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					Unit Ten
Part One Words and Patterns 1. Some people would like to do shopping on Sundays since they expect to pick up wonderful _______ in the market. A) barrels B) batteries C) baskets D) bargains 2. Niagara Falls is a great tourist _____, drawing million of visitors every year. A) attention B) attraction C) appointment D) arrangement 3. The words of his old teacher left a ____ impression on his mind. He is still influenced by them. A) long B) lively C) lasting D) liberal 4. The Song Dynasty ________ three great inventions to world civilization. A) contributed B) conceived C) converged D) attributed 5. Most of the major West European countries have ________ the concept of high speed rail networks. A) rejected B) refused C) embraced D) embodied 6. The buildings are so ____ that passers-by, princes or those who work in them feel moved to express an opinion, either positive or negative. A) complicated B) comprehensive C) controversial D) confronting 7. He had had a long and uncomfortable trip, for he had been ______ to the wooden box for over ten hours. A) attached B) enclosed C) confined D) restricted 8. After working her way around the world, she ________ teaching English as a foreign language. A) ended up B) devoted C) was tired of D) desired 9. _______ writer’s careless disregard for accuracy, even the most basic numbers in stories are not to be trusted. A) Thanks to B) In line with C) With regard to D) As for 10. He is _____ about his chances of winning a gold medal in the Olympics nest year. A) optimistic B) optional C) outstanding D) obvious Part Two Reading Comprehension Passage 1 As Dr. Samuel Johnson said in a different era about ladies preaching, the surprising thing about computers is not that they think less well than a man, but that they think at all. The early electronic computer did not have much going for it except a marvelous memory and some good math skills. But today the best models can be wired up to learn by experience, follow an argument, ask proper questions and write poetry and music. They can also carry on somewhat puzzling conversations. Computer imitates life. As computers get more complex, the imitation gets better. Finally, the line between the original and the copy becomes unclear. In another 15 years or so, we will see the computer as a new form of life. The opinion seems ridiculous because, for one thing, computers lack the drives and emotions of living creatures. But drives can be programmed into the computer's brain just as nature programmed them into our brains as a part of the equipment for survival.


Computers match people in some roles, and when fast decisions are needed in a crisis, they often surpass them. Having evolved when the pace of life was slower, the human brain has an inherent defeat that prevents it from absorbing several streams of information simultaneously and acting on them quickly. Throw too many things at the brain at one time and it freezes up. We are still in control, but the capabilities of computers are increasing at a fantastic rate, while new human intelligence is changing slowly, if at all. Computer power has increased ten times every eight years since 1946. In the 1990s, when the sixth generation appears, the reasoning power of intelligence built out of silicon will begin to match that of the human brain. That does not mean the evolution of intelligence has ended on the earth. Judging by the past, we can expect that a new species will arise out of man, surpassing his achievements as he has surpassed those of his predecessor. Only a carbon chemistry enthusiast would assume that the new species must be man's flesh-and-blood descendants. The new kind of intelligent life is more likely to be made of silicon. 1. What do you suppose was the attitude of Dr. Samuel Johnson towards ladies preaching? A) He believed that ladies were born worse preachers than man. B) He was pleased that ladies could preach, though not as well as men. C) He disapproved of ladies preaching. D) He encouraged ladies to preach. 2. Today, computers are still inferior to man in terms of ____. A) decision making B) growth of reasoning power C) drives and feelings D) information absorption 3. In terms of making quick decisions, the human brain cannot be compared with the computer because ____. A) in the long process of evolution the slow pace of life didn't require such an ability of human brain. B) the human brain is influenced by other factors such as motivation and emotion C) the human brain may sometimes freeze up is dangerous situation D) computers imitate life while human brain does not imitate computers 4. Though he thinks highly of the development of computer science, the author doesn't mean that ____. A) computers are likely to become a new form of intelligent life B) human beings have lost control of computers C) the intelligence of computers will eventually surpass that of human beings D) the evolution of intelligence will probably depend on electronic brains 5. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE? A) Future man will be made of silicon instead of flesh and blood. B) Some day it will be difficult to tell a computer from a man. C) The reasoning power of computers has already surpassed that of man. D) Future intelligent life may not necessarily be made of organic matter. Passage 2 As is known to all, the organization and management of wages and salaries are very complex. Generally speaking, the Accounts Department is responsible for calculations of pay, while the Personal Department is interested in discussions with the employees about pay.


