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Movies, TV and Broadway…AND PERSONALITIES
NOTE: THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE SECTION!! I went through and included nearly all picture sleeve items I have, in this genre. Some VERY rare stuff!! (starts at “FUNNY GIRL”…)
There will also be a section of celebrities and actors singing, after video/movies listings are done.
AIRPORT: columbia 4514 dj—PERCY FAITH airport love theme vg+ wol sol 2.50 THE AMITYVILLE HORROR: american int‟l. 4102 dj—SOUND TRACK Amityville frenzy/same m- 3 ANGEL BABY: signet 280 dj—HEINIE BEAU our love‟s no ordinary thing m- 4 ANGEL UNCHAINED: american international pictures EP 7019—MOVIE COMMERCIALS :60, :30, :30 vg- 2.50 THE BARON: parrot 10816 dj—TED ASTLEY the baron m- 4.50 theme from old TV show BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: mca 40970 dj—STU PHILLIPS theme (5:38 and 4:00) m- sol 3 THE BOYS‟ NIGHT OUT: mgm 13088 dj—DEL RICHARDSON theme vg+ sol xol 2.50 BYE BYE BIRDIE: columbia no # dj—CONRAD BIRDIE honestly sincere/goin‟ steady m- wol 3 CACTUS FLOWER: bell 833 dj—QUINCY JONES the time for lovers is anytime/same m- 3.50 THE CARDINAL: chess 1879—NICK NOBLE main theme vg 2.50 CHARIOTS OF FIRE///COSMOS: eric 5017—THE ASSEMBLED MULTITUDE chariots of fire/heaven & hell THE CRUEL TOWER: era 1023 dj—ROSALINDA WITH PETE KING… main title theme m- 4 **DARK SHADOWS:philips 40633-ROBERT COBERT ORCH. I‟ll be with you…/shadows of the…(with recitations)m- coh3 **D. C. CAB: mca 52345 dj—SHALAMAR (SOUNDTRACK)-deadline u.s.a./same m- 3.50 scarce, fast dance vocal THE DELICATE DELINQUENT: verve 10076—BUDDY BREGMAN…ORCHESTRA the delinquent m- 3.50 DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: columbia 45525 dj—PERCY FAITH theme/theme m- wol sol 2.50 u. a. 50869 dj—FERRANTE & TEICHER theme/theme m- sol wol 2.50 DIRTY LITTLE BILLY: golden crest 912731—BILLY MURE they called him kid/one true love m- 3.50 THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE: epic 50358 dj—SHIRLEY EIKHARD some day soon/same vg+ 3 EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS…ABOUT SEX…: u.a. 50963 dj—FERRANTE & TEICHER theme/theme m- sol wol 2.50 FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE: u.a. 50182 dj—LEROY HOLMES &… theme m- #ol 4.50 FUNNY GIRL: JUKEBOX EP, capitol 2059 (vg- COVER) 5 tracks from ORIGINAL CAST album vg- 2.50 GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES: EP, columbia A 1736 (vg COVER)—ORIG. CAST (C. Channing etc.) 4 songs vg 5 THE GEORGE GOBEL SHOW: sunset 2005-PETE CANDOLI gobelues (theme) m- 3 old, 50s, from TV show GERVAISE: vik 0258 “djsol”—SID BASS & ORCH. song of gervaise m- 3.50 THE GETAWAY: a&m 1858 dj (with vg+ PS)—BILLY ECKSTINE the best thing/same m- 5 good photo of him GIGOT: 20th fox 313 dj (with Mint PS)—ENRICO gigot/allo! allo! allo! m- 5 very rare, 1961 era GOOD-BY FAT LARRY: mushroom proc. 22686—MISSISSIPPI FLANAGAN my friends/cry of loneliness vg+ 4 RARE **GOOD THINGS: golden crest 580 (m- PS)—AL GORDON & ORCH. good things m- 4.50 NEVER saw this before! GREEN FIRE: majar 139 dj—JOE LEAHY theme m- 4 GREENWILLOW: rca sp 45 86 dj (vg+ PS)—ANTHONY PERKINS, ETC. the music of home +3 vg+ 5 GREMLINS: geffen 29255 dj (m- PS, writing)—MICHAEL SEMBELLO gremlins (mega madness)/same m- 3 GUYS AND DOLLS: columbia EP B-2077 (vg+ Cover)—ROSEMARY CLOONEY, JO STAFFORD +2 (movie songs) m- 4 decca EP 2332 (m- COVER)—MARLO BRANDO AND/OR JEAN SIMMONS (4 songs from movie) vg 3.50 GYPSY: columbia no # dj (m- PROMO INSERT)—ETHEL MERMAN everything‟s…roses/SANDRA CHURCH let…m- 5 **HAIR: parrot 336 dj—JENNIFER let the sunshine in/easy to be hard m- 3 ms/slow THE HANGMAN: dot 15942—JOHN ASHLEY the hangman vg+ 2.50 THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE: rca no # dj—CAROL BURNETT fortuosity/same m- 4 **THE HIDDEN: i.r.s. 53215 dj (m- PS)—THE TRUTH it‟s hidden/same m- 3 I HAD A BALL: mercury 72371 (m- PS, Louis photo)—LOUIS ARMSTRONG faith m- 5 I LOVE MY WIFE: atlantic 3417—JOANNA GLEASON & ILENE GRAFF/THE “I LOVE…” someone…/hey there…vg+ 3 IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS: buena vista 409 dj (vg- PS)—MAURICE CHEVALIER let‟s climb/enjoy it 3.50 IRMA LA DOUCE: columbia no # dj (m- graphics PS)—ELIZABETH SEAL theme/dis-donc…m- (small center, 1958) 4.50 **IT‟S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD: