a ¼-inch seam, sew from fold around the curve. Backstitch at start and finish. Leave a 2-inch opening, then stitch the length of the chill tie and around the curve to the fold.

7. Using a pencil, turn chill tie right side out. 8. Press chill tie. Be sure to keep the seam on the edge. 9. Measure from the point inward 10 inches and draw a chalk line across the chill tie. Start with the point that is the farthest from the opening.


10. Sew a stitch line across the chalk line. Backstitch at start and end. 11. Get soil crystals (1 teaspoon) from the teacher. Place these inside the opening and let them fall to the other end. 12. Measure and mark another chalk line on the opposite end of the tie, then sew a stitch line across it. Backstitch at the start and end.


13. Close the opening using a needle and double thread. XXX

To inflate your chill tie, distribute the crystals evenly. Soak in water for 20 to 30 minutes. Do NOT soak longer than 45 minutes. To rehydrate the next day will only take about 10 minutes. To store, hang the chill tie in a warm, dry place. DO not store in a closed bag or container. The wet tie needs good air circulation. To completely deflate it will take about 7 days Do not freeze. Do not tie a double knot for safety reasons. Also, children age 4 or younger should not use a chill tie.

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