Java versions supported by hcj


									User Manual for MySQL Java Connectivity
Draft 2005-02-10 Author: Ray Rhode

Java versions supported: MySQL Connector/J supports Java-2 JVMs, including JDK-1.2.x, JDK-1.3.x, JDK-1.4.x and JDK-1.5.x, and requires JDK-1.4.x or newer to compile (but not run). MySQL Connector/J does not support JDK-1.1.x or JDK-1.0.x Because of the implementation of java.sql.Savepoint, Connector/J 3.1.0 and newer will not run on JDKs older than 1.4 unless the class verifier is turned off (-Xverify:none), as the class verifier will try to load the class definition for java.sql.Savepoint even though it is not accessed by the driver unless you actually use savepoint functionality. Placement of File: Once you have un-archived the distribution archive, you can install the driver in one of two ways: Either copy the "com" and "org" subdirectories and all of their contents to anywhere you like, and put the directory holding the "com" and "org" subdirectories in your classpath, or put mysql-connector-java-[version]-bin.jar in your classpath, either by adding the FULL path to it to your CLASSPATH environment variable, or by copying the .jar file to $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext, where $JAVA_HOME is the host directory of the Java sdk. Since the .jar file is provided the second method of installation is advised.

The GUI interface offers four items: The Input text field, the update button, the query button, and the output textbox.

Should the .jar file not be installed correctly, the output textbox will display com.mysql.jdbc.Driver not found. Please make sure the .jar file is properly installed and recompile and execute. To use the GUI you place your statement into the Input text field and press either update or query depending on the nature of the statement. If it seeks to retrieve data from the database, then the Query button is the proper button. For instance: “SELECT * FROM FLYBASE;” is a query based SQL Statement. If it seeks to modify data in the database or modify the database in some way, then the Update button is the proper button. For instance “UPDATE FLYBASE SET Altitude = 0 WHERE Altitude <= 100;”

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