world artists 1019 dj—JOE SHERMAN… theme m- 3 JAMAICA: EP, mgm X1563 (vg+ Cover, sticker)—DAVID ROSE savanna/cocoanut sweet +2 m- 3.50 JOANNA: 20th century fox 6713 dj (m- PS)—SOUNDTRACK joanna (vocal)/I‟ll catch the sun (instr.) m- 4 JOSEPH AND…DREAMCOAT: scepter 12308 dj (vg+ PS)—JOSEPH CONSORTIUM jacob and sons/any dream… m- 3 JUGGERNAUT: united artists EP 205—“RADIO SPOTS” 60, 60, 30, 30, and 30 seconds vg+ 4 LADY CAROLINE LAMB: angel “spro 6643” dj (m- PS)—SOUNDTRACK theme and variations, parts i-ii m- 4.50 rare LADY IN CEMENT: a&m 1075 dj—PAUL DESMOND lady in cement (main title) m- 3.50 LAST TANGO IN PARIS: u.a. xw205 dj—FERRANTE & TEICHER theme/theme vg+ sol wol 2.50 LAWRENCE OF ARABIA: colpix 674 dj—THE ARABIAN KNIGHTS the voice of the guns, i/ii m 4 LAZARUS: M & B 100 (mint PS)—BOB GRABEAU the fugitive years, i/ii (70s but rare) m- 6.50 LIMBO: decca 33032 dj (with POOR PS)—ANITA KERR, etc. where do I go from here?/same vg+ 3 LOVE HAS MANY FACES: capitol 5340 (vg PS, staple)—NANCY WILSON theme m- 4.50

LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS///GOODBYE…: abc 11277 (vg- PS)—FRANK PORRETTA for all we know/fill… m- 4 MAIN ATTRACTION: dot 16474—PAT BOONE main attraction m- 3 THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE: dot 16340—THE FAIRMOUNT SINGERS the man who… vg+ 3.50 MARDI-GRAS: mgm 12751 dj (m- PS, their photo)-“FRAN-EILEEN-KAY” loyalty/together m- 10 MARTY: mgm 11970 (vg+ PS, center damaged but intact)—THE NATURALS MARTY M- 12.50 rare, never seen PS MARY POPPINS: buena vista 434 (m- PS)—JULIE ANDREWS, ETC.—supercalifragilistic…/mary poppins song m- 5.50 THE MATING GAME: mgm 12761 (m- Pic Sleeve)--DEBBIE REYNOLDS theme m- 22 rare MERRY ANDREW: capitol pro 585 dj—DANNY KANE “selections from the soundtrack” (BLANK FLIP) vg- wol 2.50 METROPOLIS: columbia 04606 dj (m- PS)—FREDDIE MERCURY love kills/same m- 3 MIDNIGHT COWBOY///IN THE DARK: phase 4 #90009 dj—RONNIE ALDRICH theme/theme vg+ wol 3 from 1969 MODERN TIMES///LIMELIGHT: paramount 0148 dj (vg+ PS)—DARIUS BRUBECK smile/theme m- 5.50 MOMENT BY MOMENT: rso 915 dj (m- PS)—YVONNE ELLIMAN moment by moment/same m- 3 THE MUSIC LOVERS: u.a. 50747 dj—FERRANTE & TEICHER the music lovers/same vg+ wol 2.50 NAKED CITY: medallion 604 dj—JOE HARNELL AND HIS BAND naked city theme m- 5 (TV) THE NELSON AFFAIR: universal city EP 350—“RADIO SPOT ANNOUNCEMENTS” 6 ads, :10 to :60 long vg+ 4 A NEW KIND OF LOVE: london 9617 dj—FRANK CHACKSFIELD & ORCH theme m- 3.50 THE NIGHT THEY RAIDED MINSKY‟S: philips 40584 dj—FRANK HUBBELL…STOMPERS theme/how I loved her m- 5 99 AND 44/100% DEAD: rca djho 0323 dj (m- PS, staple)—HANK MANCINI…SEVEN hangin‟ out/same m- wol 3.50 ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO‟S NEST: fantasy 760 dj (m- Nicholson PS)-JACK NITZSCHE theme/theme m- 4 101 DALMATIANS: buena vista 801 dj (m- PS)—THE K-NINE 101 dalmatians/cruella deville m- 6.50 OUTLAW BLUES: capitol 4465 (m- PS)—PETER FONDA, ETC. otheme/I dream of highways vg+ sol (or vg+DJ) 3.50 THE PAJAMA GAME: mercury EP 3255 (vg+ COVER)—PATTI PAGE, RICHARD HAYMAN, GAYLORDS +1 vg+ 3 PAL JOEY: somerset EP 500 (vg+ COVER)—101 STRINGS bewitched/the lady is a tramp/my funny… +1 m- 3.50 PARRISH: W. B. 5218 (VG ps)—GEORGE GREELEY lucy‟s theme/alison‟s theme m- 3.50 PERRI: disneyland 72 (m- PS)—DARLENE GILLESPIE, ETC. perri/now to sleep/break of day/together time m- 6.50 PETER GUNN: rca EP 4339 (vg+ COVER, name on back)—HENRY MANCINI walkin‟ brass/spook! +2 vg 2.50 PETER PAN: rca 5948 dj—MARY MARTIN AND KATHY NOLAN I‟ve gotta crow/wendy vg+ 3 PIECES OF DREAMS: u. a. 5071 dj—FERRANTE & TEICHER theme/ m- wol 2.50 THE QUIET AMERICAN: u. a. 103 (vg+ PS, rare and cool!, 1-inch corner clipped)—RAY MARTIN song from… m- 5.50 THE RAT RACE: roulette 4270—RICHARD MALTBY theme vg+ 2.50 RING OF BRIGHT WATER: mercury 72940—DEE DEE WARWICK theme vg+ 3 **“ROCKY RE-RELEASE”: EP, united artists 408—“RADIO SPOTS” cut #1 (:30 length) m- 3 ROMEO AND JULIET: calendar 5001 dj (vg+ PS)—TERESA GRAVES we‟re on our way/a time for us m- 3.50 ** liberty 56119 dj—PATTI McCARRON love theme & what is youth?