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					Java Bean Model Creator Eclipse Plugin for SAP Netweaver Studio
Requirement and Specification

I have written a small Eclipse plugin that creates a javabean model for SAP Web Dynpro Javabean. You do not need to understand SAP Web Dynpro or anything only Eclipse knowledge is required. The UI is very basic and functionality limited therefore I need somebody with very good Eclipse plugin development know how and especially the JDT API that create a nice UI for me. Unfortunately I am under a non disclosure agreement so I cannot disclose the full source of my plugin, so my idea is just to provide a slim interface layer that is used and the integration into my plugin will be done by me. For information about my plugin and how it works look here:

Write a Eclipse plugin based on Eclipse 2.1 that is able to select java classes and interfaces. Choose properties and specify relations between this classes. The output of the plugin will be Metamodel held in memory that has this structure: The (Meta)Model can have several ModelClasses. Each Model Class can have several ModelProperties and ModelRelations.

Skills needed
I want an experienced Eclipse plugin developer that write plugins for me. They will be targeted at the Netweaver Studio and I plan further plugins and tools therefore I am looking for a long term relationship here.  Eclipse 2.1 Plugin development  Eclipse Java Development Toolkit API  Eclipse SWT  Eclipse Wizard API Optional Skills for later releases  draw2d (I plan a UML Class like diagram for the model)  Refactoring API (when the model is refactored I want to refactor the java classes as well)  Visual Editor Framework (to build a Screen Prototype designer)

Expected Project Procedure
I prefer an agile style with first result after a 2-3 days. With source code. I can provide a small helper library to read the Javaclass information from the JDT. I expect every class with a javadoc description about what the class does and its collaboration classes as well as a javadoc comment for each method.

Implementation Details for Scenario 1: Create Javabean Model
The Model that will be created by this plugin

Meaning this is the in memory model you will build with the UI. I will need this in memory model to create the SAP specific stuff. To test your part you will just need to dump out the resulting model as a serialized file.

Step one specify name and package of the model

Step 2 select the properties and specify the relations

   

Details and Relations are tabstrips All checkboxes are checked by default The details page contains also the checkbox: abstract (is it an abstract class) and interface.

Scenario 2: Reimport Javabean Model
The basic function is that I will give you an existing model and you can already initialize the UI accordingly. Properties and relations that are not existent in the real java classes anymore shall be marked in red with a tooltip.

Further explanations

I expect maximum of 5 days work for Scenario 1 2 days for Scenario 2

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