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Syllabus Biology 205, Cell Biology
Instructor: Dr. Kathy Zanin Lecture Meeting Time: 205-01 and 205-02 meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; 11:00 – 11:50 AM Lecture Room: BOND 316 Lab Meeting Times: Section 205-01, Wednesday 1:00–3:50 PM/ Section 205-02, Thursday 1:00–3:50 PM Lab Room: BOND 323 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 9:30 – 10:30 AM; Thursday 3:50-4:50 PM/ Office: Bond Hall 322 Phone: 953-7077 / Email: kathy.zanin@citadel.edu

Lecture Course Objectives: In the lecture portion of this course you will learn the fundamentals of cell structure and cell function. Topics will include biological molecules, cell membrane chemistry, organelle function, cell-matrix and cell-cell interaction, cytoskeleton, genetic control, cell signaling, cell cycle and cancer. Required Text: Cell and Molecular Biology, 5th edition, by Gerald Karp How to do well in the lecture portion of this course:  This is an upper division course. I expect you to come to class prepared, work hard, and actively participate in the online discussions. Read WebCT lecture notes and corresponding textbook material before class. The material to be covered in each class is indicated on the schedule below. A good way to come to class prepared is to make a list of questions on those topics from my lecture notes and from your textbook of which you are uncertain. You will then be ready when we discuss those topics in class!  Check WebCT frequently, and participate in the online discussions. If you need help using WebCT, ask me during the first week of class, and I will be glad to give you a quick tutorial. Lecture Schedule:
W F M T W F 8/27 8/29 9/1 9/2 9/3 9/5 Introduction and Pre-course Test Chapter 1: Introduction to Cell Biology Chapter 1: Introduction to Cell Biology SCCC Drop/Add Ends Begin Chapter 2: Chemical Basis of Life Quiz 1 & continue Chapter 2 F M W F M W 10/17 10/20 10/22 10/24 10/27 10/29 Finish up Chapter 7 Quiz 4 & Begin Chapter 9: Cytoskeleton Chapter 9 Finish Chapter 9 & Review for test Test Two Chapter 15: Cell Signaling Last Day to Withdraw with Grade of W More Chapter 15 – Happy Halloween Finish Chapter 15 Chapter 14: Mitosis


9/8 9/10 9/12 9/15 9/17 9/19 9/22 9/24 9/26 9/29 10/1 10/3 10/6 10/7 10/10 10/13 10/15

More Chapter 2 Finish up Chapter 2 Chapter 4: Membrane Structure and Function Quiz 2 & More Chapter 4 More Chapter 4 Finish Chapter 4 review for test Test One Chapter 8: Membrane Systems More Chapter 8 More Chapter 8 More Chapter 8 & Ch 12 up to & including p. 498 Quiz 3 and Finish Chapter 8 Chapter 7: Cell-Matrix Interactions Chapter 7: Cell-Matrix Interactions Chapter 7: Cell-Cell Interactions Chapter 7: Cell-Cell Interactions


10/31 11/3 11/5


11/7 Quiz 5 & Chapter 14 11/10 Chapter 14: Mitosis & Meiosis 11/12 Chapter 14: Mitosis & Meiosis 11/14 Chapter 14: Mitosis & Meiosis 11/17 Chapter 16: Cancer 11/19 Chapter 16: Cancer 11/21 Quiz 6 & Chapter 16: Cancer 11/24- Fall break – Happy Thanksgiving 11/28 12/1 Finish Cell Cycle and Cancer 12/3 12/5 12/8 12/15 Review for test Test Three Review Course for Final Exam FINAL EXAM: ****9 AM**** Please Note the change from 8 to 9 AM


Cell Biology Syllabus Fall 2008 Page 2 of 3 Lab Course Objectives: In this lab you will gain first hand experience with techniques commonly used in cell biological research including quantitative microscopy, histochemistry, spectrophotometry, cell fractionation and centrifugation, organelle isolation, enzyme assays, protein electrophoresis, and western blotting. Lab Protocols: Lab homework, helps, and protocols are published on WebCT; print and read them before lab each week. Suggesteded Supplies:  Three-Ring Binder with lab procedures you have printed from WebCT and some blank loose leaf paper inserted  Calculator  Watch with a second hand or stop watch Laboratory Safety: During the semester, we will be using some hazardous reagents and equipment. It is everyone's responsibility to help ensure that safe procedures are followed in the lab. There are several rules that you need to follow: 1. No eating, drinking, gum chewing, or use of tobacco is allowed in the lab. 2. No rough or rowdy play in the lab. Equipment is expensive and delicate and many reagents are dangerous. 3. Wear gloves and other protective gear when advised. 4. Handle all reagents as if they could be dangerous. 5. Handle all lab equipment with care and do not waste supplies. 6. Never pipette anything by mouth. 7. Place all broken glass and only glass in the glass trash receptacle. 8. Wash your hands at the end of lab, and any other time you might get some chemicals on your skin. 9. If you injure or contaminate yourself (or another student) tell the instructor immediately. 10. Leave the lab looking the way you found it. If you are unsure how to dispose of wastes or of what is disposable, please ask the instructor.