If a firm wants to adopt a new wage and salary structure, it is essential that the firm should decide on a method of job evaluation and ways of measuring the performance of its employees. In order to be successful, that new pay structure will need agreement between Trade Unions and employers. In job evaluation, all the requirements of each job are defined in a detailed job description. Each of those requirements is given a value, usually in "points", which are added together to give a total value for the job. For middle and higher management, a special method is used to evaluate managers on their knowledge of the job, their responsibility, and their ability to solve problems. Because of the difficulty in measuring management work, however, job grades for managers are often decided without reference to an evaluation system based on points. In attempting to design a pay system, the Personal Department should compare the value of each job with those in the job market. It should also consider economic factors such as the cost of living and the labour supply. It is necessary that payment for a job should vary with any differences in the way that the job is performed. Where it is simple to measure the work done, as in the work done with the hands, monetary encouragement schemes are often chosen, for indirect workers. Where measurement is difficult, methods of additional payments are employed. 1. If a firm wants its new pay structure to be successful, it is necessary to get _____ to have the same opinion as the employees. A) the Trade Union B) the Personnel Department C) the Accounts Department D) the designer of the pay structure 2. In designing a new pay system, a firm should consider _____ besides comparing the value of each job with values in the job market. A) the way of evaluating management work B) the method of calculating the pay C) the requirements of each job D) the labor supply and the cost of living 3. Methods of additional payments are adopted for indirect workers because _____. A) their work is not so important as that of other worker B) they do not get good wages C) the measurement of their work is difficult D) the company does not have enough money 4. Which of the following statements is true? A) In every company only the Accounts Department is involved in the management of wages and salaries. B) The method of evaluating higher management work is the same as that of evaluating the job done by workers. C) If a job is performed differently, the payment for the job should be different too. D) An evaluation system based on points is usually used to measure management work. 5. The main purpose of this passage is to _____. A) give details about the responsibilities of both the Accounts Department and the Personnel Department B) tell readers how a firm can succeed in adopting a new pay system C) explain how the performance of a job can be measured in points D) convince readers that management work is more difficult to evaluate than the work done by workers


Passage 3 Is it really desirable to have the most remote beach, the most hidden temple exposed to human curiosity and at the same time to litter graffiti that humanity leaves in its path? Would it be better to leave such treasures to the local population, which perhaps doesn't pay any attention to them? Is it better to have a few knowing admires study a painting at leisure, or a crowd see it in haste and confusion? The man who discovered the old Inca city in 1911 had faced extraordinary difficulties to reach it. But although dangerous and exhausting, the climb was very rewarding to him, and to the few archaeologists who followed him later. Once in the ruined streets of the town, they could wander around, alone with the memory of the Indians who had built it centuries earlier, and perhaps they were able to make some discovery that would bring more light to a mysterious past. Today Inca Temple is a great tourist attraction. The visitors, brought by planes, trains, and buses, walk through the city in groups. Cameras click; guides shout their explanations in several languages; people push, run up and down the steps, drop bits of litter, and perhaps take a small stone as a souvenir. Some disappointed visitors may complain, once in a while, that this is not the most satisfying way to see a place so full of history and sadness. And of course he is right; but without the modern conveniences-----and inconveniences---would he be able to visit Inca city at all? The saddest aspect of mass tourism has been brought recently to the attention of the public: it seems that the great number of visitors is destroying the treasures that they enjoy most. Under millions of feet, ancient stones wear out, ancient floors break down. Parts of the palace of Versailles may have to be close to the public in order to preserve them, and some European caves, famous for their thirty-thousand year old paintings, have already been closed because paintings were damaged by human respiration. There may come a time when only specialists in art, history, or archaeology will be allowed near the treasure of the past. Perhaps we'd better hurry to see them; perhaps we'd better take a tour soon. 1. Which of the following can be the title for the passage? A) The Remote Beach B) Tourism of India C) The Urgent Problem To Ancient Treasures D) Miracles in Transportation 2. According to the passage, ______ first discovered the Inca treasure. A) a painter whose name is not mentioned in the passage B) a man whose name is not mentioned in the passage C) a few archaeologists whose names are not verified D) visitors who came for pleasure 3. The word "them" in the last sentence of paragraph 1 refers to ______. A) graffiti B) treasures C) visitors D) local people 4. According to the second paragraph, some tourists to Inca Temple may complain______. A) that it is not worth visiting