/ m- 3 ROSE ON BROADWAY (TV SPECIAL): cozy no #--DORA HALL rose of Wash. square/harrigan +4 (more artists,too) m- 4 THE RULING CLASS: avco 4605 dj (m- PS)—THE HUGO & LUIGI MUSIC MACHINE theme/theme m- 5 RUN FOR COVER: capitol F3037 dj—BOB GRAHAM AND NELSON RIDDLE theme vg 2 THE SANDPIPER: verve 10358 dj (m- PS)—ASTRUD GILBERTO the shadow of your smile m- 3.50 SARAVA: roadshow rca 11454 dj (m- Title Sleeve)—SARAVA sarava/same m- 3 SCARFACE:mca 52326 dj—SOUNDTRACK(PAUL ENGEMANN)scarface(push it to the limit)/same m- 2.50 mf danceish SHOCK TREATMENT: w. b. 49799 dj (Poor PS)—SOUNDTRACK shock treatment/overture m- 3 SOUND OF MUSIC (BROADWAY): kapp 312 dj (g+ Title Sleeve)—PETE KING CHORALE theme/my favorite… m- 3.50 SUMMER LOVERS: w. b. 29944 dj (m- PS)—MICHAEL SEMBELLO summer lovers/same m 3 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE: w. b. 8729 (choose Stock or 1-title DJ)(vg+ Title Slv)—JOHN WILLIAMS main title/ m- 3 SWEET CHARITY: atco 6401 dj—BENT FABRIC theme m- 3 decca 32442 (vg+ PS, coh)—SAMMY KAYE I‟m a brass band/I love to cry at weddings m- coh 3 32446 dj (m- PS, her photo)—SHIRLEY MacLAINE where am I going/personal property m- 8.50 TAKE ME ALONG: rca sp 45 78 dj (Poor PS, bur rare)—JACKIE GLEASON, ETC. little green snake/staying…+2 vg+ 3 TENDER IS THE NIGHT: w. b. 5511 dj (Poor PS)—GEORGE GREELEY tonight/mattinata +2 m- 3 THE THIEF WHO CAME TO DINNER: rca 74 0890 dj (m- PS)—HENRY MANCINI theme/theme m- 3 nice pic sleeve TIME TO TURN: world wide pictures EP 8/73—TWO “60 SECOND RADIO SPOTS” vg+ 3.50 TRISTAN AND ISOLDE: w.b. 5175 (m- PS)—GEORGE GREELEY love music from “tristan and isolde”/ vg 2.50 THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN: columbia no # DJ, 33RPM single” (m- PS)—A.KOSTELANETZ dolce…/I aint…vg+ 4 URBAN COWBOY: asylum 47033 dj (m- PS)—BONNIE RAITT don‟t it make you wanna dance/same m- 3 THE VALACHI PAPERS: bell 45304 (EMPTY PICTURE SLEEVE ONLY) “love theme” vg, rip at bottom 2 THE VIKINGS: u. a. 130 dj (Mint PS!!!)—HAL SCHAEFER march of the vikings m- 10 rare & great PS 131 (m- PS)—JACK HASKELL theme m- even cooler PS, movie photos 10 THE WAR LOVER: colpix 658 (vg PS)—BERNIE LEIGHTON theme m- 4.50 another cool PS WHAT MAKES SAMMY RUN?: columbia no # dj(vg+ PS, his photo etc.)—STEVE LAWRENCE a new pair…/some…m-3.50 WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS///AWAY ALL BOATS///20,000…+1: EP coral 81142 (VG COVER)—GEO. CATES themes vg 2.50 **WILDCAT: kapp 367 dj—PETE KING CHORALE hey! look me over/tall hope m- 2.50 WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION: u.a. 106 (m- PS, GREAT graphics)-BOB CARROLL song from… m- 26.50 THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG///A BREATH OF SCANDAL: roulette 4305 dj—JOE REISMAN AND… (themes) vg+ 2.50 YOU NEVER GAVE ME ROSES: silver star 21 dj (m- PS)—MEGAN McDONOUGH if I could only…/same m- 4 YOUNG AMERICANS: abc 10998 (Mint PS)—THE YOUNG AMERICANS the song is love/sunset see my sadness m- 4.50 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: a&m forget me nots 8602—BARRY DeVORZON nadia‟s theme m- 2.50 YOUNG GUNS: rrc 104 dj (VG+ PAPER photo PROMO INSERT)—GORDON GREEN theme m- 7.50 THE YOUNG ONES: cameo 294—ALLEN FUNT AND ORCHESTRA theme m- (choose stock or DJ copy) 3

YOUNG WINSTON: angel apro 6584 dj (vg- PS)—SOUNDTRACK entr‟acte/jennie‟s theme



CHARLES BOYER: valiant 719—where does love go/(instr---THEME) m- 7 narration with music, rare **RICHARD BURTON: columbia EP (small center, vg+ PS) no # dj—3 soliloquies, & DISCUSSION of “Hamlet” m- 6.50 VINCENT EDWARDS: colpix 771—see that girl/no, not much vg 2.50 SHIRLEY JONES: bell 45-119 dj—I‟ve still got my heart, joe/…out for someone m- 3.50 ANTHONY QUINN: capitol 5930 (m- PS)—sometimes/I love you, you love me m- 5 DEBBIE REYNOLDS AND EDDIE FISHER///EDDIE FISHER: rca 6820—lullaby in blue///I never felt this way before m- 2.50 CHUCK WOOLERY: w. b. 8381—growing up in a country way/painted lady m- 2.50 epic 50897 dj—the greatest love affair/same m- 3

Fifties/early 60s


