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NDOA Certified Organic Producers and Handlers NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF


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									NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCERS AND HANDLERS Updated: Friday, November 30, 2007 Nevada organic farmers produce a wide variety of farm-fresh products from artichokes to zucchini, cut and edible flowers, livestock feeds, and more. Nevada certified organic handlers process organic food products for markets around the world. Look for the Nevada Department of Agriculture Certified Organic Seal to support Nevada’s organic farmers and handlers. U = Produce for direct sales to consumers through farmers market, CSA or farm stand. UCustom Gardens Certificate # 1001P Ray and Virginia Johnson Vegetables, strawberries, vine berries, tree fruit, cut flowers, herbs CSA, on-farm sales, farmer’s market Certification Effective: 4/28/1998 (775) 577-2069 3701 Elm St. Silver Springs, NV 89429 email: customgardens@mindspring.com Website: http://customgardens.home.mindspring.com Mewaldt’s Organic Produce Certificate # 1003P Bill and Korena Mewaldt Vegetables, garlic, herbs, flowers Wholesale only Certification Effective: 4/26/1998 (775) 867-3469 1750 Fallon, NV 89406 bmewaldt@hotmail.com UChurchill Butte Horticulture Certificate # 1004P Marcia Litsinger Mixed vegetables, herbs, nursery stock CSA, direct sales Certification Effective: 2/28/1999 (775) 721-6068 PO Box 1096 Dayton, NV 89403 UEnd of the Rainbow Ranch Certificate # 1005P Don Bradshaw Apples Fall Harvest Festival, wholesale, on-farm sales Certification Effective: 6/5/1998 (775) 726-3373 Box 422 Caliente, NV 89008 Saddleback Orchards Certificate # 1007PH Bill and Rita Barrackman Pistachios – orchard and processing facility (wholesale only) Certification Effective: 6/5/1998 (775) 372-5259 Rt. 69 Box 446 Amargosa Valley, NV 89020 b.barrackman@worldnet.att.net Sunnybrook Farm Certificate # 1012P Rod and Lori Monk Organic and conventional alfalfa hay Direct sales Located in Antelope Valley 4/17/1999 (775) 931-0124 HC 61 Box 182 Battle Mountain, NV 89820 Rick McClintick Certificate # 1017H McClintick Farms, Inc. Certification Effective:7/15/1999 Seed conditioning/cleaning NDOA Certified Organic Producers and Handlers


(775) 272-3284 PO Box 129

Orovada, NV 89423

Leach Logistics Certificate #1020H Custom milling, blending, packaging Certification Effective: 9/3/1999 (775) 352-2866 Fax (775) 352-2841 830 E. Glendale Ave Sparks, NV 89431 Ponderosa Dairy (farm) Certificate #1023P David Hall, farm manager Forage/feed for organic dairy herd (self) Certification Effective: 5/31/2000 (775)372-1311 PO Box 70 Amargosa Valley, NV 89020 dphall@pahrump.com UHome Grown Nevada/4S Land and Cattle Company Certificate #1024P Jim Smith, owner Alfalfa hay, vegetables, cut flowers and herbs. CSA, farmer’s market Also grass-fed beef Certification Effective: 6/2/2000 (775)465-2549 100 Burke Drive Wellington, NV 89444 jsbeef@earthlink.net ULattin Farms Certificate #1027P Rick Lattin On-farm sales and farmer’s market of both conventional and organic produce Certification Effective: 5/2/2001 (775) 867-3750 1955 McLean Rd Fallon, Nevada 89406 mail@lattinfarms.com UDavidson’s, Inc. Certificate #1028H John and Sharon Davidson Organic teas (bulk, bagged, boxed) Certification Effective: 5/29/2001 Wholesale and retail by catalog, retail at warehouse only between Thanksgiving and Christmas (775) 356-1690 PO Box 11214 Reno, Nevada 89510 Email: tea@davidson.reno.nv.us Website: www.davidsons.com Shanendoah Farms Certificate #1031P AJ Parks Alfalfa hay 8/16/2002 (775) 931-0112 HC 61 Box 150 Battle Mountain NV 89820 Nevada Soy Products Certificate #1036H Mary Jo Rablin Wholesale only: Soybean meal, soybean oil, livestock feed products Certification Effective: 10/07/2002 (775)273-5463 PO Box 1064 Lovelock NV 89419 Duck Lake Ranch Certificate # 1039P Bill Spoo, Ranch Manager Alfalfa hay Certification Effective: 7/15/2003 (775)750-3890 or 825-1888 18124 Wedge Parkway Box 150 Ceballos Farms Certificate # 1044P Carlos Ceballos Alfafa hay Certification Effective: 7/19/2003 NDOA Certified Organic Producers and Handlers

