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					Becky Street (04/11/2005)

Scenarios You Might Encounter as a Demonstrator
Scenario 1: A student comes to see you claiming that they are really struggling with the course. As a single parent they missed some of the earlier lectures due to problems arranging childcare, and they feel they have not really been able to catch up since. They failed the first assignment set, and the deadline has been and gone for the second assignment. Although they made some draft notes on this they did not feel able to submit due to problems understanding the material. They are now considering dropping psychology to major in their other subject as they feel they will never be able to master research methods.     What questions would you ask of this student?(what would you want to know so you could best advise them) How could you support this student if they wished to complete the module? What other support may be necessary for them – who / where could you refer them to? What support might you need from other members of the course team, the course convener etc. to effectively support this student?

Scenario 2: A female second year student approaches you as they have not been able to submit their coursework for the deadline and want to know whether they will be penalised. Without warning they burst into tears and seem so overcome with emotion that they are unable to speak. Once you have bustled them into your office / someone else’s office / an unused classroom, they finally confess that they think they are pregnant. They are worried that they will either have to leave University or have an abortion, either of which they may regret. A further concern is that both she and her boyfriend come from Muslim households, and she fears his parents in particular will be extremely angry that they had sex outside of marriage. Her boyfriend hasn’t been replying to his phone since she told him she was late with her period, and she hasn’t yet said anything to her parents.   How would you respond to this student? There are a number of issues to consider: o a) Her emotional state and the presenting problem. o b) The late coursework o c) What her options are regarding continuing / deferring / abandoning her studies


Scenario3: Two members from a project group come to see you, complaining that they have had to do most of the work towards a shared project. They have seen the other group members in lectures but by the time the class breaks up into workshops they often leave early. This came to a head last week when the group needed to collect data together and the two ‘missing’ members were absent. A phone call was made which resulted in an argument and bad feeling all round. An executive decision was made to collect data and conduct the project together as a pair, and they are confident of gaining a good result as they are both quite conscientious students. Having now completed their analysis they are planning their write-up, and have come to you to check it is OK to exclude the two members who have ‘let them down’.    Would you allow these students to continue as a pair without sharing the final project grade with the other two students? How might you address this issue with the group as a whole, e.g. if mediating in a group meeting? What do you feel is going on here, and how should the course team respond?

Scenario 4: A student comes to see you while they are doing their third-year project (a rather complicated factorial design), to ask if you can help them with their statistics. Although they are not currently under your remit, they remember you being very helpful to them when they had problems understanding the statistics on a previous research methods course. They claim their project tutor was very unhelpful, finally telling them to go and look up how to conduct the analysis in a textbook. They express a lot of frustration with the individual concerned and their teaching styles, in sharp contrast to their view of your teaching style and willingness to help them.    What should you do? Should you help this student or not, although they are not officially under your remit. How would you interpret this situation? What other action might you want to take, either in advising the student or communicating with your own colleagues?

Scenario 5: A student has complained to you one-to-one about the mark you gave them on their last project. They claim that their friend has got a much higher mark (from another tutor) for doing less work, and having looked at their friend’s project they feel the mark you gave them was unfair. Although the student is not abusive to you, it is clear that they feel angry and upset about the grade they received. They want you to admit that you marked them too harshly and change the grade that appears on their student record.    What do you do, o a) In the immediate context of your conversation with this student? o b) To address the complaint raised by this student? What support may you need as a result of this, and how would you go about getting it? Are there any wider implications of this complaint?


Scenario 6: You are talking to a student who has asked you for some clarification on how to run a reliability analysis on a pilot questionnaire (or insert statistical / conceptual procedure of your choice!). You explain the procedure to them again, and spend some time explaining this conceptually. The student says they still don’t understand. You re-explain, carefully checking for any particular difficulties, but the student becomes quite frustrated, claiming they ‘just don’t understand any of it’. After half an hour, both of you feel defeated and demotivated…..   What might be going on here? How could you address this?

Other Scenarios Which Might Arise:  An argument breaks out between members of a group, leaving one member in tears….  A student discloses a health problem to you which might affect their coursework, but does not want anybody else (student or staff) to know about it…..  You are asked a question about something you really don’t know the answer to…  One or more students are talking / laughing in a way that discomforts you while you are trying to run a seminar / speak to a group within a workshop.  A student challenges the information you are teaching / the design of a group project, claiming it is ‘rubbish’ … Insert The Worst Ever Scenario You Experienced: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Scenarios Other People Have Experienced: 1____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3

Working Within Your Team Who Has Responsibility For: Supervising You! ____________________________________ Training / supporting you ____________________________________ Setting Your Workload ____________________________________ The Assessment Criteria ____________________________________ Accepting Late Coursework ____________________________________ Accepting Mitigation ____________________________________ Tutorial Room Bookings ____________________________________ Providing/Fixing Equipment ____________________________________ Addressing Student Complaints __________________________________ Monitoring Health & Safety ____________________________________

Who Knows About: Registration & other Admin University Regulations Deferring / Interrupting Access Funds Extra Support for students Training opportunities (you) Extra work opportunities Volunteering opportunities Social Events

____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Who Can You Refer On To: Counselling Services ____________________________________ Maths / Literacy Support ____________________________________ Computing Support ____________________________________ Software etc Training ____________________________________ Spiritual Support ____________________________________ Support Accessing Literature ____________________________________ Disability Support ____________________________________ Equal opportunities issues ____________________________________ Social / lifestyle support ____________________________________ Financial advice ____________________________________ Health Advice ____________________________________

Who Would be Willing To: Proof-read your materials Check your lecture prep Advise you on an issue Give you feedback Listen to your concerns

____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________


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