ANDY ACKERS: metro 20017 dj—lover‟s island/the night of the quarter moon m- xol 3 slow piano I‟s **MORRIS ALBERT: rca 10626—she‟s my girl/summer in paris m- 2.50 ** 10958—conversation/never let you go m- 2 THE AMERICANS: crest 45101—old friends/my honest name vg+ 3 midtempo, 50s **NANCY AMES: liberty 55762 dj—let tonight linger on/it scares me m- 3 scarce 1964-5 era **CRAIG ANDERS: mgm 13345 dj—girls of the folies bergere/colette m- 3 mid/slow piano instr. 1965 PATTY ANDREWS: capitol F3344—I never will marry/daybreak blues vg+ 2.50 THE ARBORS: date 1570 dj—a love for all seasons/with you girl m 3 1967 JEANNIE ARLEN///TONY GRISE: north star 2021—lonely/everybody needs…m- 3.50 slow female/slow guy (50‟s Minn.) **LOUIS ARMSTRONG: brunswick 55350—rosie/you‟ll never walk alone m- 2.50 *sale* ART AUGUST: brad 221 dj—I lost my love/sad love affair m- 5 midfast with group/slow, 50s GEORGE AULD: discovery 16—you got me jumpin‟/nashooma vg 2.50 mf/mid 50s jazz I‟s u. a. 202 dj—manhattan/harlem nocturne vg+ wol 2.50 MONTY BABSON: palette 5088 dj—mama darling/it all began with you m- 3 midslow PEARL BAILEY: sunset 2018 dj—zing went the strings of my heart/that certain…m- 43.50 THE BAKER SISTERS: unique 324—the last bus home/if you‟re ever gonna leave me vg+ wol 3 mid/mf, 50s MONTE BALLOU…BAND: california 302—the torch/I‟ve been floating…river m- 3.50 ARTIE BARSAMIAN: kapp 303 dj—misirlou/shadows in the casbah m- 3.50 ms/mf “arabic” instr‟s **JOHN AND CARL BELLANTE: nami 2040 dj—amy (when she‟s sleeping)/same m- 2.50 midslow „75 **LOU BENNETT TRIO: dawn 234 dj—googa mooga/diggin‟ ilene m- 3.50 mf/mid instr‟s POLLY BERGEN: unique 345 dj—darling I belong to you/one little mistake vg+ 3 **PAT BOONE WITH SHIRLEY BOONE: melodyland 6018 dj—I‟d do it with you/same m- 2.50 PHIL BRITO: congress 114—it‟s nice to know/I‟ll wait for you vg tol 2.50 midslow group, 1958 THE BROTHERS FOUR: columbia 42142—nobody knows/my woman left me m- 2.50 ANITA BRYANT: columbia 43106 dj—welcome, welcome home/laughing on the outside…m- 3 RAY BUDZILEK…ALL STARS: surprise 16229/16230—let‟s all dance, polka/julida, polka m- 3 Ohio, early 60s? **JIMMY BUFFETT: mca 52050 dj—where‟s the party/same m- 2.50 ** 52298 dj—one particular harbor/same m- 2.50 BOTH ITEMS FOR $3 THE BUFFALO BILLS: w. b. 5356 dj—the first winds of may/you don‟t need her m- 3 midslow BUDDY BUTLER: verro 5691—dees dots/desirous vg+ 2.50 mf/ms jazz instr‟s, Chicago 50s CHAMP BUTLER: riviera 7000 dj—down yonder/up a lazy river vg+ 2.50 MAUREEN CANNON: jubilee 5272 dj—mama come save your child/oh johnny,… m- 4.50 fast/mf RICHARD CANNON: capitol F4093 dj—the best things in life are free/st. louis blues m- 3.50 mid/mf, late 50s BILL CAREY: dot 16755—I am/that girl m- 3 TONI CARLO: bana 523 dj—fidgety-digit/baby behave yourself m- #ol 3.50 **TONY CARO: crystalette 731—if I ever catch you/a year form now m- 3 JACK CARROLL: majar 142 dj—loretta/stealin‟ m- 4 KEN CARSON: TEST PRESS, media no #--hawkeye/??? vg+ 2.50 OTTO CESANA: columbia NO # dj—I fear the night/where are you now? m- xol 3.50 1955-56 era? **CHER: casablanca 2228 dj—holdin‟ out for love/same m 2.50 **BOBBY CHRISTIAN: stepheny 1839—english toffee/jumpin jack vg+ 3 midfast I‟s, 1960 era? Illinois **RALPH CLIFFORD///NANCY HOUGHTON: perry 3—I‟ve always dreamed…///I have a secret m- 3 ‟61 era Ohio rare SHAYE COGAN: roulette 4095 dj—little ring/tippy canoe vg+ 3.50 midslow pops **RITA COOLIDGE: a&m 1642 dj—love has no pride/same m- 2.50 2318 dj—words/words M 2.50 ALAN COPELAND: w. b. 5400 dj—the shampoo/it‟s you I love m- 3.50 midfasts, instr/vocal THE COWBOY CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL: decca 29530—the little black sheep/go on by m- 3.50 AUSTIN CROMER: roulette 4077 dj—on one finger of your hand/I think of you m- 3 slow pop BING CROSBY: kapp 195—never be afraid/I love you whoever you are vg+ 2.50 VIC DAMONE: united talent 601 dj—don‟t let me go/here‟s that rainy day m- 3 SAMMY DAVIS, JR.: decca 29649—it‟s bigger than you and me/back track! vg+ 2.50 JERIL DEANE…CHORALEERS: solo 105 dj—I don‟t know how to cry/I want to live…vg+ #ol 2.50 slow/midslow JOHNNY DESMOND: columbia 41414—hey little dolly/dancin‟ man vg+ 2.50 FRANK DeVOL: capitol F1411—ciribiribin on the mandolin/chapel of the roses m- 3 1951

