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					Complimentary Taxi (available only upon arrival): Upon entering the Executive Lounges or at the Information Desk in the station of departure - London Waterloo or Paris Nord - passenger must show First Premium ticket and give their final destination in London or Paris to a member of staff who will issue a voucher. Upon arrival in Paris Nord, the taxi driver who will be holding a board with the First Premium Passengers name on it will meet them at the end of the Eurostar platform. When arriving at London Waterloo the First Premium Passenger should go to the Dial-a-Cab stand, which is on the left immediately outside the arrival area. • First Class: Eurostar First Class offers a high standard of service including: - Spacious reclining seats with generous legroom. Each seat has either an individual slide out table, or a fixed table shared with adjacent passengers - Complimentary newspapers - High quality meals served at the seat – Breakfast until 11:00am: choice of hot or cold continental breakfast, Lunch from 11:00am through 2:00pm: three-course meal, Afternoon meal on the train departing between 2:00pm-5:00pm and Dinner from 6:00pm: three-course meal with a choice of two main dishes. On the Eurostar Disney train, a complimentary cold snack will be served at the seat on both legs of the journey. - Access to the Eurostar Executive Lounges for Full Fare First Class passengers only • Standard Class: Comfort, convenience, bar car with assortment of snacks and refreshments, trolley cart. • Other On Board Services: Two bar/buffet cars, Wheelchair space, Baby changing area, Family recreation area, Children’s Packs – For families travelling on Eurostar with children under 7, Eurostar offers a complimentary children’s pack, which may be collected from staff at the Disney Express Counter. • Please note that no pet or animal of any sort (including guide dogs) may be taken on Eurostar services. Check-in procedures • Client must check-in at least 20 minutes before the departure of the train or may not be allowed to board Eurostar. • A last minute check-in for First Premium clients is available 10 minutes before departure. • Ski Train passengers should check in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to departure although 60 minutes is recommended • Client is responsible for all immigration documentation (identity card, valid passport, visa if necessary) to permit entry into the destination country.

Premier Train: France, Britain, Belgium
Eurostar trains operate between London – Paris, London – Brussels and London – Avignon. • Valid from 01/01/2003 to 12/31/2003, subject to change
• Euronet Station Codes London (GBWIT), Ashford (GBASI), Paris (FRPNO), Lille (FRLLE), Calais Frethun (FRSTH), Bruxelles (BEBMI), Disneyland Paris (FRMLV), Avignon (FRAES), Moutiers (FRQMU), Aime la Plagne (FRQAI), Bourg St Maurice (FRQBM).

Features • Eurostar crosses the Channel Tunnel and runs at speeds of up to 186 mph on high-speed lines in France and Belgium. Clients board the train in the center of London and disembark in the center of Paris 3 hours later or in the center of Brussels 2 hours 40 minutes later. • Routes and travel times: London–Paris 3h; London– The Alps 8h; London–Brussels 2h 40; London– Disneyland Paris 3h.; Ashford–Paris 2h 05 min.; London–Lille 2h; Ashford–Lille 1h; Ashford–Calais 40 min; London–Avignon 6h 15. Accommodations
(All carriages are non-smoking since October 1st 2001)

• First Premium: First Premium is created to meet the demand of business and affluent leisure customers. Travelers seeking enhanced services receive higher levels of personal attention, superior seating, newspapers, high quality meals and a greater selection of food and drinks, all served at their seat in a dedicated car. Premium First service is available every day on every train on the Paris-London route only. Additional services includes: - Bar service including hot beverages is available throughout the journey. - Breakfast until 11:00am: choice of hot or cold continental breakfast; Lunch from 11:00am through 2:00pm: four course menu with a choice of 2 main dishes; Afternoon meal on trains departing between 2:00pm - 5:00pm and Dinner from 6:00pm: four course menu with a choice or three main dishes. - Free complimentary taxi transfer only upon arrival at Central London & London Docklands or Central Paris & La Defense. - Fast lane check-in, Use of Executive Lounges - Ticket is fully exchangeable and refundable up to 2 months after departure Rail Europe Group – Marketing Dept. Release date: 01/15/03

