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215 S. University Parks Drive Waco, TX 76701 * (254)756-4866

STORE USE ONLY Date_____________________ # of Hangers_____________ Shoes/Purses/Belts/Hats/Other # of Bags__________________ Existing Acct #_____________ Mail Chk (out-of-town)_____ Employee Initials__________ ******************************* # of Items Accepted________
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Email is a great way to receive updates on consignment selections and sales events going on at Amelia’s Attic. We will never sell your information to third parties. Please check here if you do not wish to receive consignment & sales information from Amelia’s Attic.

Employee Initials ___________ CONSIGNMENT TERMS: 1) Amelia’s Attic accepts quality clothing & accessories that are clean, pressed, & on hangers. (one per hanger, please!). Clothing must be in excellent condition & within the past 1-2 years of current style. Consignments are accepted Monday - Saturday between 10am-7pm & are accepted according to the current season. 2) The consignment period is 60 days from the date the items are priced. There is a 55/45 split & consignors are paid 45% of the selling price for each item. After 30 days, items go half price with the exception of non-markdown items such as formals & designer handbags. Amelia's Attic reserves the right to discount items at any time. After the 60 days of the contract have expired, any unsold items that have not been picked up become the property of Amelia’s Attic. 3) While Amelia’s Attic makes every attempt to protect our consignor’s items, Amelia's Attic is NOT responsible for damage, loss, or theft of merchandise left on consignment.
CONSIGNOR RESPONSIBILITIES: 1) INITIAL DROP-OFF: Any items not selected for consignment may be donated or they must be picked up by the consignor within ONE WEEK of the drop off date. Any items that are not picked up after one week from the initial drop-off date become the property of Amelia’s Attic. 2) END OF CONSIGNMENT: Consignors wishing to pick up any unsold items at the end of their consignment MUST CALL AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO PICKUP & MUST CALL PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION OF THEIR CONTRACT. After the 60 days of the contract have expired, any unsold items that have not been picked up become the property of Amelia’s Attic. Should a consignor wish to pickup any items prior to the end of their 60-day contract, an early retrieval fee of $10.00 will be assessed for company time & effort. 3) ACCOUNT INFO: It is the consignor’s responsibility to pickup any money on their account. If the balance is UNDER $20.00 – it may be picked up as cash or used as store credit anytime. Amounts OVER $20.00 will be issued in the form of a check on the 15th of each month & may also be used as store credit anytime. There is a check fee of $1.00 to cover postage, supplies, & handling for any consignor that wishes to have their check mailed. Checks are void after one year, so it is important to pickup checks issued each month in a timely fashion. Any money not picked up on your account after one year will be forfeited. 4) STORE CREDIT BONUS: As a special loyalty incentive, each time you use your store credit, you will receive an extra 20% of your applied store credit amount to be used towards your purchase. For example: If you are spending $50 in store credit – you will receive an extra $10 to use towards your purchase! That brings your total payout amount up to almost 55%!  I HAVE READ & UNDERSTAND THE CONTRACT & AGREE TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS UNDER WHICH I LEAVE MY ITEMS FOR CONSIGNMENT: Consignor Signature_________________________________________________________________ Pickup or Donate Pickup or Donate

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