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									Curriculum Vitae - Hugh Gavin Reid
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With a degree in Computer Science from a respected University, I started in the defence industry applying myself to technically difficult development tasks and learning all areas of systems design, software development and project management. To gain experience I undertook contract work at several top companies in the industry sector over a number of years. I then moved into commercial software, where I found the faster project cycles and focused development more satisfying. My most recent challenge has been in the investment banking industry, which unfortunately ended when the company ceased trading. I would characterise my skills as good requirement expression, comprehension of large and complex systems, architectural clarity, proven track record of hands on development, top to bottom system/software knowledge, desire to solve problems, ability to apply techniques across industries and management level expertise.

Employment History Coretet Limited, City of London, March 2002 to April 2003, Permanent, Unix Java Developer. Employed to provide a variety of complementary and key skills to initiate the Java development team. Operating in Capital Markets Front Office, the Coretet product guided front office sell-side producers to the most profitable client opportunities. The multi-tier architecture of the application encompassed knowledge engines (such as Autonomy), realtime voice transcription and heuristic opportunity-spotting algorithms on a message-oriented, highly asynchronous architectural platform providing push-delivery of data to users. Key additional modules included CRM, Knowledge Portal, CTI, Contextual Input Analysis, Structured and Unstructured Query Execution, FIX Feed Handling (positions, trades, IOIs, news and research) and investment-banking grade Security. The team, of which I was the first member, was to form the core of the company's hands on architect/design resource, building the complex application in very short time scales to budget and plan, involving Use Case analysis, UML, Component based software architecture and unit/integration/regression testing. I had some input to all parts of the system, but I was most heavily involved with the early analysis stages and the design and implementation of the product platform & infrastructure. Designed the 'knowledge aggregator' user interface (an XML configurable push update screen), implemented in Swing. Evaluated search and KM solutions (Lucene, Verity, Autonomy) for use with the product. Designed and implemented a JAAS based configurable product user authentication system that permitted plugable distributed single sign-on. Responsible for the development of the Fixed Income variant. NewsPiper Limited, Woking, Surrey. June 2000 to February 2002. Permanent. Lead Technical (CTO). Employed to create, anticipate, plan, design and ensure the implementation of all corporate IT systems with full budget, performance, security, design and staffing responsibilities. Skills At A Glance Role: Core Team Member. Industry: Finance. Technical Fields: OOA/OOD, Distributed Systems Architecture, Push Technology, Messaging Systems, CRM, Knowledge Management, Search Technology, Voice Control/Transcription, Telephony, Unix System Admin, Security, Component Architecture. Process: RUP, XP. Languages: Java (J2EE see below), XML, Shell Script, SQL, SQLj, UML. Java: JMS, JAAS, JMX, JNDI, Servlet/JSP, JDBC, Swing, Beans, EJB, JNI, log4j. Test: JUnit. Servers: JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat, Apache. Comms: TCP/IP, JavaGroups, RMI, MQSeries, OpenJMS, FIX. Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQLServer. SCM/Build: Ant, ClearCase LT, ClearQuest, CVS. KM: Verity, Autonomy, Lucene. Documentation: XSLT, Xalan, SAX, DOM, xdoclet. OSs: Windows XP, Windows 2K, Linux Redhat 9, Solaris, Cygwin. IDEs: Eclipse, Emacs, WSAD, Rational XDE. Role: CTO, Lead Developer, PreSales Consultant. Industry: Advertising. Technical Fields: High Transaction Rate Internet Delivery, WAP Gateway, Product Development, OOA/OOD,

NewsPiper is an Internet technology company specialising in providing services to promote localised Internet usage. The first public offering of this is, which aims to provide geographically and demographically targeted advertising technology as well as running a high volume advertising network. The system provided performance critical internet advertising to sites like and WAP advertising to sites like The implementation has been shown to exhibit high availability, powerful security, fault-tolerance, fail over capacity (NSPoF), linear scalable performance, robust applications, flexible deployment, full automation/remote management and monitoring capability. The tradepiper servers are still running unaided more than a year after leaving. NewsPiper’s back office business systems were integrated into the sales, marketing and financial systems. These systems included - a secure marketing email solution with automated processing; bi-directional database integration of the SuperOffice CRM product; online credit card payment system with transaction reconciliation; advert generation software capable of generating thousands of animated multi-format adverts from a single XML specification; a workflow management system to simplify the review and acceptance of automated campaign placement; a web crawler/spider designed to uncover local information; an early VPN solution. Additionally an EJB based integration API was created to allow B2B integration. NewsPiper also released a beta version of a geographically oriented content management system and portal software; and provided consultancy to various clients in this area. Mediasurface Limited, London. May 2000 to June 2000. Contract. Taken on to rewrite and test the generic search engine capability of the Mediasurface 3 content management tool. Achieved tight production deadlines as part of the project critical path for phased delivery. Provided general assistance in Perl, Java and UML for remainder of extended contract term. Skills included Perl 5 using DBI/DBD modules to interface with Oracle 8i and Java updates.