Immigration • Passport, baggage and security checks will take place at the Eurostar Terminals and/or on board the train during the journey. • If client is not a citizen of the European Union , he is required to fill in an Immigration landing card for entry into the UK. These are made available in the Eurostar terminals and on board the train. Car Seating (all Eurostar trains are non smoking) • 8 Standard Class cars of 58 seats • 5 First Class cars: 4 cars of 39 seats, 1 car of 25 seats • 1 First Premium car of 39 seats • 2 Bar cars: Bar selling food and drinks, magazines, phonecards & newspapers Refund policy • Special cancellation fees apply to some fares. Exchange and refund policies vary depending on the type of fare purchased. Refunds, when authorized, can only be performed in North America with Rail Europe Group. For First Premium, full fares and child fare, full refund or exchange is possible, until 60 days after the train’s departure date. • When applicable, exchanges can be performed before departure in N. America (except the Leisure fare) or in Europe at any Eurostar Station (Paris Nord, London Waterloo International, Brussels Midi, Ashford International). For exchanges in N. America, client must buy a new ticket and then send the unused ticket back to Rail Europe’s Customer Relations department for a refund. When requesting an exchange in North America, make sure client allows enough time for the new ticket to be sent before his/her departure to Europe. Not all fares allow an exchange in North America. • Clients are able to exchange their Eurostar tickets by phone anywhere in France by dialing 08 92 35 35 39, in the UK by dialing 08705 186 186 or in Belgium by dialing 02 528 28 28. This is valid before and until 2 months after the travel date for fully exchangeable tickets (Premium/Full Fare/Child fare) and only before departure date for Passholder/Senior and Youth. The clients go to check-in (check-in must be open for the train on which the customer has exchanged and no need trying to get the new ticket in advance) via the manual booth and informs the staff of the phone exchange and of the train time onto which she/he has exchanged . The customer needs to provide the operator with the PNR# and the tariff code (FBC). A boarding pass will then be issued and the customer will be checked in at the same time as the boarding pass is issued (the customer needs to have both the original ticket and the boarding pass). • Leisure fare: Exchange is only possible in Europe

Conditions of use • Advance Booking: Eurostar tickets can be booked up to 120 days in advance. • While discounted fares are offered for holders of certain passes, the client still needs to buy a Euro star ticket. • For Passholder fares: pass needs to be validated prior to boarding Eurostar. Client holding a Flexipass does not need to use a travel day on his/her Flexipass for a Eurostar journey. Packaging Instructions
Eurostar tickets must be inserted in a Eurostar ticket cover

Standard Commission: Electronic 7 %, Voice 5 % Issued as combined ticket and reservation. Fare types First Premium Full fare Senior Youth Leisure Leisure Round Trip 14 Leisure Round Trip 60 Eurostar
Fully exchangeable and refundable Fully exchangeable and refundable 60 and over at time of travel Travelers under 26 at time of travel Discounted fare available in First and Standard class Standard class, compulsory round trip fare with a minimum of a 2 night stay a, 14 day advance purchase Standard class, compulsory round trip fare with a minimum of a 2 night stay a, 60 day advance purchase

With Eurailpass, Eurail Selectpass (incl. Passholder France and/or Benelux), Europass, France Railpass, France ‘n Italy Pass (on Paris-London route only – without using one day on the pass), BritRail Pass or Benelux Tourrail Pass (Rail pass must be presented with Eurostar ticket, if client uses a Flexipass, he will not have to use one day of the pass. Please note: Pass needs to be validated prior to boarding Eurostar. Passholders can purchase either First or Standard Class passholder fares independently of the class of service of their pass. Travel must be completed on the class of service of the passholder fare purchased.

Child fares

For children 4 through 11 years of age (children under 4 can travel free when a seat is not required). Eurostar cannot carry children under 12 unaccompanied by an adult. Available for parties of 10 or more.

Group rates

Premier train fee applies.

*Special assistance: Free boarding assistance for e.g. wheelchair users and the visually impaired can be booked by calling in advance 44 20 7928 0660. *Animals, including guide dogs, cannot travel on Eurostar .

Rail Europe Group – Marketing Dept. Release date: 01/15/03

Seating plan Car 1 to 9

Rail Europe Group – Marketing Dept. Release date: 01/15/03

Car 10 to 18

Rail Europe Group – Marketing Dept. Release date: 01/15/03

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