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					LAUNCHING OF KAKAKTUA.COM FOR E-LEARNING WEB SITE FOR STUDENTS KUALA LUMPUR, May 19, 2000 Cyber Village announced the Pilot launch of, an interactive web-based learning project with advanced online assessment system for the Malaysian student community. The objective of the site is to create an environment that promotes the use of the Internet as an efficient tool to deliver educational content, particularly in assisting students in the revision of their studies. At the same time, the site hopes to create an ecommunity and act as a catalyst to promote greater Internet use amongst Malaysian students. Cyber Village was one of the first companies to be awarded a grant under the scheme introduced by the Government to assist with the development of IT-based community projects to develop the e-learning web site, now named The RM50 million scheme, known as the Demonstrator Application Grant Scheme (DAGS), is a key initiative to the realization of the National Information Technology Agenda (NITA). The Internet is a low cost and effective communication channel. According to's Project Manager Murali Mano, the Internet's ability to transmit information and to process interactive user input make the Internet an ideal medium to provide educational services to the masses in the most cost effective manner, affordable by all parties. Based on the above premise, and the fact that the Internet has yet to be tapped with its full potential as an educational medium in Malaysia, is created and designed as a premier online education service. is based strictly on the Malaysian education syllabus for the PMR examinations. UPSR and SPM will be added on after the development of PMR is complete. It aims to make accessible to all Malaysian students a high quality Internet education site at the lowest possible rates. seeks to achieve its objective by offering students "fresh" content i.e., students will always be faced with different questions and challenges even if they were to choose the same options such as a particular subject or a level of difficulty. The system's interactivity and the huge depository of content, which is continuously growing will enable students to fully utilize to assist them with their school subjects and examinations. also seeks to develop a healthy student's "web community" on the Internet that will assist them in general all-rounded development. This second objective is achieved through an electronic pen-pal program (E-pal), by allowing them to send egreeting cards to friends, by encouraging them to voice their opinions on selected subjects, through creative activities and other interesting services.

"We have also received immense support and guidance that was much needed from MIMOS Berhad and the Ministry of Education in the development of that enhances learning and teaching methods," Murali added. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Maluri was chosen to be the "pilot" students and teachers for this program. Approximately 250 students and 4 teachers were involved in the pilot program and eventually, the pilot involve 800 students and 10 teachers. The students and teachers have received training on the use of this web site as well as the Internet. The teachers of the school have also been actively involved in the development of the project throughout the past 6-8 months. "I foresee the web site would not only be a good mentor but provide sufficient information for the students to revise their studies. In order for them to excel, they need constant guidance and repetitive practices," says Puan Wong, a teacher of SMK Taman Maluri. The current pilot phase program is meant specifically for students in the lower secondary in preparation for the Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah (PMR) examinations. The subjects covered are Bahasa Malaysia, English, Matematik, Sains, Sejarah and Geografi. Cyber Village hopes to finish constructing the site with content for the UPSR and the SPM students next. Currently, there are over 10,000 questions covering Bahasa Malaysia, English and Matematik at the site. Subjects such as Sains, Sejarah and Geografi would be completed by September 2000. To encourage students using this web site, the membership program will remain free until the 31st December 2000. The current site is available not only for use by the pilot students but also any student throughout the country with Internet access. The full launch of the site is expected in July 2000. The project team of looks forward to hearing constructive feedback from the students to enable them to improve the site further and add new exciting features for the benefit of the student community.

About Cyber Village Cyber Village Sdn Bhd is a leading MSC Status Company with its core business in eCommerce consulting, assisting clients in their process. Cyber Village is founded in 1997 by Tony Pua, a graduate in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University.,,, and count as some of the many successful e-Commerce projects Cyber Village has implemented for its clients. was originally conceived as an internal project to showcase Cyber Village capabilities in delivering Internet-based applications. However, due to the viability of the project and the support from the respective parties and agencies, a separate team has been set up to focus purely in the development of the project. Should the response to the pilot program be encouraging, it is expected that will be

set up as an independent company to pursue its goals and objectives, separate from Cyber Village Sdn Bhd. For additional information, kindly visit us at:

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