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Whether you are an individual looking for more peace and focus in your life or are a large corporation looking to help your staff manage stress, beyond breathing offers relaxation, self-awareness meditation and stress management workshops using the most powerful natural tool we have available to us, the breath! Using his own personal experience of suffering burn out from a busy corporate lifestyle fuelled by drugs and alcohol, Paul now facilitates beyond breathing workshops. By mastering the breath you can tame the mind, from here you can observe thought, manage emotions naturally and become aware of your own power. By aligning the mind and body with the breath you start to connect with that inner truth and knowledge of who we really are. Managing stress and anxiety in our lives, becoming more efficient and effective in our approach to life. So whether it is at work or in our personal life we can focus our mind in all we do and start to tune in to our personal power of natural health and fitness.

'Beyond doing, Just being’
Moving beyond fear and restrictions in our life to a place of peace and great freedom. This workshop introduces you to a range of simple but powerful techniques to slow and deepen the breath, calming and focusing the mind. Practical skills are given to achieve this state anywhere and at any time, helping you to work through difficult moments in your life and find your own inner peace. This practice helps as an introduction into meditation.

Understand how the breath links to the mind and our emotions in daily life.
'Relax and Release'
This is a follow-on workshop from the introduction to the breath. It is a guided process designed to release tension held in the body and achieve a state of calm and serenity. This practice helps as an introduction to deep meditation

Awareness Meditation
A daily meditation practice can have major health benefits and deepen your selfawareness, enabling you to enjoy life to the full by living in the moment. Initiations and one on one sessions are available for those who wish to extend their breathing practice and develop a personal meditation practice.

'Let Go and Grow'
An advanced practice. It is suggested that participants have attended a previous introductory workshop. Using an ancient Indian breathing process, you are taken on a journey beyond the conscious mind to let go of past pain and programming. This often produces a profound sense of peace and contentment but practitioners must feel ready for such a powerful experience.

Beyond offer a variety of 1/2/3 day retreats to re-energise and focus oneself using a combination of different practices and teachers set in beautiful venues.

Beyond Paul Collins Tel: 01273 582747 e mail

At Beyond we understand the importance of support following any kind of practice and so we have regular individual and group meetings to make sure there is always a place to go for discussion and information.

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