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I overheard Mum tell the neighbour that we would definitely do something tonight but couldn’t hear what it was. What might it be? A class wrote down ten things that were impossible. What might be on the list? A family has three children. We know that at least one of the children is a girl. Draw what the family might look like. Madeline threw two dice and when they landed she subtracted one number from the other and wrote down the answer 1. What might the numbers on each dice have been? In a bag there are some balls. I draw out one ball and it is red. I put it back and draw again. This time the ball is black. I put it back. After ten draws I have drawn out three red and seven black. How many balls might there be in the bag and how many might be black? My brother complains that it always rains on his birthday. When might his birthday be? My older sister asked Dad a question and he answered, “It is more likely than unlikely.” What might the question be? We were playing cricket and one of the batsman threw his bat and stormed off saying, “It’s not fair!” What might he be referring to? I chose 5 balls from a bag of balls without looking. There were 2 red and 3 blue. What might the colour of the balls in the bag be and how many balls might there be? Design a game where it is easier for you to win than your opponent.

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