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EclipseCrossword Java applet tutorial


									EclipseCrossword Java applet tutorial
Start by creating a crossword in EclipseCrossword as you normally would. When you reach the final step (save or print), begin at step one below. You may wish to refer to Figures 1 and 2 at the bottom of this document.

1 2

Show the web page options
To save your crossword as a web page, you use the web page options. On the final step in EclipseCrossword, there is a row of four tabs. Click Save as a web page. (See part 1 of Figure 1)

Saving the web page file
Next, you will save your crossword as a web page (HTML) file. On the web page tab, click Interactive with Java applet. Save this file to a location where you can find it later, such as the Desktop or My Documents, or with your other web site files. (See part 2 of Figure 1) Two files will be created-the HTML file (this is your web page), and the file EclipseCrossword.class (this is the Java applet). You need both of them.


Uploading the files to your website
This part differs based on where your web site is hosted. Now, just upload the two files you just saved to your website. The EclipseCrossword.class file must be in the same location as the HTML file, or the Java applet will show up as a grey box on the web page. If you are not sure how to upload files to your website, please contact the company that is hosting it (your Internet Service Provider, your school's system administrator, Yahoo!, etc.) for assistance.


Test out your website
The last thing to do is test it out and make sure it works. If the Java applet does not "work," then make sure you uploaded the file EclipseCrossword.class to the same location as the web page. (See Figure 2)

You're finished! You have now put an interactive crossword puzzle on your website. You can put as many crossword puzzles on your website as you wish, and the same EclipseCrossword.class file will work for all of them.

Figures 1 and 2

Figure 1 • The EclipseCrossword Save as a web page tab.

Figure 2 • The final results.

Technical notes regarding the Java applet
The EclipseCrossword Java applet does not require Swing or any additional plug-ins, but it does require Java 1.1 to work properly. This mostly means that a few older browsers, as well as many embedded devices (like a Palm), will not be able to display it. If it is not feasible to place the EclipseCrossword.class file in the same location as the web pages themselves, you can edit the HTML code generated for the crosswords' web pages. In the APPLET tag, add a CODEBASE property as follows:

<br><applet code=EclipseCrossword.class codebase="../applets" name=EclipseCrossword width=738 height=564>
You can replace the text inside the quotation marks with the name of a folder, a complete URL to the folder that contains the applet, or any other type of relative or absolute URL you can think of. This will need to be done for every HTML file containing the EclipseCrossword Java applet.

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