11 September 2006 ALL MARKET USERS

In October 2005, the Authority issued market circular No. 449, which informed market users of the requirements on how to visit the Melbourne Markets and how to be an authorised visitor at the Melbourne Markets. The Melbourne Markets is not a public market. People entering the Melbourne Markets should be doing so for business or training purposes only. The requirements on how to visit the Melbourne Markets are attached to this circular. Please note that if these procedures are not followed, the Authority cannot allow visitors to enter the Melbourne Markets due to occupational health and safety requirements and public liability issues. The basic rules that must be followed by visitors in summary are:1. All visitors for whatever purposes must follow the attached requirements; 2. When a visitor to the Melbourne Markets is signed in by a market user, the market user must have a current access card, and will at all times be responsible for the safety of the visitor; 3. A visitor must at times be accompanied by the market user who had signed them in or move around the market on the tourist train; 4. All persons including visitors must at all times wear day/night reflective safety vests. ALL visitor requests and visitor information can be obtained from Rosemary on (03) 9258 6122 between the hours of 7.00am and 2.00pm (Monday to Friday).

Peter McLennan Acting Chief Executive


Market Circular No: 470 con’t

Visitors Accessing the Market
A visitor to the Melbourne Markets is a person that does not have a current access card issued by the Authority, but who requires access to the Melbourne Markets to either visit market businesses or to learn about the wholesale, fruit and vegetable and flower market. Due to the different types of visitors that visit the Melbourne Markets, the Authority has categorised the visitors, and the procedure that applies to the different categories. Melbourne Markets is a wholesale market and is not open for public sales or unauthorised entrance. During trading the site can be extremely busy with many hundreds of industry vehicles operating. Traffic, parking and pedestrian usage is subject to specific By-Laws and occupational, health and safety requirements. For these reasons special arrangements are in place to maintain safety and regulate entrance to the Melbourne Markets whilst encouraging new traders and accommodating visitors. As a general principal all visitors (people that do not have access cards) to the Melbourne Markets must either be: (a) Booked on the Tourist Train or (b) Authorised in writing by the Authority to enter the site (refer “Authorised Industry Visits”).

1. Booking on the Tourist Train  All visits by the general public (tourist, education groups, etc.) are to be arranged through the official guided tourist service, “Melbourne Wholesale Market Experience”, operated by Discovery Attractions.  This service provides a professionally guided tour aboard the electric tourist train, the “Toottie Fruitie Express”.  Passengers are required to wear day/night reflective safety vests at all times and comply with tour conditions.  A fee applies and advance bookings are essential. Contact Discovery Attractions on (03) 9620 2089.



Market Circular No: 470 con’t

2. Authorised Industry Visits General requirements for authorised industry visits:  An industry visitor must make a written application to the Authority which will include the nature of the visit, the names of all visitors, company details, the date and time of entry (subject to current trading hours), vehicle registration number and contact details. An acknowledgement form has to be signed by the visitor before entry is permitted to the Melbourne Markets.  A visitor must obtain the Authority’s permission 48 hours before the visit, that is, by 2.00 pm on a business day two days prior to the visit.  A visitor must at all times wear a day/night reflective safety vest whilst on market land, and, if requested by the Authority, will have to complete the relevant safety induction course.  The contact person at the Authority for all visitors and enquiries is Rosemary on (03) 9258 6122 (Monday – Friday 7.00 am – 2.00 pm).

3. New Business Orientation Service  Melbourne Markets has introduced a special service to help new business customers become familiar with market layout, operations and services. This includes a customised tour of trading areas, introduction to operations, marketing, waste disposal, price reporting and other relevant services. The Fruit and Vegetable Orientations are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 6.00am and 8.00am.  National Flower Centre business tours are only available to new/intending business customers and operate between 6.30 am and 8.00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays (groups restricted to five people maximum). Bookings are essential. Call Rosemary on (03) 9258 6122 (Monday – Friday 7.00 am – 2.00 pm). 4. Interstate Buyer Visits Interstate buyers who are registered with the wholesale market in their state of origin may apply for an access card to buy from the Melbourne Markets. Call Rosemary on 03 9258 6122 (Monday – Friday 7.00 am – 2.00 pm). 5. Grower and Industry Sector Visits Growers and other industry personnel that visit the market on a regular basis to monitor consigned produce sales, educate staff, or make business contact should apply for an access card. For authorisation of first time visits contact Rosemary on (03) 9258 6122 (Monday – Friday 7.00 am – 2.00 pm).



Market Circular No: 470 con’t

6. Tenant’s Visitors A. Planned Visit  Market tenants may request permission to have an outside person(s) visit the market.  The tenant should apply in writing (fax, email, letter) by no later than 2.00 pm two working days prior to the visit.  Details are to include the nature of the visit, the names and company of all visitors, entry gate number, the date and time of entry (subject to current trading hours), vehicle registration number and contact details.  Market tenants will be required to sign an acknowledgement form whereby they agree to take responsibility for the visitor(s) and ensure that they are wearing a day/night reflective safety vest and are advised of safety issues in the market.  Contact Rosemary on (03) 9258 6122 (Monday – Friday 7.00 am – 2.00 pm). B. Unplanned Visit  On rare occasions there is a need to provide access to visitors to the Melbourne Markets that are not planned;  If this happens, the Authority has copies of the “Conditions of Entry” form at Gates 1 & 6, and a market user must meet these visitors at the gate, sign the relevant “Conditions of Entry” form, and provide the visitor with the required safety vest prior to entry into the Market. 7. Industry Conference and Tours The market welcomes industry groups. Note: If a market user’s visitor enters the Melbourne Markets on a regular basis, they must obtain an access card through the normal procedure. However plenty of advance notice is needed to make appropriate arrangements to book facilities. The tourist train is available for tours. A conference centre is available for hire. Contact Trina on (03) 9258 6130 (Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 4.00 pm). 8. VIP Visits In order to ensure safety of personnel and to coordinate appropriate arrangements for visiting dignitaries, consulates, politicians and other officials, approval needs to be authorised via the Chief Executive Officer in advance. Contact Yvonne on (03) 92586103. 9. Media All media visits to the site need to be authorised in advance. This includes PR and Marketing for Market business, news reporters, filming and other associated activities. Whenever possible the Authority will facilitate the appropriate arrangements whilst ensuring the safety of visitors and staff and security and privacy of market businesses. Contact Rosemary on (03) 9258-6122.


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