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Nurse Practitioner Council


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									Nurse Practitioner Council Of Collier County

I. PURPOSE The Nurse Practitioner Council of Collier County (NPCCC) is organized for the purpose of promoting the vision of advanced nursing practice for members and improving the quality health care delivery to patients in Collier County. II. GOALS A. Serve as a forum for Advanced Practice in response to the needs and interests of members B. Provide opportunities for continuing education and networking for the council members. C. Advocate and strengthen high standards of advanced practice, education, and research. D. Support legislative initiatives that benefit patients and enhance advanced nursing practice. E. Highlight, market, and promote the proven ability of nurse practitioners to provide access to high quality and cost effective care to individuals and their families and the community at large. III. MEMBERSHIP A. Qualifications for Full Membership: 1. A member of the Florida Nurses Association (FNA) or another advanced practice organization who is licensed as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) by the state of Florida. 2. Full members may hold an office and vote. B. Qualifications for Associate Membership: 1. Any licensed ARNP who is not a member of FNA or another advanced practice organization. 2. Associate members may vote but not hold office. C. Qualifications for Supportive Membership: 1. Registered Nurses who are currently enrolled in a graduate education program with the primary purpose of preparing nurses for advanced and specialized nursing practice. 3. Community members with a graduate degree in nursing and special interest in advanced practice 4. Any other licensed advanced practitioners including but not limited to Physician Assistants, Physicians, Psychologists, Chiropractors.


5. Supportive members cannot hold office or vote. IV. BOARD OF DIRECTORS A. Membership: 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of elected officers of the Council and shall be responsible for overseeing the affairs and business of the Council. All officers and members of the Board of Directors shall hold full membership in the Council. B. Term of Office: 1. Members of the Executive committee shall serve two-year terms and will serve no longer than two consecutive terms in the same office. 2. Officers shall assume office immediately following the elections, which takes place at the last meeting of the Council year. 3. Un-excused absences by any officer from two Executive Committee meetings shall constitute a resignation from the committee. OFFICERS AND ELECTIONS A. Officers: The Officers/Board of Directors of the Nurse Practice Council of Collier County shall consist of a President, VicePresident/Program Director, Secretary, Treasurer, VicePresident/Legislation, Marketing Chairperson, Membership Chairperson and Nominating Committee Chairperson. One member of the Officers/Board of Directors shall serve as liaison to the Florida Nurses Association, District 29. B. The office of President and Vice-President must be held by an FNA member. C. Election terms: The President, Treasurer, and the Nominating Chairperson, Membership Chairman, will be elected by the general membership on odd number years. The Vice-President, Secretary, Vice President/Legislation, Marketing Chairperson will be elected on the even numbered years. D. The Nominating Committee: shall seek nominations and prepare a ballot for each election. Election of officers shall take place by ballot at the last meeting of the Council year. E. Vacancies: 1. In the event that the President cannot complete the term of office the longest term Vice President shall assume the role and function of the President. 2. For any vacancy that occurs during the term of office of any other members of the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee will appoint a council member to complete the term of the vacant chair.




MEETINGS A. Executive Committee: The Executive Committee will meet quarterly. The President may call additional meetings with two weeks notice to Committee members. B. General Membership: Council members will meet a minimum of five times yearly.

VII. COMITTEES The standing committee and their duties shall be: A. Nominating Committee: See Article V. B. Other Committees: Appointed as necessary. VIII. QUORUM A. The President/President’s designee and two other members of the Executive Committee shall be present at all general membership meetings. B. Three fourths of the Executive Committee must be present at any Executive Committee meeting to constitute a quorum. C. Issues and/or Bylaws amendments requiring approval of the general membership may be adopted by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Council membership at any general business meeting, provided that 10 days of notice of the proposed change shall have been sent electronically or by flyer to the membership. IX. AMENDMENTS A. The Nominating Chairperson shall also function as the Bylaws Chairperson to resolve any questions, amendments, or changes to the current Bylaws. B. Review of the Bylaws must be made at least every four years on odd years. C. Questions referred to the Bylaws Committee shall be researched and presented to the Executive Committee during the next scheduled Council meeting in the old business. D. Council expenses over 5% of the monthly checking account balance require approval of the Executive Committee. EMERGENCY MEETINGS A. The President or Vice-Presidents may call an emergency meeting at any time. DISSOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL A. The Council may be dissolved within two weeks notice by threequarters (3/4) vote of the general membership upon recommendation of the Council and in agreement with the Executive Committee.





DUTIES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE A. The President shall: 1. Preside at all meetings of the Council and Executive Committee; and act as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating committee. 2. Submit a written report of Council activities to the Chair of FNA, District 29, upon request. 3. Appoint Ad Hoc Committees upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee. 4. Serve as ex-officio member of succeeding Executive Committee for one year. The ex-officio has no voting privileges at these meetings. B. The Vice President/Program Director shall: 1. Perform duties of the President in the event(s) of absence. 2. Perform duties of the President in the event(s) of absence. 3. Serve as Program Chair to organize education programs for each Council meeting in collaboration with the Executive Committee. 4. Use American Academy of Nurse Practitioners guidelines for providing CEUs as available. C. The Vice President/Legislation shall: 1. Inform members in a timely manner of legislative and legal issues concerning Nurse Practitioners through computerized and meeting venues. 2. Perform duties of the President in the event(s) of absence. 3. Coordinate Legislative activities for the Council. D. The Secretary shall: 1. Record minutes of all Council meetings. 2. Furnish a copy of minutes to Council President. 3. Maintain a record of minutes for all meetings. 4. Maintain a current computerized Council Membership list. 5. Collaborate with Council Treasurer to electronically or standard mail yearly membership renewal notices. E. The Treasurer shall: 1. Collaborate with the Council Secretary and the Membership Chair to provide a current membership list to facilitate timely renewal notices to general Council membership. 2. Maintain current computerized Council Membership list. 3. Maintain complete and accurate financial records reflecting debits, credits, and balances of Council business. 4. Provide a financial report at Council meetings. 5. Submit a yearly financial summary report to Council Board Members. 6. Prepare Council financial records for review by an independent auditor. F. The Nominating Chair shall:


1. Develop and maintain a timeline for yearly Council elections. 2. Prepare a ballot for the April Council business meeting each year. 3. Ensure two or more nominee names for each office to be filled on the Executive Committee. 4. The terms of office for the Council officers is July1-June 30. G. The Membership Chair shall: 1. Is responsible for annual membership renewal and renewal distribution. 2. Update the membership list on a continual basis and furnish mailing labels to the Vice-President/Program Chair, Nominating Chair, and other Executive Council members as needed. 3. Maintain an accurate membership list. 4. Increase membership by active recruitment. 5. Provide a copy of the bylaws to all new members. H. The Marketing Chair shall: 1. Serve as a public liaison for the NPCCC. 2. Provide a Marketing Report to the Executive Committee and general membership. 3. Record and update public functions of NPCCC individuals and group members. 4. Advertise NPCCC programs and news in the local media. I. All Officers shall: 1. Make available to their successors all pertinent Council material within two weeks completion of term. 2. Materials shall include all books, minutes, and properties that belong to the respective offices.

Note: Bylaws prepared according to Robert’s Rules of Order (10th ed.) 5/98: Revised 11/98; 3/00;12/03, 3/07


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