Reno NV 89511


(775) 623-4893

17000 Grass Valley Road

Winnemucca NV 89445

USod-Buster Farm Certificate # 1045P Clifford Shirk Vegetables, vine berries Certification Effective: 5/28/2004 (775) 475-0214 4900 Amy Road

Reno NV 89510

Wheatgrass Farm Certificate # 1046P Danica Matich and William Hudson Wheatgrass and other mini-greens (wholesale only) Certification Effective: 1/18/2005 (702) 658-7259 4117 N. Torrey Pines Drive hudsons2@cox.net Pete’s Wheatgrass Certificate # 1047P Shawn Peterson Wheatgrass (wholesale only) Certification Effective: 1/13/2005 (702) 869-5028 6905 Vivian Circle

Las Vegas NV 89108

Las Vegas NV 89145


West-Pack Industries Certificate # 1048H Rick Collett or Carol Love Custom co-packing for liquid, dry products, blending and packaging Certification Effective: 5/10/2005 (775) 351-2345 2225 E. Greg Street #017 Sparks NV 89431 E-mail: rick@westpackindustries.com Website: www.westpackindustries.com UThe Apple Basket Certificate # 1049P Al and Delane Pennington Apples (4 varieties) Certification Effective: 8/25/2005 Seasonal on-farm sales (775) 885-1988 7425 Franktown Road Carson City NV 89704 USlusser Farms Certificate # 1050 Steve Slusser Vegetables (Two farms: Fernley, Fallon) Certification Effective: 11/2/2005 (775) 857-5755 2300 Parkway Dr. stevesl@intercomm.com

Fax: (775) 351-2346

Reno NV 89502

Mrs. Auld’s Gourmet Foods Certificate # 1053H John Auld Custom processing Certification Effective: 6/23/2006 (775) 856-3350 572 Reactor Way, B-4 Reno NV 89502 Email: john@mrs-aulds.com

NDOA Certified Organic Producers and Handlers


Mer Farms Certificate# 1054P Merlin Jessop Jr. Alfalfa hay Certification Effective: 9/7/2006 HC 10 Box 38 Pioche, NV 89043 Phone: (435) 231-1121 Fax: (775) 724-3209 Email: merjessop@gmail.com Pivot located in Tippet, Nevada UHeavenly Organics Certificate # 1055P John Stoker Lavender and lavender products Certification Effective: 10/04/2006 (775) 846-0826 2050 Carter Drive Reno, NV 89509 Email: jstoker@mac.com Global Sterilzation Certificate # 1056H Bryan Gardner, Manager Heat sterilization of organic processed products (dried plant materials: herbs, spices, etc.) Certification Effective: 5/9/2007 800 E. Glendale Avenue Sparks NV 89431 (775) 240-0798 UNanadew Herb Farm Certificate # 1057P Curtis and Anna Bateman Vegetables, herbs, vegetable and annual transplants in pots, cut flowers Certification Effective: 5/17/2007 3405 Sorenson Road Fallon NV 89406 (775) 867-3087 Email: CurtisaAnna@NanaDewHerbFarm.com www.nanadewherbfarm.com Jamason Farm Certificate # 1058P Dennis Jamason Garlic Certification Effective: 8/1/2007 Farm location: Antelope Valley, Lander County PO Box 85 Floriston, CA (530) 635-3545

The six members of the Nevada Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program Advisory Council are pleased to offer information about the certification program and transitioning to organic production. The list of current advisory council members follows: Chairman - Vacant Chairman

Sharon Davidson (Organic Handler representative) Davidson Teas (775) 356-1690 Jim Smith (Organic Producer) Home Grown Nevada/ 4S Land and Cattle Company (775) 465-2549

Marcia Litsinger: Vice-chair (Organic Producer representative) Churchill Butte Organics (775) 721-6068 David Hall (Conventional Agriculture representative) Organic Dairy, Amargosa Valley (775) 372-1621 Bruce Quinlan (Organic Consumer representative) Wild Oats Market, Inc. Organic Retail/Wholesale, Reno (775) 829-8666 NDOA Certified Organic Producers and Handlers


Sharon Davidson (Organic Handler representative) Davidson Teas (775) 356-1690 Jim Smith (Organic Producer) Home Grown Nevada/ 4S Land and Cattle Company (775) 465-2549

NDOA Certified Organic Producers and Handlers


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