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					In the words of….well me actually….“Blinkey Blimey What A Year!” Having discussed relocation a few times, Jeff and I had come close but not actually found the right place to live, until early this year when we decided to move to Shropshire. (It wasn‟t the lure of living near to where they make Muller yogurt by the way!) We found a town that ticked all our boxes (with the exception of one – I no longer have a nice winebar to practically live in like I had in Theale!) I put our house in Theale on the market in January and after many house-buying and selling problems, we moved into our new house in Shropshire on 22nd July. This was not a smooth transition, as Ellie, Gabby and I had to move in with Jeff‟s parents, in order to get the girls settled into their respective schools straight after the half-term holiday, whilst Jeff and the cats stayed in Theale to pack up the house and wait for the sale to (finally) go through. What was to be a 3 week separation unfortunately turned out to be a wee bit longer. We then lost little Eric for 5 days at the beginning of August when he decided that, having been subjected to the embarrassment of being walked round the gardens and up the Close on a lead, he would head off on his own and then forgot where he now lived. Luckily though we think the posters and the calling finally worked and he managed to find his way home, unharmed, to our relief. On the subject of pets we are tropical fish owners too! We have 24 I think! Nowt to do with me – the kids like them and know them all by name – Jeff cleans them out, I feed them when the girls forget and the cats tend to ignore them! The girls quickly settled in and joined Rainbows, Brownies and Tennis Lessons. In between that Ellie has started swimming sessions in her school‟s pool and spends 1 morning a week at Forest School, which is like an outward bound course for talented students, where she sharpens sticks with knives and studies mushrooms or something! There are lots of kids in our Close and on the development itself so the doorbell never stops ringing! As it was never anyone calling for me, I felt a little left out being Billy No Mates as a Stay At Home Mum so I have recently decided that it is time to contribute to the household money pot and have got myself a job. This is my second job actually. The first is selling bags and jewellery on line, or anyway I can really! I am still working on the website, which is a tough job in itself, but have a logo, tag line, order forms and business cards all designed and ready. I held a launch event here at home last month which went quite well and will do a few local Christmas Fayres to shift a lot of the stock for this year. It‟s called TTMUGO – Things That Make U Go Oooh. I will continue to do this, but my proper job is in PR for a communications company in Shrewsbury. I‟ve only just started and so far its not going great so we‟ll have to see how it pans out. Two short days in the office and 1 short day working from home is the plan at present, but it could well work out to be more as I am the only PR and marketing presence they have; so lots and lots to do. It‟ll certainly keep me on my toes and out of trouble which, let‟s face it, is a good idea! Something that I always said would never happen has happened up here – it must be the air – and no I‟m not pregnant! It‟s just that, one evening I was asked to help out at Brownies, due to a distinct lack of ladies willing to wear the „becoming‟ navy uniform I think. Anyway, it appears I did such a good job, that I have been asked to become a Brownie Leader. As I opened my mouth to say “no it‟s really not for me” the words “yeah sure” came out. So beds and laying in them huh. I intend to add a touch of glamour to the role and be off sick when it is Brownie Camp time of course! Things are in a pickle here right now as the builders are in! We are converting one of our garages into a play/guest room and extending the utility room a tiny bit and having a new backdoor. They are keeping me entertained when I‟m here (and visa versa), but the cats aren‟t happy of course. Then it‟s move the shed, install a garden office for Jeff and have a new kitchen fitted (including knocking a wall down to make the dining room and kitchen all one big area, so most of the back of the house flows into an open-plan living space (except for our jutting out little conservatory which is just enough for Jeff and I to hold hands in over a cool glass of something of a summers eve – time to remove rose-coloured glasses?!).

Of course, in between these big projects, I will be helping Jeff decorate every room except the lounge and kids‟ rooms (cos they‟re done already) so all in all a fairly long to do list, but it‟s all do-able, and fairly enjoyable too. I am the enthusiastic puppy of the house [most of the time anyway!] so….I‟d best crack on – how long it‟ll take us is anyone‟s guess, but we‟ll have fun along the way! Jeff continues to be Superman and I couldn‟t be happier here (well, I could if they gave me a winebar like my Theale one ) Hope all is well with you and yours. Lots of Love Kerry