B) of the sad aspects of mass tourism C) of the inconveniences of the visiting D) that they can not get at the place 5. The following statements are true EXCEPT ______. A) Some famous European caves have been closed to protect the fine painting there B) Mass tourism usually litters the place visited C) All the visitor to the Inca Temple enjoyed the trip very much D) The climb up to the Inca Temple is really very dangerous Passage 4 Is language, like food, a basic human need? Judging from the drastic experiment of Frederick II in the 13th century it may be. Hoping to discover what language a child would speak if he heard no mother tongue he told the nurses to keep silent. All the infants died before the first year. But clearly there was more than language deprivation(丧失) here. What was missing was good mothering. Without good mothering, in the first year of life especially, the capacity to survive is seriously affected. Today no such drastic deprivation exists as that ordered by Frederick. Nevertheless, some children are still backward in speaking. Most often the reason for this is that the mother is insensitive to the cues and signals of the infant, whose brain is programmed to mop up language rapidly. There are critical times, it seems, when children learn more readily. If these sensitive periods are neglected, and the ideal time for acquiring skills passes, they might never be learned so easily again. Linguists suggest that speech milestones are reached in a fixed sequence and at a constant age, but there are cases where speech has started late in a child who eventually turns out to be of high IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Recent evidence suggests that an infant is born with the capacity to speak. What is special about man's brain, compared with that of the monkey, is the complex system which enables a child to connect the sight and feel of, say, a teddy-bear(玩具熊) with the sound pattern "teddy-bear". But speech has to be triggered, and this depends on interaction between the mother and the child, where the mother recognizes the cues and signals in the child's babbling, clinging, grasping, crying, smiling, and responds to them. Insensitivity of the mother to these signals dulls the interaction because the child gets discouraged and sends out only the obvious signals. Sensitivity to the child's non-verbal cues is essential to the growth and development of language. 1. Frederick II's experiment was "drastic" because _____. A) he wanted to prove that children are born with the ability to speak B) he ignored the importance of mothering to the infant C) he was unkind to the nurses D) he wanted his nurses to say no mother tongue 2. The reason some children are backward in speaking today is that _____. A) they do not listen carefully to their mothers B) their brains have to absorb too much language at once C) their mothers do not respond to their attempts to speak D) their mothers are not intelligent enough to help them 3. By "critical times" in paragraph 3 the author means _____.


A) difficult periods in the child's life B) moments when the child becomes critical towards its mother C) important stages in the child's development D) times when mothers often neglect their children 4. Which of the following is not implied in the passage? A) The faculty of speech is inborn in man. B) Children do not need to be encouraged to speak. C) The child's brain is highly selective. D) Most children learn their language in definite stages. 5. If the mother does not respond to her child's signals _____. A) the child will never be able to speak properly B) the child will stop giving out signals C) the child will invent a language of its own D) the child will make little effort to speak Fast Reading I learned very soon in our relationship that Kathy was jealous. She did not like to think that I had anything that she did not have. We would have great fun going out shopping. However, if I bought, say, a dress for a party, and she thought my dress was better than hers, she would start to say slightly unkind things about it. I could not understand this at all, and even now it puzzles me. The other problem was my mother. She thought Kathy was common. She thought Kathy had a bad influence over me. She even disliked Kathy’s way of speaking. She thought her pronunciation was common. Mum disliked Kathy and looked down on her and kept telling me to stop seeing her. If ever I invited her into the house, she would be angry and tell me off as soon as Kathy was gone. Thanks to Kathy I had a wonderful year at the Tech. As a result I looked forward to going out to work. If the Tech could be such fun, so could work! Perhaps I foolishly imagined that wherever I went I would meet another Kathy. But at the end of that wonderful year two things happened that destroyed out friendship. The students always celebrated the end of the college year with a fancy-dress dance. It was a big event. But unfortunately, Kathy and I had made other arrangements for the day of the dance. We had booked to go to a theatre. We had talked for ages of going, and at last we had our tickets. For us this was a big event. Then we realized that the students’ dance was on the same day. It was a shame. But our hearts were set on the theatre. Then Kathy came round to see me. Mother was in at the time, and I have to speak to her on the doorstop. I told her I couldn’t ask her in because my Mum had a bad headache. She smiled and said she was sorry about my mother’s bad head. But I was sure she knew what had really happened. But she carried on smiling and then she said: “I’m sorry but I can’t come to the theatre with you. My brother’s come home and he wants me to take him to the dance. I can’t let him down. I hardly ever see him. And he’d bought the tickets before he told me about it.” (409 words) Decide whether the following statements are true (T) false or (F) Write your answers in the . corresponding brackets. ( )1. Kathy was jealous.


