Botany and Zoology are two of the main branches of Biology

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					Botany and Zoology are two of the main branches of Biology. In this activity, we will examine a number of different branches and careers that are included in the study of Biology. Using the internet, search to find the name of the area of biology. 1. the study of heredity _________________ 2. the structure and function of cells. __________________________ 3. animal behavior. _____________________ 4. the physical structure of humans or other animals_______________ 5. the scientific classification of organisms_______________________ 6. the chemical processes within cells________________________ 7. the relationships among organisms and their environments _______________________ 8. the body's defense against disease and foreign substances ______________________ 9. microscopic organisms___________________________ 10. the functions of organs and organ systems ______________________________

Search for the meaning of the following branches of biology . . . Paleontology: Phycology: Entomology: Evolution: Bacteriology: Ornithology: Herpetology: Ichthyology: Agriculture: Mycology:

Student Handout Bio 20 Activity

Examples of Other Areas of Biology: Agronomy Teralotolgy Anthropology Embryology Biotechnology Limnology Biogeography Oceanography Economic Zoology Marine Biology Pathology

Endocrinolgy Virology Horticulture Pharmacology Mammalogy Toxicology Exobiology Histology Nematology Oncology Parasitology

Career Exploration: Use the internet to research the following questions. 1. What does a biologist do? 2. List 4 examples of organizations that might hire a biologist. 3. What classes would you need to enter a biology program at the University of Saskatchewan or the University of Regina?

1. Select a branch of biology (only one branch per student). Record your choice on the board. 2. Research the selected area of biology. 3. What do these people study? 4. What do you call people who study this branch of biology? 5. Give an example of a career related to this area. 6. Why is this branch of biology important to us?

After you have completed your research, open up a word document and create a branch of biology poster. Please include:  Title  Information  Your Name  Bibliography Print out and hand - in (if you would like to print in color --> please email the poster to Mrs. Pipke-Painchaud and I will print it out for you.) Be ready to present to the class



Student Handout Bio 20 Activity

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