RICKI DINO: 20th century fox 538 dj—you‟ll always be the one I love/no, no, …vg+ 3 slow/ms pop VAL DOONICAN: press 5008 dj—what would I be/gentle mary m- xol 3 ms/mf THE DO-RE-ME CHILDREN‟S CHORUS: kapp 378 dj—dondi/he‟ll love you… m- 3.50 **FRANK D‟RONE: cameo 282 dj—have a good time/mr. blue m- 2.50 cadet 5595 dj—think I will/make me rainbows m- 2.50 *sale* BILLY ECKSTINE: mgm 11803 dj—olay, olay (the bullfighter‟s song)/you leave…m- 3.50 rca 6488—joey joey joey/my heart says no m- 3.50 LARRY ELGART & ORCHESTRA: rca 8517 (LIVING STEREO)—beyond the blue horizon/heartaches vg sol 2.50 THE ELIGIBLES: w. b. 5344 dj—what you can do for me/gabie m- 3 midtempo vocals, bossa nova/pop sides RAY ELLIS: rca 8023—the sheik/dumpy vg 2.50 BENT FABRIC: atco 6333—titena/the old piano roll blues vg+ 2.50 PERCY FAITH AND HIS ORCHESTRA: rca 47 3063—whirlwind/my dream concerto vg+ wol 3 columbia 39781—jungle fantasy/enlloro (voodoo moon) vg+ sol 3 columbia hall of fame 33039 (60s press)—delicado/swedish rhapsody m- 2.50 columbia 42500—non dimenticar/tropical merengue m- 2.50 42503—they can‟t take that away from me/jamaican rhumba m- 2.50 44166—yellow days/kahlua m- 3 44446 dj—there was a time/for those in love vg+ wol 2.50 NO # dj—goin‟ out of my head/sunny vg+ wol (1968) 2.50 44987 dj—the april fools/same m- wol 2.50 45051 dj—the time for love is anytime/peppermint hill… vg+ wol 2.50 45297dj—everything‟s all right/same m- wol sol 2.50 45374 dj—anytime of the year/same vg+ wol 2 45619 dj—bach‟s lunch/same vg+ wol sol 2 AE7 1063 dj—2001 (also sprach zarathustra)/same m- wol 2.50 454868 dj—viva vivaldi/same vg+ wol sol 2.50 VIC FARACI & HIS ORCHESTRA: phonograph 1027—sweet sue cha cha cha/more brothers vg 2.50 FRANCES FAYE: regina 1322 dj—sweet georgia brown/your heavenly vg+ 2.50 FERKO STRING BAND: trans-world 713—bang-bang-polka/hindustan vg+ #ol 3 1953-era Philadelphia FERRANTE AND TEICHER: EP, columbia B 1719 (vg+ COVER)—I am in love/I love paris +5 (from CAN-CAN) m- 3 play time 22017—I love paris/c‟est magnifique vg+ 2 22019—no other love/the last time… m- 2.50 22020—I am in love/allez-vous-en, go away m- 2.50 22021—marriage type love/…copenhagen vg+ 2 u.a. 1507 (silver spotlight series)—bewitched, bothered and bewildered/misirlou vg+ 2 FESTIVAL CONCERT ORCHESTRA: ep, camden 141 (vg+ COVER) skaters waltz/song of india +1 m- 2.50 GEORGE FEYER: EP, vox 30290 (m- COVER)—“echoes of vienna (part II)” m- 2.50 classical piano EDDIE FISHER: rca 6071 dj—take my love/just one more time m- 2.50 5 DeMARCO SISTERS: decca 30181 dj—five little misses (MEDLEY)/I‟m turn with love vg+ 3 RALPH FLADNAGAN: rca bluebird 0012—way back home/the trail of the lonesome pine m- 2.50 BARBARA FLANUM…KAROUSELS: KL 74—dazy‟s polka/kenny‟s polka m- 3 late 60s? **SONNY FORTUNE: horizon 101—awakening/sunshower m- 2.50 STUART FOSTER: jubilee 5389—heart of stone/romance still lives in paris m- 3 midslow/slow, 1962-3 era PETE FOUNTAIN: coral silver star series 65579 (orange label)—begin the beguine/birth of the blues vg+ 2.50 THE FOUR COACHMEN: castle 507 dj—if you believe/nothing but love, love, love m- 3.50 ms/mf, 50s THE FOUR FRESHMEN: capitol F3532—you‟re so far above me/he who loves and runs away m- 3 THE FOUR GRADS: liberty 55077—from this moment on/you make me feel so young vg 2.50 fast/mf, 1958 JANE FROMAN: capitol F2708—wait and see/it‟s all in your heart vg 2.50 SUNNY GALE: rca 6588—if you really want to know/try a little harder m- 3 blaine 4002 dj—stay (reste)/once in every lifetime m- 4.50 midslow, later but rarer JAN GARBER: capitol F925—deep night/dancing with tears in my eyes m- 3 1950 F1430—the hot canary/that‟s how our love will grow m- 3 1951 GIL GARFIELD: a&m 783 dj—poor butterfly/just a clown m- 3 ms/mf, 1964 era RONNIE GAYLORD: wing 90057—to be beside you/do you know… vg+ 2.50 BILLY GEE: coronet 1303 dj—king of hearts/if you have faith vg+ 3 midslow/slow, 1960 era EYDIE GORME: u. a. 292 dj—yours tonight/what ever happened to our love m- 3 325 dj—I feel so spanish/my heart m- 3 EARL GRANT: decca 30244 dj—thanks for you/through the eyes… m- xol 3 31222—ebb tide/next time m- 2.50 KEN GRIFFIN AT THE ORGAN: rondo 45189—neapolitan nights/after the ball m- 3 45214—till we meet again/tiger rag m- 3 BOTH ITEMS FOR $4 IF YOU WANT BOTH THE GRASSELA OLIPHANT QUARTET: atlantic 5051 dj—star dust/one for the masses m- 3.50 MERV GRIFFIN: CAMEO 298 (choose Stock or DJ)—have I told you lately I…/I‟m sorry…m- 2.50 (stock copy has wol) **LANI HALL: a&m 1385 dj (m- PS)—how can I tell you/love song m- 3 1433 dj (m- PS)—banquet/same m- 2.50 JANICE HARPER: capitol 4401—love me now, love me never/only once vg+ 3 TONI HARPER: verve 2015—my memory book/love is a wonderful thing m- slow/mid 4 1956-7 DOLORES HAWKINS: epic 9159 dj—I‟ll be seeing you/I gotta right… vg+ 3 fast/mid ERSKINE HAWKINS: decca 29864 dj—waltz in blue/the yurt m- 3.50