)2. The writer’s mother liked Kathy very much. )3. The writer and Kathy had been friends since they went to primary school. )4. The writer stayed at the technical college for two years. )5. The writer and Kathy didn’t go to the theatre together. Three Cloze William Appleton, author of a recent book entitled Fathers and Daughters, believes that it is a woman’s relationship with her father 1 decides how successful she will be in her 2 life. According to Appleton there are three important steps a girl must 3 in her relationship with Daddy. The 4 is the “little girl” stage in which the daughter loves and idolizes(崇 拜) her farther 5 he were a god or hero without 6 . And her father loves his daughter 7 blindly, seeing her as an “oasis(绿洲)of smiles” in a hard, cold world. Then comes the second stage. It starts during adolescence and 8 for many years. Here, the little girl begins to rebel against Daddy and 9 his authority. He reacts with anger and 10 . And the final stage comes 11 a woman reaches the age of about thirty. At this time the daughter sees her father not as a hero 12 as a fool, but learns to accept him 13 he is, for better or worse. And Daddy forgives her, too, for not being the 14 little girl he had once hoped for. But not al daughters go through all three stages, and it is here that the key to a woman’s career 15 . Those girls who never get past the first “oasis of smiles” stage, 16 all their lives seek out their fathers’ love and approval, will never 17 in the business world. They will remain at the secretarial(秘书的) 18 all their lives. It is only those women who get to the final stage, those who 19 and accept Daddy’s faults, who can even hope to be 20 enough and independent enough to become a candidate for top—management. 1. A. who B. which C. that D. it 2. A. late B. later C. early D. earlier 3. A. get through B. get away from C. get over D. get rid of 4. A. initial B. primary C. first D. early 5. A seeming B. looking like C. as D. as if 6. A. errors B. blunders C. mistakes D. faults 7. A. just as B. the same C. as well D. so much 8. A. prolongs B. lasts C. persists D. lingers 9. A. looks down B. sees through C. neglects D. challenges 10. A. envy B. hatred C. disappointment D. affection 11. A. that B. which C. if D. when 12. A. and B. nor C. as well D. either 13. A. for what B. for who C. for whom D. for whoever 14. A. prettiest B. beloved C. perfect D. fascinating 15. A. exists B. lies C. lays D. holds 16. A. who B. they C that D. which 17. A. make out B. make it C. rise above D. promote 18. A. job B. post C. position D. level ( ( ( ( Part


19. A. reject B. forgive 20. A. mature B. experienced Part Four Error Correction ☆ 改正 ☆ 删去 ☆ 增添 例 ----

C. put up with C. kind-hearted

D. neglect D. capable

将文中错词用斜线(/)划去,在后面横线上填入正确的词,表示替换该错词。 在文中将错词用斜线(/)划去,在后面横线上也划一斜线(/),表示该错词是多余的。 在文中两词间加“∧”号,表示有遗漏,然后在横线上添入遗漏的词的正确形式。

Television is rapidly becoming the literature of our periods. Many of the arguments having used for the study of literature as a school subject are valid for ∧ study of television. All American citizens over eighteen years of age can vote for a president. The process of electing a president takes near a year. During the election year there are numerous local elections which are called as primary elections held in much of the fifty states. These elections indicate whom the most popular candidates are. In primary elections usually held in the winter and spring, candidates run after members of their own parties. In this way they try to get support of party members around the county. During the summer both parties have conventions that the party members make the final choice for the party's presidential candidates. Each party chooses a person to run for a president, and a person to run for a vice president. The two candidates work a team. They will win or lose the election together. Once the final candidates are chosen, they campaign around the country trying to win votes. The national election is held in November. The candidate who wins becomes president the following January. The election procession is long and costly. Thousands of people work for the leading candidates. Million of dollars are spent. Individuals prepare to run for the presidency for many years. Nearly all of these people never fail to ever win.

1. time 2. / 3. the 1. _______

2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5._______

6. _______

7. _______

8. _______ 9. _______

10. _______

Part Five Translation 1. The relations between China and the US have been improved, which will contribute to our economic development and world peace. 2. It is absolutely wrong to think foreign languages useless, as quite a few people did

before. 3. Hit last summer by passenger complaints and the threat of consumer-protection laws by Congress, 14 carriers voluntarily agreed to adopt a set of basic customer-service standards called Customers First. 4. He always argued form a strange perspective that made it impossible to answer him. 5. The oil price and supply uncertainties triggered awareness of the problems of depending on imported energy supplies. 单项选择答案 1-5:DBCAC 阅读理解答案 Passage 1 BCABD Passage 2 ADCCB Passage 3 CBBCC Passage 4 BCCBD 快速阅读答案 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.T 完形填空答案 1-5: CBACD 改错参考答案 1. near 改成 nearly 或者 almost。 2. 删除 as;或者 called 改成 known。 3. much 改成 many。 4. whom 改成 who。 5. after 改成 against。 6. 将 that 改成 where。 7. a team 前加上 as。 8. procession 改成 process。

6-10: CCAAA

6-10: DABDC

11-15: DBACB 16-20: ABDBA

9. million 改成 millions。 10. 删除 never。 翻译参考答案 1. 中美两国关系已经得到改善,这将有利于我们的经济发展和世界和平。 2. 认为外语无用是绝对错误的,过去不少人有这种想法。 3. 由于去年夏天遭到旅客的投诉以及面临国会通过的保护消费者法律的威胁, 家航空公 14 司自愿地同意采取一套称之为“消费者第一”的为消费者服务的基本标准。 4. 他总是从一个怪异的角度来辩论,使人无法回应。 5. 石油价格和供应的不稳定性使人们意识到依赖进口能源供应的种种问题。


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