Lab Schedule: Date 9/3 or 9/4 9/10 or 9/11 9/17 or 9/18 9/24 or 9/25 10/1 or 10/2 10/8 or 10/9 10/15 or 10/16 10/22 or 10/23 10/29 or 10/30 11/5 or 11/6 11/12 or 11/13

Topic Introduction to the Lab: How to Use Lab Equipment and Prepare Solutions Lab 1- Learn to use Microsoft Excel to make graphs and tables for lab reports ***meet in computer lab on second floor of Bond Hall*** Lab 2- Histochemistry Lab 3- Spectrophotometry of DNA and RNA Lab 4- Enzyme activity in Mitochondria Lab 5- Photosynthesis in Chloroplasts Lab 6- Cell Fractionation Lab 7- Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) Lab 8- Western Blots Analyzing results of Labs 6-8 and help with PowerPoint ***meet in computer lab on second floor of Bond Hall***

Report Due

Lab 1 Lab 2 Lab 3 Lab 4 Lab 5 Lab 6 Lab 8 Lab 9

Lab 9 – present data from Labs 6-8 to the class as a Powerpoint presentation (turn in printed version of PPT slides)

** 11/19 or 11/20 Field Trip for both lab sections to be determined** 12/3 or 12/4 Take Home Lab Final Exam due by 2 PM


Cell Biology Syllabus Fall 2008 Page 3 of 3 Grading Information: Your final grade for this course is determined as follows: Quiz Average 24% A Test Average 27% B Lecture Final 10% C Exam WebCT use 14% D Lab Report and 15% F PowerPoint Presentation Average Lab Final Exam 10%

92-100 80-91 70-79 60-69 0-59

Quizzes: Quizzes will help you keep up with the course material and help you prepare for upcoming tests. There are 6 scheduled quizzes in the lecture portion of the course (see lecture schedule above.) There may also be unannounced quizzes throughout the semester if students are coming to class or to lab unprepared. Scheduled quizzes will consist of multiple choice questions concerning material covered in previous lectures; pop quizzes will cover material you have read ahead in preparation for class or lab. Tests: Tests will probe the depth of your understanding of the lecture material. Questions will be a combination of multiple choice, fill-in, and essay/short answer. Participation in the online discussion board will greatly improve your ability to answer test questions. Final Exam (Lecture): The final exam will be cumulative and will have a similar format to that of the tests. If you have an A average on all three tests, you may exempt the final exam. WebCT: WebCT is a powerful tool and I rely heavily upon it in all of my courses. You are required to use it for class discussions, to check your grades, to check for class announcements, and to send me or your classmates email messages. Also here you will be able to download lab protocols, lecture outlines, syllabi, and other supplementary materials for lecture and for lab. Look for details on WebCT grading in a message from me on the discussion board Lab Reports: Reports demonstrate your completion and understanding of the lab material. Although you will work in small groups during lab, each student must prepare his own lab report; I expect each report to be unique; sharing tables or graphs or text for lab reports is a breach of the honor code. You are allowed to help each other learn how to make graphs and tables using Microsoft Word and Excel and to help each other understand relevant concepts, but each student must prepare his own lab report. Lab reports for each lab period are due at the beginning of the following lab period and are worth a total of 15% of your final grade. Details on what to include each week will be in the lab procedures. Powerpoint Presentation: For Lab 9, each lab group will give a PowerPoint presentation on their results and conclusions from labs 6-8. This presentation counts as a lab report grade. Lab Final Exam: The cumulative lab final will test your understanding of labs and presentations by asking you to design experiments and analyze results. You will NOT do well on the exam if you routinely come to lab unprepared and let your lab partner do all the work. The Citadel Catalog states that, “Scheduled tests and laboratories take precedence over all other college duties or activities.” http://citadel.edu/r3/academics/catalog/cadet0708/cadet-catalog-0708.pdf (p. 25). You may not skip lab due to guard duty or other military obligation! Please Note: When students leave class or lab to print assignments or notes that are needed or due for that day, it shows irresponsibility and lack of preparation. Please avoid this bad habit as it frustrates the instructor and the other students.