BILL HENDERSON: verve 20357 dj—when my dreamboat comes home/who can I turn to? m- 3 JOE HENDERSON: signature 12001—hey chick/dream of olwen vg+ 3 mid/ms instr. WOODY HERMAN: capitol F3087 dj—kiss the baby/long, long night m- 3.50 RICHARD “GROOVE” HOLMES: pacific jazz 88149—listen here/I can‟t stop dancin‟ m- 3 **VERNEL HOLMES: cub 9007 dj—walking in the raindrops/what‟s going on baby vg+ 2.50 SALE, rare 1958 “HONOR ROLL OF HITS”: ALL ARE RCA EP‟S with minimal WRITING on front COVERS; will list by YEARS not label #: 1928—TONY MARTIN sweet sue-just you/TONY MARTIN ramona/LARRY GREEN I‟ll get by +1 vg+ 2.50 1929—JAMES MELTON siboney/MELACHRINO STRINGS stardust/F. FLANAGAN singin in the rain +1 vg+ 2.50 1931—RALPH FLANAGAN dancing…dark/VAUGHN MONROE all of me/FREDDY MARTIN she didn‟t…+1 vg+ 2 ½ 1932—TONY MARTIN night and day/EDDIE FISHER somebody loves me/EDDIE FISHER how deep… +1 vg+ 2.50 1935—KING SISTERS isle of capri/EDDIE FISHER cheek to cheek/VAUGHN MONROE red sails… +1 vg+ 2.50 1937—SAMMY KAYE sweet leilani/TOMMY DORSEY marie/RALPH FLANAGAN harbor lights +1 vg+ 2.50 1938—TONY MARTIN music maestro please/GUY LOMBARDO ti-pi-tin/LARRY CLINTON my reverie +1 vg+ 2.50 1939—GLAHE MUSETTE beer barrel polka/GLENN MILLER sunrise serenade; wishing/HUGO W. vg+ 2.50 1941—GLENN MILLER chattanooga…/SAMMY KAYE amapola/ARTIE SHAW frenesi/FREDDY MARTIN vg+ 2.50 1942—GLENN MILLER kalamazoo; moonlight cocktail/TOMMY DORSEY sleepy lagoon/F. MARTIN vg+ 2.50 1944—HUGO WINTERHALTER swingin‟ on a star/DINAH SHORE I‟ll walk alone/T. DORSEY I‟ll be…+1 vg+ 2.50 I‟ll sell all ELEVEN of these for $14 ROBBIN HOOD: mgm 12221 dj—beautiful, beautiful love/the rock-a-bye blues vg+ wol 3 mid/ms female pop 12486—wouldn‟t cha like to know/for the love of mike vg+ #ol 3.50 mid/mf, nice „57 DOLLY HOUSTON: unique 346 dj—down in the dumps/you are there m- 3 SONNY HOWARD: rca 6095 dj—I love ya, love ya, love ya/if I had… m- 3 THE HUGO & LUIGI…MEL DAVIS: roulette 4629 dj—the boy with the horn/the girl that I mary m-3 mid-ms vocals **JANIS IAN: columbia 10228—in the winter/thankyous m- 2.50 DICK JACOBS: coral 61907 dj—the lovely ladies of milano/place pigalle vg+ xol 2.50 BETTY JOHNSON: world artists 1014 dj—wednesday‟s child/what‟s the matter, little girl m- 3 1962 republic 2025 dj—why, why?/how do you tell your heart m- 4 mid teener-ish, slow flip BETSY JONES: w. b. 5214—I love you/beyond the reef vg+ 3 midslow TOM JONES: mca w4127—dancing endlessly/never had a lady before m- 3 mercury 810 445—we‟re wasting our time/touch me (I‟ll…) m- 2.50 FRANK JUSSUF: calico 105 dj—seven come heaven/things happen… m- 3 fast/midslow pop BERT KAEMPFERT: decca 732518—games people play/love me happy m- xol coh 3 KITTY KALLEN: decca 30404—lasting love/long lonely nights m- 3 bell 673 dj—oba, oba/summer, summer wind m- 3 LINDA KENDRICK: pye 71016 dj (m- PS)—house of cards/same m 2.50 EARTHA KITT: kapp 294 dj—sholem/love is a gamble m- 3 **KATIE KISSOON: jive 9252 dj—I need a man in my life/same m- 2.50 GENE KRUPA BIG BAND: verve 2016—that‟s your mistake/g & j blues m- 3.50 1956 era **BARBARA LANTZ: bigtop 3044 dj—one more time/you‟re not worth…m- 3 slow/midfast JULIUS LA ROSA: kapp 348 dj—bewitched (in italian)/it‟s all right with me (italian & english) m- 3 371 dj—let your lips tell me/seventeen m- (WITH PROMO INSERT) 3.50 from 1961 DONNA LEE: columbia 44901 dj—children of the sun/omnibus vg+ wol 2.50 MICHELE LEE: columbia 43288 dj—somewhere in the world/pretty lies,… m- 3 midslow 43923 dj—wednesday‟s child/if you gfo away m- 3 slow 44165 dj—being good isn‟t good enough/I believe in you m- 2.50 *sale* ms/mid 44413 dj—l. david sloane/everybody loves my baby m- 3 44554 dj—I can‟t believe I‟m losing you/I didn‟t come to New York to meet…m- 4.50 flip midtempo soulish beat 44698 dj—knowing when to leave/the look of love m- 3 mid/ms bacharach-david songs 44835 dj—it‟s a long way to fall/you‟ll remember me m- 4 mf/mid, soulish beat flip RAYMOND LEFEVRE…ORCHESTRA: jamie 161—sleepy time/never on sunday m- 3.50 TOMMY LEONETTI WITH DAUGHTER KIM: columbia 44568 dj (m- PS)—let‟s take a walk/all of the…(solo) m- 5 rare PS “FROM LIBERACE AND GEORGE”: sincerely yours/rhapsody… (1955 souvenir Pentages Theatre, no #) vg+ 3 PHYLLIS LIND QUARTET: conrose 501—gather up all the oranges/choose your love m- 3 **JUDY LYNN: amaret 131—so natural is my love/married to a memory m- 2.50 mf/ms, 1971 THE MACK TRIPLETS: double AA 104 dj—could be I love you/climbing some other high hill vg+ 