Installing Java

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					Revised 3/24/06

Installing Java
You can install Java at Revised 3/24/06 1. Click on the Download Now button 2. Read the directions on the screen 3. Follow the Java Install Wizard.

4. After you install Java the computer will need to be restarted. 5. Start Collage and ensure you can edit documents.

If you still are not able to access Collage double check the options explained in the below tutorials and set the settings appropriate to your computer environment:   5-1_Desktop.doc 5-1_Laptop.doc

Note: Known bug in the release of Collage 5.1 When the checkout icon and name appear next to your document 1. Edit your document 2. Exit 3. Save changes 4. A checkout icon will appear next to the document last edited because the screen is not refreshing after and exit and save. When the there is no checkout icon next to your document 1. Edit your document 2. Save 3. Exit 4. A checkout icon does not appear next to your document because the refreshes after and exit and save.

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