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									Adamo Palladino
Biography Adamo Michele Kendric Palladino was born in 1969 in Manchester England. He is an only child. His father is Italian and lives in Rome. His mother is English and resides in Beverly Hills. At the age of 6 Adamo was spotted in a department store near his home in Manchester by a modeling scout. After persuading his mother to let him give modeling a try, he immediately booked a National Print Campaign for Newman Jeans Kid‟s line. He worked on and off as a model until he got bitten by the acting bug after moving with his family to Los Angeles. His father was not in favor of an acting career and prohibited Adamo from pursuing it. After years of living in a volatile environment, Adamo stood up to his father and left home at the age of 17. He was taken in by his best friend Gabe‟s parents, actors, Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna, where he finished his senior year at Beverly Hills High School. Here he was inspired and encouraged to pursue his dreams. Adamo supported his acting career by working selling men‟s suits, Persian rugs and occasionally modeled. During this time he studied under well-known acting coaches Janet Alhante, Bill Hudnut and his mentor Shakespearean actor, John Abbott. His movie acting debut in 1990 was a very small role in the film “The End of Innocence”, directed by Dyan Cannon, where he is simply credited as „Young Patient‟. Next, although in an extremely small role, he was honored to work with Frances Ford Coppola in “Dracula”. His 1996 debut on television was on Red Shoe Diaries. Zalman King, the show‟s creator, hired Adamo for the lead role after meeting him once socially. Shortly after, he was hired on the hit shows “Friends” and “Frasier” and a co-star role on “The Young & The Restless.” Since then he has mainly worked in movies. He had long wanted to star in an action film and got his chance in 2004 as the lead megalomaniac „Broddick‟ in “Boa vs. Python.” In 2005 he played a hit-man in the comedy “29 Reasons To Run” which won many awards along the festival circuit. Most recently he dons a set of scrubs playing an experienced surgeon in the thriller, “The Drone Virus”. At the advice of one of his managers, Adamo changed his stage name to Adam Kendrick in 2003. She thought that his name was too ethnic and he should have a more British sounding name. In 2006 Adamo decided to revert back to his birth name because he never felt like himself using the other. Not only does Adamo love the art of acting he enjoys the history of cinema. His favorite film is Butch Casidy and the Sundance Kid. He shares a birthday with his idol Paul Newman and favorite comedian, Ellen DeGeneres.

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