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Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
GITM Vinayaka Mission University
ASSIGNMENT Dear Student, You will have to complete one assignment for the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA-201). The assignment is of 75 marks. It comprises Three sections. Section 1 (of 15 marks) comprises questions the answers of which should be written in about 25 words each. It is important that you write answers to all questions in your own words. Section 2 (of 30 marks) comprises multiple choice questions. Section 3(of 30 marks) comprises multiple choice questions.Before attempting the questions in the assignment, please read the BCA-201 course material carefully.

The completed assignments should be submitted as per the following schedule.

Admission Cycle For students admitted in July 2008 Date of Submission 2 May, 2009 Whom to send To The Coordinator of the Study Centre allotted to you (Do not send your assignment response to any other person)

For students admitted in January 2009

5 May, 2009 6 July, 2009 12 Oct, 2009

Maximum Marks: 75

Section – A Answer all the Questions: 15 x 1 = 15

1. What are the uses of forest resources? 2. What is afforestation? 3. What are the various energy sources? 4. Define-Atomic Energy? 5. What is renewable energy? 6. What is balanced diet? 7. What are the symptoms of diabetes? 8. List out the uses of computers? 9. Write the expansion of ISRO? 10. Write any four traffic road rules to be followed? 11. What are the sources of biogas production? 12. What are the uses of Aryabatta? 13. Write any two health treatments? 14. What are deforestations? 15. Name some nutritive diet foods? Section-B Answer any five Questions: 5 X 6 =30 16. a) Write a short note on energy forms? (Or) b) Explain the wild life management? 17. a) Short notes on transport techniques? (Or) b) Explain the space research? 18. a) Distinguish between renewable & Non renewable energy? (Or) b) what are the uses of E-Mail communication modes? 19. a) Short notes on energy management?

(Or) b) Explain the traffic road rules with the symbols? 20. a) Explain the (A) HEART AHACK (B) Blood Pressure? (Or) b) Short notes on basic diet? Section-C Answer any two Questions: 2 X 15 = 30 21. Write an essay on water management. 22. Explain the Natural Resource Management. 23. Explain in detail about the treatment of allopathic, Homeopathy, Ayurveda & Sidda? 24. Explain the forest Management? 25. Write an essay on Biogas Production.

Maximum Marks: 75

Section – A Answer all the Questions: 15 x 1 = 15 1. Define functions of Accounting. 2. Define Principles. 3. Define Managements. 4. What is mean by financial 5. Define concept of programming. 6. Nature of management. 7. What is mean by Herible Budgets? 8. What is meat by How of funds. 9. Define Marginal cost. 10. What is mean by mayinel cost? 11. Different system funds P/V Ratio. 12. Define BEP. 13. The concept of Adjustment. 14. What is mean by cost Accounting? 15. What is mean by cash book?


Answer any Five Questions: 5 X 6 = 30

16. a. Distinguish between accounting our Accounting principles. (Or) b. Explain the importance of cost Accounting. 17. a. What are the subsidy Books. (Or) b. Write short notes Managing Accounting. 18. a. Describe the principles concept of ledger. (Or) b. What is mean by herible Budget. 19. a. What are the principles of Budgeting control. (Or) b. Explain the means under the management accounts. 20. a. What are the types of flow of funds cost Analysis. (Or) b. What are elements of practical applications? Section – C Answer Any Two Questions: 2 X 15 = 30

21. Explain in detail subsidy books. 22. What are the main division management accounting. 23. Describe the planning and designing cash flow analysis. 24. Define the term marginal costing. 25. What do you different stasis of Absorption cost?

Part II – English – II
Maximum Marks: 75

Section – A Answer all the Questions: 15 x 1 = 15

1. Comment on Indian religions as found in ‘A Visit to India’. 2. What are the views of Bernard Shaw on science? 3. Bring out the irony in ‘The story Teller’ 4. Comment on the views of Albert Einstein on future weapon. 5. Who is captain? In ‘O Captain my Captain’ and Why was he killed? 6. Narrate the special activities of the Duchess. 7. How did Keats enter into the world of Nightingale? 8. Bring out the personality of Lochinvar. 9. What is the dream of martin Luther King? 10. How did Tennyson describe the farewell of King Arthur? Section – B

Answer any five questions 11. Bring out the humour in ‘University Days’. 12. How did Lochinvar escape? 13. Write about the central theme of ‘The Proposal’. 14. Sketch the characters of Step mother.

5 X 6 = 30

15. What were the feelings of Keats after hearing the song of the Nightingale? 16. Why does Gordon Daviot want us to remember Caesar? 17. Change the following sentences into passive voices a. b. c. d. e. f. Open the door. He likes sweets. I have brought it. He is writing letters. He will see him tomorrow. He killed the lion.

18. Correct the following sentences. a. b. c. d. e. f. He approached to me for help. She seems to be afraid from her boss. He prefers coffee than tea. He is much superior to me. We are interested in buying computers. Could you translate the word to English?

Section – C

Answer any two questions 19. Write an essay on A Visit to India’.

2 X 20 = 40

20. Bring the various moods of the poet in the poem ‘Ode to a Nightingale’. 21. Write a report to the Inspector of police about the theft of you motor bike. 22. Write an essay on Julian Huxley’s opinion about India? 23. Explain the three phases of life of George Bernard Shaw? 24. How does John Keats compare our world with the world of the nightingale?

Maximum Marks: 75

Section – A Answer all the Questions: 15 x 1 = 15

1. Define internet? 2. What is mean by intranets? 3. Define LAN? 4. Define WWW? 5. What is mean by E-mail? 6. Define object? 7. Define java? 8. What is mean by variables? 9. Define classes? 10. What is mean arrays? 11. Define vectors? 12. What is mean by loop? 13. Define packages? 14. Define Errors? 15. What is mean by graphics?

Section – B

Answer any Five Questions: 5X6=30

16. a. What are the concepts of internet connection? (Or) b. What are the reasons to secure the messages? 17. a. What arte the fundamentals of object oriented programming? (Or) b. Explain in overview of java language? 18. a. Explain in classes with suitable program? (Or) b. Discuss about graphics programming 19. a. Explain in multithread programming? (Or) b. Write a programming using in packages? 20. a. Explain in applet programming with suitable example? (Or) b. Discuss about strings and vectors? Section – C Answer any Two Questions 2X15=30

21. How to connecting LANs to the internet? 22. Explain in variables and data types? 23. Discuss about multiple inheritances? 24. Explain in Managing erros and exceptions? 25. Explain in managing input / output files?

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