3.50 fast/mid ‟54 era HEATHER MacRAE: abc 10965 dj—lazy sunny day/hands of the clock m- 3 JOHNNY MADDOX: dot 163230—frenchy/glad rag doll m- 2.50 **MARIANO: kapp 219 dj—mariano‟s 5th rock symphony/the bitter…m- 2.50 ferrante &n teicher piano type RAMON MARQUEZ: fiesta 006—mambolitis/bim biri ho m- 3.50 50s NYC scarce **DEAN MARTIN: reprise 1178—free to carry on/you‟re the best thing…me m- 2.50 VINCE MARTIN: glory 266 dj—goodbye, my love/oh, my darling, oh m- 3 **AL MARTINO: 20th fox 180 dj (vg+ TITLE SLEEVE)—mama/and I have you my love m- 3 *RARE* 184 dj (vg+ PIC SLEEVE)—dearest/hello my love m- 3.50 RARE **JOHN AND BEVERLY MARTYN: w. b. 741 dj—can‟t get the one I want/go out… m- 2.50 **HUGH MASEKELA: mgm 13646—along comes mary/little star m- coh 2.50 rarely have seen this **PAUL MAURIAT: philips 40647—je t‟aime moi non plus/I want to live m- coh 2.50 (movie flip? bergman co-wrote) **JIMMY McGRIFF: solid state 2528—step one/south wes m- 3 ** 2531—a thing to come by/charlotte m- 3

** 2534—back on the track/chris cross m- 2.50 ALL THR EE OF THESE $6.50 ROD McKUEN: kapp 366 dj-in a lonely place/marie, marie m- 3 **CARMEN MC RAE: groove merchant 1022—how could I settle for less/the good life m- 3 GREIG McRITCHIE: zephyr EP7005 DJ (vg Cover, seam rips)—jeepers creepers +4 m- 3 MERRY MACS: era 1010 dj—good will/why can‟t we begin… m- 3.50 **EDDIE “PIANO” MILLER: clock 1019—dream time/memories of you vg+ 2.50 **JODY MILLER: capitol 5911—shutters and boards/kiss me m- 3 THE MILLS BROTHERS: paramount 0181—there‟s no life on the moon/a donut… m- 3 THE MARV MILO ORCHESTRA: london 9743 dj—megan‟s theme/you made me love you m- 3.50 JOHNY MILTON…BAND: atco 6202 dj—“sing-a-song cocktail” i/ii (medleys) m- 3 mf-fast dixieland jazz MISTER “G”: gira 022 dj—baby, you‟re o.k./sweet angelina m- 3.50 midtempos, sort of strange pops **MISTER JIM…MACHINE: date 1611 dj—mrs. robinson/carnival m- 3 a-side covering simon & garfunkel GUY MITCHELL: columbia 40987—cure for the blues/call rosie… vg+ 2.50 **RUBIN MITCHELL: capitol 5915—lips & legs/dardanella m- 2.50 2220 dj—loosen up/summer dreams m- #ol 3 JOE MOONEY: columbia no # dj (m- PS)—emily/this is the life m 3 MARVIN MORAN: schneider‟s 1—oh dorothy/up hurley way vg+ 2.50 MILWAUKEE, early 70s (a guess) JANE MORGAN: kapp 304 dj—I‟m in love/same m- 3 369 dj—jerusalem (english/french versions) m- 2.50 abc 11054 dj—a child/my funny valentine m- 3 JIMMY MOSBY: kapp 411 dj—do you call that a buddy?/the little white could that cried m- 5 midslow (popcorn?) „61 THE MOTIFS: motif 003—my last night in rome/the law of attraction vg+ 2.50 THE MULCAYS: cardinal 13037 (WITH PROMOTION INSERT)—echoing hills/diane vg+ 3 MYSTIC MOODS ORCHESTRA: philips “djp-69” dj—come saturday morning/lovers lullaby m- 3 SEAN NEAL: rca 9326—I love you so much it hurts/funny how the time slips away vg+ 2.50 **MARY NEMEC: von-e 101—when I close my eyes/waiting for you m- 3 60s RED NICHOLS: capitol F3398 dj—speak easy/…girls of berlin m- 3 **NINO & APRIL: a&m 1674 dj—you turn me on/same m- 2.50 VAL NORMAN: valor 2005 dj—the ballad of barbara graham/…I‟ve ever heard vg+ 3.50 midtempo **OLIVER: mca 52063 dj—everybody wants to be the boss/same m- 2.50 MORTY PALITZ & ORCHESTRA: josie 850 dj—eso es…/the grocer‟s cha-cha vg+ wol 3.50 fast/mid vocals TOMMY PANTO…MARVELEERS: the charles 02139/02140—diamond back/goofus m- 3.50 baltimore mid. instr‟s MARY PASTOR: roulette 4301 dj—certainly you are/I want a place… m- 3 LES PAUL: london 120 dj—los angeles/the system m- 3.50 later, ALMOST **NEVER** SEE THIS THE PHANTOM: capitol F3427 dj—whispering/five foot two, eyes of blue m- 3.50 THE PICCOLINO POP STRINGS: loose, SMALL promotional insert (post-card-sized) for “clown town” m- 2 SIR HUBERT PIMM, ELLEN SUTTON: kem 2711—back in the good old days/a broken…vg+ 3 mf/mid, scarce 50s **P. J. AND BOBBY: butterfly 1203 (m- PS)—wooly, wooly/I just wanted to stay awhile m- 2.50 JIMMY PONDER: abc impulse 31008 dj—jennifer/jennifer m- 3 PEREZ PRADO: rca 7826—be true to me/julie is her name m- 3 DELLA REESE: jubilee 5332 dj—you gotta love everybody/I wish vg+ 4 mf/slow BILLY REGIS: rca 6377—zigeuner/I‟m depending on you vg+ 3 **DAVID REILLY: mca 52055 dj—racing cars/same m- 2.50 midtempo JOE REISMAN & HIS ORCH.: roulette 4263 dj—sunrise serenade/lover‟s rendezvous m- 3 midslow instr. LINE RENAUD: capitol EP (small center, “pro 4649” dj, vg PS)—goodbye my souvenirs +3 vg+ 2.50 BARRY RICHARDS: columbia 44582 dj—I forgot more than you‟ll ever know/leaving again (medley) m- 3 **AUSTIN ROBERTS: abc 1289—live is for living/I can make it better m 3 EILEEN RODGERS: columbia 41403 dj—the best of friends/brand new heartache vg+ sol 3 midslow 41715 dj—the phone call/you better decide vg+ xol 3 slow/fast MILT ROGERS: dot 1612—laura/pagan love song m- 3.50 RICHARD ROME: newtown 101—lunarsy/old devil moon vg 2.50 instrumentals JIMMY ROSELLI: u. a. 50480—my heart cries for you/why did you leave me m- xxol 3 LINDA ROTH: vogue int. 114—the first time/december roses m- 3 slow, early 60s JERRY RUSH: down beat 200 dj—don‟t wonder, don‟t worry/there‟s something…vg+ 3 mid/slow 50s ST. ANDREWS CHORALE: london 1065 dj—cloud 99 (soleado)/same m- 3 MARC SANTONI: ray note 2—summer/too well remembered ( vg, Autographed Lbl. 3) ms/mid, early 60s (dj m- no wol) DELOREES SHARP: fabor 4004—sintoo/I‟ll hold you close vg+ 3 mf/slow, 50s JOE SHERMAN…: world artists 1015 dj (vg+ PS)—I saw a star/the stolen hours m- 3.50 **HORACE SILVER: blue note 1946—you gotta take a little love/down and out m- 3 mf jazz instr. **NINA SIMONE: bethlehem 11052—little girl blue/he needs me m- 3 1963 era? ZOOT SIMS: colpix 656 dj—recado basso nova, i/ii m- 3 ZOOT SIMS, PHIL WOODS, ETC.: colpix 648 dj (m- TITLE SLEEVE)—the sochi boatman, i/ii m- 5.50 RARE ROME SINGLETON: dot 16750—joanie goodbye/goner m- 3 flip redo ferlin husky 50s hit THE SIX FAT DUTCHMEN: rca 48 0020 (1954-era pressing)—dutchman‟s waltz/schneider polka vg #ol 2 SLEWFOOT FIVE: decca 25739 dj—born free/san antonio rose vg+ wol 2.50 CAROL SLOANE: columbia 42772 dj—don‟t worry „bout me/it‟s all over for me vg wol 2 **JENNIE SMITH: gnp crescendo 379—as time goes by/never trust a stranger m- 3 **THE SMOKE RING: certron 10008—high on a rainbow/first reaction m- 2.50 *SALE*

PEE WEE SPITELERA: rca 9154 dj—wabash cannonball/detour vg+ 2.50 JO STAFFORD: columbia 40451—I got a sweetie/please don‟t go… m- 3.50 41078—I‟ll buy it/sweet little darlin‟ vg+ 2.50 **SWANEE STANTON: veejay 685 dj—sweetie/tell me more m- 3 pop/bossanova instr‟s RAY STAPLETON: laurel 01 dj (RED WAX)—this little piggy went to market/little sleepy head m- xol 4 mid/slow ekko 0114—you are divine, love/let me be good to you m- 3.50 rare fifties **KAY STARR: gnp crescendo 468 dj—rangers waltz/saturday night m- 2.50 1973, rarely see this dot 2251 dj (WHAT KIND of number IS THIS?)---the 12th street marching band/something happened to me m- 3 TERRI STEVENS: double AA 101 dj—unsuspecting heart/how can I m- 3.50 1954 era JIM SWEENEY: columbia 41262 dj—afraid/it wouldn‟t be the same m- #ol 4 TERRY TAYLOR: point 7 dj—deserted love/the only way vg+ 3 mid/midslow, late 50s STANLEY TURRENTINE: blue note 1936—spooky/love is blue m- 3 SARAH VAUGHAN: roulette 4325 dj—what‟s the use/true believer m- 3.50 BILLY VAUGHN: dot 17000 dj—that‟s life/pineapple market m 3 17295—odds and ends/true grit (theme) m- 2.50 17314—color it cool/on days like these vg+ 2 17337—coco/always mademoiselle m- 2.50 **FRANKIE VAUGHN: mala 588 dj—if I didn‟t care/so tired m- 3 mid-60s pop **JOE VINA: allied 7778 dj—marina/that‟s alright m- 3 mf/mid Italy-pops 7780 dj—piccola tu/bambina m- 3 slow/mid italian vocals WALTER VUNOVIC & HIS…: tambura no #--veselli ples polka/zelene oci vg+ 2.50 ‟62 polkas, metro St. Louis label IL DINAH WASHINGTON: roulette 4520 dj—I‟ll drown in my own tears/the show must go on m- 3.50 JIM WEATHERLY: abc 12193 dj—(apples won‟t grow in) colorado snow/same m- 3 LAWRENCE WELK AND HIS CHAMPAGNE MUSIC: coral 60618—my extraordinary gal/irene vg+ 3 early LAWRENCE WELK AND HIS ORCHESTRA: decca 25316—back home in illinois/canadian capers vg+ 3 early rca/thesaurus 1972 (EP)—it‟s delightful to be married/row, row, row/a gay ranchero +3 vg+ 2.50 1989 (EP)—hindustan/meet mr. callaghan/by heck +3 vg+ 2.50 1992 (EP)—white caps waltz/vieni su/corn silk/micaela/buttons and bows vg+ 2.50 MARGARET WHITING: london 119 dj—I hate to see me go/it keeps right on a hurtin‟ m- 3 DANNY WILLIAMS: u. a. 348 dj—we will never be as young as this again/lonely m 3.50 PRISCILLA WRIGHT: unique 351 dj—a teenager sings the blues/don‟t call me m- 3.50 PETE ZAPATTA: come prima cha cha cha/brigitte m- xol 4

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