Distributed Systems Architecture, Clustering, Networking (Switching/Routing), NSPoF Systems, CRM, Geographic Search Technology, Graphics, Internet Security, Automated Payment Systems, Monitoring/Control, Communication Protocols, RDBMS Admin & Design, Database Replication, Content Management Systems, Spidering, Enterprise Storage, Open Source Integration. Languages: Java, XML, Shell Script, SQL, Perl, UML, JavaScript, WML, PHP, C++, CSS. Servers: Websphere, Tomcat, Apache, Sendmail. Comms: TCP/IP, RMI, DNS, HTTP, SSH, POP, SMTP. Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL. SCM/Build: Ant, CVS, make. OSs: Windows 2K, Linux Redhat. IDEs: Emacs, Together J.

Role: Specialist Developer. Industry: Publishing. Technical Fields: Search Technology, Real Time Systems, Databases. Languages: Java, Perl (DBI/DBD), SQL. Database: Oracle. OSs: Windows 98, Linux Redhat, Solaris. Role: OS & Systems Specialist. Industry: Defence (Avionics) SC. Technical Fields: Use Case Analysis, OOA/OOD, Distributed Systems Architecture, Fail-over Architecture, Dual Redundancy, Search Technology, Voice Recognition, Requirements Management and Traceability, Unix System Admin, Process Definition, Code Generation, Real Time Systems, Embedded Systems, Communication Protocols, Reverse-Engineering. Process: RUP, Texel-Williams. Languages: Ada95, C, C++, Perl, Java, XML, Shell Script, SQL, M68k, UML.

BAE SYSTEMS Military Aircraft & Aerostructures Division, Farnborough. July 1997 to April 2000. Contract. Part of a small team researching the use of modern techniques for the production of mission and potentially safety critical avionics software. Involved in the adoption of the Texel Williams process, UML and the Rational tool environment. Defined a test abstraction framework (over AdaTEST95) to support reusable software testing. Created a 'Use Case' development tool which integrated with Rational Rose. Conceived, designed, coded, tested, maintained and documented a large translation and cross-referencing tool, written in Perl 5 using an OO architecture, PVCS enabled, for the inspection and redeployment of legacy code (c1980) in a modern project. Moved into the application of the research by joining the large Harrier mission computer projects (GR7 & FA2 JTIDS), as part of a common software team. Developed a cross project device

and communications layer (encompassing 1553, VME, PCI, discrete and serial interfaces) in UML & Ada95. Was instrumental in the first cut of system architecture, framework development, reusable mechanisms and patterns. Given role of supplier technical liaison for COTS hardware and software. Developed an abstraction concept to support algorithm portability in Ada95.

Test: AdaTEST95. Comms: TCP/IP, 1553, HTTP, JTIDS. Databases: Oracle. SCM/Build: PVCS, make. OSs: Solaris, VxWorks, LynxOS. IDEs: Rational Rose, Rational Apex, Rational SoDA, Emacs, Tornado. Standards: DO-178B, DEF STAN 0055. Role: Senior Developer. Industry: Defence (Avionics) SC. Technical Fields: Real-time Systems, Fault Recovery Mechanisms, Multithreaded Architecture, Mixed Language Environment, Parallel Processing, Track Processing, Device Drivers, Graphics. Languages: Ada, C++, C. OSs: Solaris, VxWorks, Win32. Standards: ISO 9002.

Racal Radar Defence Systems, Crawley, November 1996 to June 1997. Contract. One of a group of consultants working under a fixed price contract to update Search & Rescue Helicopter avionics. The update concerned a multi processor, multi tasking, mixed language (Ada83, C and RTL/2), real time environment. The maintainers terminal was written in Visual C++ (MFC). Key area: Ada tasking debugging and integration and all C updates (graphics). Culminated in successful field trials, certification and production delivery on time and budget. Following the completion of the above fixed price contract, moved to a small MoD funded project of a highly classified nature. Developed C++ for hardware control drivers in a bespoke environment using VxWorks and Solaris. GEC Marconi Naval Systems, Combat Systems Division, Addlestone (Now BAE SYSTEMS at Frimley). October 1993 to October 1996. Permanent, Graduate Fast Track. Involved in the production of a large combat system for the Royal Malaysian Navy, a multi processor, mixed language, layered, real time system. Full lifecycle development from Teamwork requirement analysis through to integration, sea trials and acceptance. Team leader for the weapons team and Technical Design Authority for Ada weapons applications. Promoted to Assistant System Design Authority for follow on project.

Role: Team Leader, Assistant System Design Authority. Industry: Defence (Naval) SC. Technical Fields: OOA/OOD (Yourdon), Distributed Systems Architecture, Real-time Systems, Fault-tolerant Systems, Systems Integration, Tactical Processing, Iterative Algorithms. Process: RTM. Languages: Ada, C, Shell Script. Test: AdaTEST. Comms: TCP/IP, Link Y. Document Mgt: PCMS. OSs: Solaris, VxWorks. Standards: ISO 9002.

Degree: Single Honours Computer Science (2.ii), Aberystwyth. A-Levels: Maths with Mechanics (A), Physics, Economics. O-Levels: 9 (1 AO, 1 GCSE)

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